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  1. I LOVE my new 60 CS!!!!! While the screen resolution is certainly not as perfect as my HD Plasma TV, I never thought it would be!! It's 100 times better than the b+w Legend I bought first (and returned after 2 days). I had all the functions figured out within a week of use and find it is very user-friendly. I've found 20+ caches with it in the past few weeks and I would give it a 10/10 for caching. It is also fantastic in the car. I have used it to find a hospital, restaurants, flower shop, client offices, etc. It has been completely accurate.
  2. That is incredible determination!! I'm only 975 behind you and closing!!
  3. Went to Home Depot yesterday to buy the Energizer recharger. $80 including tax for the mid-grade model with four 1850 AA batteries. Give me a break! That is what I will spend in normal Energizers to get about 1500-2000 hours of on-trail time with my GPSMap 60 CS. Given I will spend maybe 5 hours a week on-trail, it would take almost 5-8 years to spend that much on batteries!
  4. #18 Finding the closest local flower shop when you are in the doghouse. Worked quite well for me on Thursday night!
  5. Good question and I don't have an answer but am also thinking of placing a cache out on an island (non-inhabited) on a lake in Ontario. You would need a boat to get there!
  6. Never offer too much info unless asked. Take off your sunglasses so they can see your eyes. Smile. Three tips that have helped me make dozens of crossings with zero problems.
  7. With a rating of 4, I would expect it to be tough going. Time to leave Granny at home on this one!! This time of year we can expect snow and ice in much of Canada so then I suppose every Cache would need a warning!
  8. Showed up today - 16 days for "Air Mail" delivery!! At least it did show up, I was getting worried!!
  9. Thanks for the info - ordered one last night for the 60 CS. For 1/4 of what the Garmin model would have set me back it is a great deal!! I got the 9' cord which is a little long for the car but 3' seemed to short. Anyone else go shorter or longer? Now let's see if it shows up at my door!! 11 days later, still no sign of it showing up!!
  10. A freind of mine shot and killed his uncle while moose hunting (snowy day in Northern Ontario). There was a big investigation and it was ruled an accident. The only penalty was that my friend lost his hunting license for three years. The real penalty? He will spend the rest of his life thinking about it. The good news? I don't think he is into Geocaching!
  11. Me too - but that last one made me sick!
  12. I'm very new at this too but have already noticed how much of the swag in caches looks like second-hand stuff pulled out of the bottom of a toy bin. I'm not too interested in dirty old toys and I'm happier to read/sign the log anyway. I don't have kids yet so that view may change in a few years!!
  13. Great website! Those two haved lived a life of serious adventure and I see they are now offering guided trips to Mexico - sign me up!
  14. Thanks for the info - ordered one last night for the 60 CS. For 1/4 of what the Garmin model would have set me back it is a great deal!! I got the 9' cord which is a little long for the car but 3' seemed to short. Anyone else go shorter or longer? Now let's see if it shows up at my door!!
  15. You might even get so hooked on hunting caches that the deer may get a free pass next hunting season!!
  16. Awesome info on this thread, I've learned a lot! Just received my 60 CS this week along with City Select North America v6, car mount and cigarette adapter ($822 Canadian including shipping from GPScity.com). Ordered an external antenna from gpsgeek today for use in the car and dense bush. Went out this morning and found my first two caches - awesome unit. I am also thoroughly impressed with the Auto-routing in the car. Everytime I deviate from the suggested road the unit is extremely quick at recalculating my path. I also love the colour screen!! Interesting to read about all the challenges new owners face trying to setup the map software, etc. This is not for the technically challenged!!! Cache-on!!
  17. Briansnat, you should be in sales for Garmin! After reading your posts about how much you love your 60 CS I ordered one today from gpscity.com and Purolator just emailed me to say it will be here by Thursday. I bought an etrex Legend on Friday from Best Buy but will be returning it as soon as the 60 CS arrives!! I also ordered a car mount, power cord and Metroguide v6. Thanks for the product testimonials! I quickly realized that it would be worth the extra cost to get auto-routing, a real compass, colour and more memory!!
  18. Headed to Arizona in January and already noted that there are close to 3000 caches there!! Hmmm, how many could I do in a week?
  19. Fantastic photos and beautiful landscape! Thanks!
  20. Well, I'm hooked already! Bought a GPS (Garmin etrex Legend) on Friday and found my first cache yesterday! It was only 350 meters from my backyard but I needed to walk 2.2 km through the woods along a river to a bridge so i could get across to the other side! My gps led me right to the spot, within a few feet although it was so well hidden it took ten minutes to find. I walked all the way home with a silly grin on my face! I haven't have so much fun since playing capture the flag at Camp Ponacka 20 years ago! I made a mistake by giving away the location when noting my find online but got a very nice email asking me not to mention specific cache location when posting a find. These forums are an amazing source of info for a novice and my wife thinks I must have a girlfriend sending me secret messages as I have been on my computer for hours this weekend! So I am taking the wifey and dogs out today - have three more caches loaded and ready to find! I woke up to -10 c on the thermometer this morning and wondered if I will be out of luck soon when the snow starts falling here in Ontario? Is this a winter sport too? Do people design winter caches hidden off the ground? I've got my snowshoes ready to go if the answer is yes! If not, I may have to try creating one or two in the Guelph area for those who like to get out in the sub-zero months!! Thanks for getting me hooked! This seems like a healthy, productive hobby/sport that gets families out as a group and brings people together!
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