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  1. Just be carefull of fishing tackle in a cache, kids sometimes rummage through caches. A fish hook in the hand is not a fun day
  2. I agree,but, I think it would very preson to person, and if they did their homework or not. I have only been caching about three months with only 30 finds and no hides. I was very excited at first to rush out and hide my first "near a playground by my house ". I am glag I did lots of reading, asked a few questions and got a few finds before making my decision to hide. I have no hide yet, but have been carefully working on my first for the past two weeks. Getting permission, choosing a great location, and talking with a local town historian, so I have a nice story to go with the cache and location. My three months of experience has taught me to carefully think it through. I want my cache to be a quality cache, that will be memorable for those who seek it. Good luck with you first, make it worth the effort, one you will be proud of, and one others will enjoy finding.
  3. Had a couple freeze ups the oher day.just restarted it and all was well..Any one else have this?
  4. Congrats on your finds! And welcome to the game!
  5. Hey Chachi, This is a known issue and should be fixed in version 1.4. It was tought to fix because it was not always consistant. What you shold be doing is selecting "Imagery" under display mode. One quick fix is to turn off the contour lines using the "detail settings" options. Hey Endura Expert! I did have it on imagery, and selected contour lines "off" in "detail setting". still had the contour lines, and rivers from the base map. No prob tho if its fixed in v. 1.4 I dont worry at all,you guys are very supportive of these new units. Any idea on a release date? And what issues will be addressed? This is the only issue I have found. And not that big a deal anyways. I love this GPS
  6. I bought some aerial imagery maps from mapselect.They are very nice,but when I go to the detail settings to turn off contour lines, they are still displayed. As are the rivers in bright blue. I only expected to see the rivers and streets when in hybrid map mode. And only see contour lines when I have them turned on. The bright blue rivers are a distraction when looking at aerial images as they dont line up with each other, and covor up my aerial map at rivers edge "where i was hiking". Anyone else notice this? I need to turn the rivers and contour lines off.
  7. What do you mean by "freeze on the connection screen"?..When my endura is connected to the pc, the gps stays on a screen that shows a laptop with dotted line going to a green circle with usb symbol..That screen stays till I dissconnect it.
  8. Gracefully versed, emotionally powerful..Thanks for sharing a peice of yourself, and letting us respect those fallen.
  9. Hahahaha! My wife just asked me what I was laughing about..and I dont want to tell her, hahahaha, I dont want her Freudian viewpoint on that..
  10. You have to admit though, you seem to have one of the sharpest personalities here that often rubs folks the wrong way. I'm sure that plays into responses too. I'd like to say "maybe it's just me" but I don't think* that is necessary. I have to admit that at first, I didnt know how to take Bittsen. I even went as far as getting mad and defensive and posted a direct attack on him out of anger. After clicking the post button, I read what I had posted and realized it was quite "over the top" and edited it. He had already read it But, It started a dialogue between us that helped me understand that he just speaks his mind, isnt shy about it, and says what he feels. Now I read what he says in a different light, and with more understanding. Now I do not look at his honesty and directness in a negative way, but actually admire it. People that are new here dont have that chance to learn our personalities. But if we temper our answers and dialogue with a bit of understanding, I think we could avoid this issue some. Then, after time, the occasional jab, or light-harted sarcasm wont be perceived as a personal attack. I personally have grown to like all of you, though it took a little time to learn each of you as individuals, and not assume that all folks on here think or feel the same about everything "as you have a right to". Its been a learning experience, but a good one. We too, as beginners, need to understand that we are among much more experienced players who take this game very seriously "for the good of the game". And that a direct answer is not an insult, but an answer that is direct. Just try and hold off on the snark, or sarcasm will we get to know you better. Its less about being "thick skinned", but more about respect and common courtesy. We are all in this together.
  11. We cache as a family 99% of the time. I run the GPS and they do the searching "crawling and bending over looking". We have only one account. I log the find "Team Martin". I do find some of them before my daughters and wife, but we cache as a team, under one name, with adventure and geocaches for all.
  12. Didnt he have to "geocache" to find and dispose of all those caches? He is a hypocrite, in my opinion. As far as dogs off leash go, Isnt a wolf or coyote capable of this same "destruction" he claims? Or more? He had to "trample" down the same trails that he blame geocaching for to take all those pretty pictures. Hypocrite.
  13. At only about 30 finds, I have no sense..But my 9 year old daughter is quite amazing at finding them. I hope she helps me develope my senses. Seems I am only good at running that gadget with the buttons.
  14. If you get there after I've been looking around, you'd better have your GPS! Never trust tracks in the snow! (that said... look for the tracks coming away from the cache, not those going toward it) Aaah..tracks coming away..of course..wish I had thought of that last winter.
  15. One good thing I have found, is that the more I communicate with many of you,the more I understand your "style". To me, some of you have become the "words of wisdom",some are "snarky",some are "impatient,some "speak their mind",and arent shy about it..[as you read that last sentence, picture Chris Farley making "air quotes".. ..] But I am learning to not see these things as character flaws, but as character..There are alot of good characters here.
  16. Same goes for gum in baseball cards, at least not in Tops anyway. Then again the gum was intended to entice some one to buy the cards, not the other way around like cracker jack and kids meals. I bought a box of garbage pal cards about 4 years ago and the first thing I noticed was they didn't have any crappy gum in them, I was kind of bummed. The gum in card packs was the worst. You could break a tooth on it. Super Bubble was the best, with Double Bubble and Bazooka in the middle, and card pack gum at the bottom of the barrel. I used to like Big League Chew..lol..Wonder what that was promoting?.."spit"..
  17. I am pretty new here, and have to admit I sometimes dont want to ask a question because I see the answers some give to other beginners. Some answers come off as sarcastic at the least, and can give a new person a not so welcome feeling. There will always be new people here, and many of us will ask the same old questions over and over. I can understand that being annoying, but we only ask because we are looking for the answer, and we look at your experience as a good source. If a question from a beginner annoys you because you have answered it over and over again, just skip it. Someone else will answer it who has more patience, or hasnt answered it as many times as you. The "snide" answers do nothing to help or benifit anyone, they only make new folks hesitant to ask another question for fear of being the target of sarcasm. Have a little patience and compassion for us beginners,after all, we admire your skill,knowledge, and love of this game, and only wish to play it as well as you. And Its nice to make a few new friends along the way. Ok..every one sing along..G&R..Just a little patience..Yaaaa aaaa..
  18. I think once you submit a NA log, it will automatically notify the reviewer. That cannot be undone by deleting the log. You can make the log disappear from the cache page but the reviewer will still receive the NA log. It's now basically between the CO and the reviewer as to whether the cache remains listed. Thats fine..I didnt think my log was in error in the first place.
  19. And I sent her an email. I think all will be ok. You see what happens when you guys post wile I'm composing? Geesh, ya'll need to stop that! Yes,lol, I hate it when that happens..Do you think what I did is ok now? I really want to do things right and not PO people. Its sometimes a pain to ask a question and get such rude answers from some folks on here, when I had no intention of upsetting them. I am still new and reading and learning as much as I can. I need good advise from the veterans on here, not disrespectful comments.
  20. I went ahead and deleted my "needs archived" log..Its been 20 days since i logged the "needs maint". I will give it more time and another look..And contact other finders and do a little homework before logging a "needs archived".Thanx for the advise and help.
  21. Before you get all bent out of shape,I logged it as "need maint." on this one..GCKNCY. Then I e-mailed the CO..Then I logged "needs archived.. Why the attitude? I didnt jump the gun and ask that one to be archived "GC1JGME"..It was just an example..And yes I looked for it..Its at my union hall..No I didnt log it,But I also didnt try and archive it.. It was just a simple question needing a simple answer officer. People are still sore about Jiendo and what is implied and it had an active CO. Not saying that HD is, but people are. I wont post a NA unless the cache is obviously needing repair and then I'll still give a CO a month after a NM. As far as i am concerned, if you haven't found it then you are causing unnecessary concern if you log a NA. Contact previous finders and ask them to check or give away the location if you're so concerned. Understood..The cache I logged as "needs archived" I know for a fact is not there. The place was totally renovated,gazebo torn down..A previous log stated that they had been there and found it once,then returned and it was gone and the gazebo gone as well. Only well after logging a "needs maint" and sending an e-mail to the CO did I log the archive log.. Should I delete my "needs archived" log, even after all that I said?
  22. This cache "GC1JGME" was the first cache I ever looked for.I wasnt a member yet,but was at the hall and decided to look for it.I didnt log it because I wasnt a member. I also didnt try and archive it. I much later sent a nice e-mail to the owner and he advised me he would replace it that weekend. I left it alone from there..No harm done,no big deal. The other cache "GCKNCY" Is the one I logged as needing archived after three attempts. Its at a place I know well, and the cache is long gone. I also e-mailed the owner before logging a archive log,no response. I hope this clears up my rather unclear original post.
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