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  1. This is a horrible "improvement." Updates don't seem to work as I move around. Why, oh why, must programmers do this sort of thing? Have fun with it, folks. I'm dropping Geocaching as a hobby because I don't have the inclination to "learn" this new system. Goodbye. Follow on: I'm a premium member and pay premium memberships for family, too. Not anymore.
  2. I'll give the new maps a go but anticipate I will not renew my membership, much less my Premium membership. I understand Geocaching.com's reasoning and acknowledge that the time of "free" internet products is rapidly coming to a close. But, I am not a techie and appreciated using Google maps for geocaching. Oh well, I have other hobbies I can pursue, enjoy and spend monies on. I understand that the internet is now changing. Companies like Google are having to change how they do business to prove to advertisers that their monies are producing new and repeat customers. Unfortunately, I do not know how we users can effect changes in these decisions made by faceless and monolithic entities. We can't spend the time contacting advertisers who use Google about our displeasure; I doubt whether they would care even if we could. So it must be left to the slow and imperfect wheels of commerce to work this through. (It seems to me that determining whether internet adverts actually work is a difficult thing to do. But as I said, I am not a techie so it may be quite possible. Perhaps someone can educate me about this?) Therefore, I'll see whether I enjoy Geocaching anymore; perhaps I'll determine I should spend my time and money doing something else. It was fun while it lasted. Who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised that I can adapt to the changes and keep on geocaching.
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