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  1. There's someone for everyone Bro! :-) hehehe..Im good..Married with children.Thanx for the good words!
  2. Update..EnduraExpert e-mailed me and indicated they could not get the maps to work on my GPS.So it appears they are going to send me a new unit out this week.Works for me..but sure wish I had it NOW!!lol..
  3. I have looked at many pics of people on this site and I have to say that I think most would not draw too much negative attention.Yes I know that I might be stereo-typing a bit,but I have alot of experience in that area.lol.I am 40 years old and one of my hobbies is playing guitar in an old school heavy metal band.I am 6 feet tall and weigh 350 lbs,with fairly long messy hair and walk with a cane.I know I scare most young kids and most parents.So school caches are definitely out for me.lol..If this were a dating site I think I just blew my chance at love
  4. While I can certainly understand your thinking that it might not have been a bid deal to do it the way you did it to begin with, I think the fact that your changed it was a great thing. The Scouts learned that, whether you call them guidelines, rules, suggestions, whatever, they are there for a reason. I hope you explained to them the reason you made the changes to the cache. I salute you for trying to teach them that in the way you responded! Cool idea too!! Looks like a sturdy, dry container. I am sure there are many who would appreciate just that one point!! I should have added the above sentiment to my post,I agree 100%.You took it in stride.We can all learn a lesson from that
  5. But it did have something to do with the ground.."We built a 2 to 3 foot pvc pipe buried it in the ground probally 10 inches. "
  6. I will chose to "walk the line".And I believe rules should be followed to the letter.I would not want to explain to a park ranger as I am digging a hole in the ground that "I dont follow the rules to the letter".Other people who"lack common sense and ignore the rules"does not make it ok for me to do the same.As far as "without MUCH hassle or destruction",I feel that is unacceptable.I will do all I can to avoid hassle and destruction.Even at the expence of it being muggled.
  7. Great pic! That should be on the front page of the web site.
  8. I get a kick out of this comment.Yes i do feel it is ok for bears,deer and rodents to do what they do in "their"environment.But,when we are in"their"environment we introduce a new element to the area.If these same animals did their thing in your yard you would have a problem with it for sure.Show the same respect.Humans do enough damage to land without adding more by digging holes.I find it surprising that the rules are written in plain english but people feel the need to question and attemp to "skirt"them.There are many other methods of hiding a cache,use some creativity.Play by the rules or find another game.
  9. When you can snatch the GPS from my hand young Cachehopper,then,and only then will you achieve platinum status...
  10. That would be good for the water cache I want to place this summer. It would be insane to try to place it now. The water is a nice warm 36°F. Go for it..lol..name it "Polar Bear Plunge"..brrrrrrr
  11. I recently bought 4 of these stainless steel water bottles.They are all over ebay for various prices.For the price i think they are great.Screw on cap with o-ring seal.Water-tight.Cant fit big stuff in them tho. http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-12-oz-Wide-Mouth-S...=item20affcf8d8
  12. He he,i could see that happening.I like the idea of two cds.I could record on the end of the clue disk to return to cache.I will think it through some more before attempting,maybe test the recording on you guys to see what ya think.Thanks alot for the input.This might just work with some careful planning,and prolly make it a premium member cache might help too.
  13. go to the Lowrance website and look under mapping..
  14. I dont think it would be much of a problem,cars get very hot and cold,and i know moisture is not an issue for them.Maybe a simulation is in need.I did read the rules and guidlines and I cant see where i would be infringing on them.Not sure that i will even attemp this cache,just wanted some input.
  15. The only problem I see with it is that not everyone has a CD player in their car. I don't and know of many cachers who don't as well. Like the saying goes "Make it and they will come" true,I would have to include that bit of info in the description.
  16. I got this idea from a previous thread.But mine is a bit different.My idea was for a multi along a route.You would have the coordinates to the first hide wich you would find a home-burnt audio cd,wich you would pop in your car cd player and play to hear the clues to the next stage,and so on.The cd would not contain anything commecial or copy-protected,just my "disguised" voice and maybe some crude sound effects to clue you in to the next stage.They would be placed close to where you park so you dont have to hike back and forth with the clue cd.Just an idea for something creative.Tell me what you think.
  17. EnduraExpert,Just curious if you have any news of my GPS?Its getting nice outside!!
  18. Check out the Lowrance Endura Out&Back.Paperless,touchscreen,Second to none onboard Geocache features,color screen,usb.micro sd mem slot,plenty of onboard memory,all for $200 new.You only need a data cable,which is the same one that most MP3 players use.I baught one a Big Lots for 3 bucks.Excellent customer support too.
  19. I kinda like this idea too.A little container with a red cross on it.You could put "Emergency use only.leave in cache".If someone used it the could let the owner know when they log the cache that it needs replenished.
  20. I would be afraid that it would create another "species"of geocacher that might be much more brazen in their effort to locate the"cash".Thrashed bushes,confrontations,illegal parking,speeding ect.
  21. I shipped it out to the factory on monday.they got it yesterday.I never could get it to work.tried everything.I think for me it might be a software glitch,either on the gps or my pc.i hope to hear from them soon,i will keep ya posted.
  22. I am very new at this too.Only been a member about 1 month.Only 8 finds"gonna blame the snow for that".The day I joined I think I was a little "over excited"about the game and was ready to make my first hide before even taking the gps out of the box.I thaught the same way as he,I wanted to make this"over the top"cache with a gift cetificate in it.Not even close to $500 but the same idea.I later decided it might be better to do some heavy reading on here,make some friends and get some finds under my belt.I think by doing that I have a better chance of being taken more seriously.So when that day finally arrives I think I will have a bit more support for my idea.Gotta earn my wings before I can fly.
  23. I think fat32 only will work in"updating",not for loading maps as I read it.Fat file system is the only one for maps.Once again"as I read it".
  24. Sounds like a cool idea..I might make one just to carry,maybe on a carabiner hook.How about instead of a condom,a latex"or non latex"glove.Its multipurpose.This kit idea kinda reminds me of the survival knives that have this type of stuff in the handle.
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