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  1. I had the same problem.The info on locking the screen is not in the manual."I think".I did find it in the quick start guide.After being told it was there.
  2. I call TROLL! New account, no post history. I call noob! New account,no post history.. Nice way to greet new members.
  3. Open up a new account and troll.. Thats helpful..especially for newer members..
  4. Those work great.I got one after having back surgury.I cant reach overhead without lots of pain.I use one of these or send my kid up.
  5. This annoys me.The took nothing,but... July 9, 2009 by jbierfeldt (7 found) Wow! Great hiding spot! Took nothing, Left Burgerking Receipt and 16 cents in change. Team K.A.S - Killer Awesome Squirrls View This Log
  6. I think from now on I will try and make it a point to better the caches I find.My kids do leave nice trades,but maybe we could "one up" it a bit.At least at caches that seem to be lacking,or pitch in some stuff at some that have none.Its not like it would cost much to stock up a little extra from the old Dallar Store.Twenty bucks will buy a lot of neat stuff for the young ones,and make things better for next visitors.And of course I like that "warm fuzzy"feeling of giving more than receiving.I feel like Geo-Santa.
  7. I may be wrong here but..you may be able to sell them on the garage sale forum.Ask a mod first.I does say geocaching-related items.
  8. I ditched the fancy internet phone for a plain jane cell phone.Saved much more money than the membership fee cost.I realized I dont need a bunch of features I never use anyways.I have no need for internet and e-mail when I am away from home,I do plenty of that when I am home.I can see the need for a cell most of the time,but I see no need for internet and such.I do the pre-pay thing with my cheap 29 dallar phone and it only costs me about 20 bucks a month.Much cheaper than an i-phone and service plus the cost of the app.
  9. What AlabamaRambler says is right on.I might get lucky sometimes and get less feet,and other times much more.A lot depends on location,obstructions,weather,time of day.And sometimes more than one of those factors at the same time.Makes the search more fun
  10. Have seen this type of logging before. Generally the logger will log the username, mentioning in the log the team name that they are a part of. To do it otherwise could well result in a log deletion here and there. I thought about that later after creating this account,but didnt change my user name because I didnt want confusion on the forums.I will remember to include that in my future logs.Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I find it funny that some people find the need to proclaim "Troll" to a noob that posts a question that isnt up to their standards.Not too sure what calling someone that is supposed to accomplish. Anyways..Flyboy.Micro caches are ok in my book,but much better if people use some level of creativity to place them,like bringing someone to a special place or creating a puzzle, or a clever clue to the cache.Try and make it interesting and fun to find,even if its just a micro being found.Remember "its not the kill,its the thrill of the chase".
  12. My user name on here is chachi44089,but i sign the logs Team Martin.Mostly because I created an account before I went caching with the family.Not sure if its an issue, but I have had no complaints.So far...
  13. I have an Out&Back and love it.Everything loads quickly for me.Easy to use,very accurate.Best "bang for your buck"in my opinion.And exellent customer service.
  14. If we are to believe the OP, then they get 10 suspicious item calls a day. This is the first one involving a geocache in the area. That means that it's not a caching issue. It's a hypersensitive public issue; plain and simple. If you have bomb squads blowing up DOT's traffic counters, then who really needs the awareness training? The future of America depends on everyone regaining control of their fears and beginning to allow reason and logic to dictate their actions. Even though it was the first call involving a cache does't mean it is not a caching issue,because that day it was.I do agree that it is less about geocaching and more about a hypersensitive public.You question about awareness training is kinda my point.The public being more aware of the game might help desensitize them. If local law enforcement,swat and bomb squads knew more about it all they would have to do is quickly check the geocache locations in their area before resorting to drastic measures.To me this would be much easier than trying to regain the publics control of fear,which I think would be impossible.It is not the future of America that is at stake,but rather the future of this game.
  15. I do not blame the public or the local authorities for this type of reaction.With what goes on these days, how would you expect them to act? They are not trying to ruin the game we play,but are trying to serve and protect.Instead of pointing the finger at law enforcement and the public,maybe we should look at how we play this game.I beleive public awareness is needed.Why not?Why not let local law know about caches and where they are?If we have to have permission to place them,and we follow that rule,why would it be so hard to let the local law know too? I think the future of this game depends on either the public knowing more about it,or local law knowing of it.
  16. seriously? on the standard US keyboard, it's between the ";" key and the enter key. asdfghjkl;' see? hehe..yes.omg I thought that was another comma.. Now I have no excuse not to use it. I can't wait to try it out.
  17. Attract your furry? That is way too much information! His name is Larry and he wears a purple and pink panda suit, going by the name "Mrs. Cuddlebear". When needed, I call him to attack (other people). Furry fury. lol..Now that is a case where a misspelling changed the whole meaning or the sentence.I will be right back,my furry needs to go outside,or my new carpet will get the fury of my German Shepherd Dog.
  18. I dont use the apostrophy..I actually dont know where it is . If someone will enlighten me as to where it is, I will try my best to use it. Just please dont call the punctuation patrole,the grammar guard,or the spelling squad.I would be charged as a repeat offender.
  19. Do you speak a second language?Just curious. My grandparents came here from Hungary.They spoke no english.They became proud US citizens and contributed much to our society dispite other "American citizens" putting them down because they could not speak or write in "our" language.They did the best they could with poor spelling and broken english.Did their lack of english language skills make them any less a US citizen? My grandparents were neither stupid nor ignorant.I know of no law or requirement that states that you must speak perfect english to be a US citizen.Your post comes off as prejudice to me personally.
  20. 2003 Ford escape limited. 2005 For explorer XLT Me and my Kawasaki Lakota 300..Pre back injury..lol Wifes Yamaha 250 timberwolf
  21. I have no caches placed yet."want to get in more time learning".But I sometimes feel that some cache owners are a little overly sensitive when it comes to a negative log.With so many different people and each one has different likes and dislikes,I think the occasional negative log just comes with the territory.I would not take it personally or delete it,but just skim over and ignore it.I think I would only delete it if it were insulting or vulger and such.You cant please them all How do most of you cache owners feel?I am curious because I am still a noob at this.
  22. Welcome..Not just swapping stuff,Its the thrill of the hunt.Some a hard,some are easy.As far as how hard a micro or nano is depends on how well it was hid,if there are hints ect.They are rated by difficulty and size.Some are puzzles you have to figure out to find the coordinates.Some are riddles.Some are so easy you just drive up and pick them up.Have fun.
  23. I have about 2000 loaded into my unit"out&back".I load 500 at a time..no problems.Is your unit up to date?
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