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  1. My family and I just started caching and we LOVE it! We bought an eTrex Legend and we are slowly finding out that it is almost impossible to use in Oregon. We love the idea of going paperless but, as with everyone, money can be an issue. I'm going to be getting a small bonus soon ($200-300) and I'm also going to try and sell this Legend as it's virtually brand new. So looking at a price range of 250-350 which paperless model should I be shooting for? I'd prefer to stick with Garmin, but I'm open to learning about the Delorme models (I think those are the other paperless models I've read about). Should I stick to ebay in hopes of getting a used or virtually new model on the cheap? We're open to all suggestions! Thanks so much guys and gals!
  2. Ok so my Legend is here in the mail. It did come with the cord but I can't use it. The plug is a female end and my computer only has a female plug of that size on the back. No male... Is there something I'm missing here?
  3. haha, not a lot of trees... I'm in Oregon. Tree central.
  4. I'm still pretty new, and I assume that really cool swag is few and far between. But what is the coolest thing you've found to date? Maybe not the "most expensive" but your favorite.
  5. Make sure any eTrex you buy has an H in the name. eTrex - no eTrex H - yes Legend - No Legend HCX - Yes Legend H - yes Venture - No Venture HC - Yes etc... listen to the man, I just screwed up while buying my first GPS and now I'm stuck with the regular Legend
  6. I guess caregiver was the wrong word. We do daycare for our niece. Our accountant said we can write off mileage for going to and from "entertainment" for the kids. We don't plan on doing long road trips because the kids are all under 5 and it's just not realistic. We can write off mileage for taking the kids to the park. The whole family will be caching with us so whether we poke around the bushes "looking for buried treasure" with my son (as he's dressed up in his pirate outfit) and niece, or we stare at them running around the park aimlessly, there shouldn't be any difference. I hope this explains it a bit better. Oh, and thanks for the 15 y/o crack t4e! Married at 15... I'm not Amish, I don't cache w/ a topo map and a Brunton... =)
  7. Read my post below, I worded this one wrong and it got interpreted incorrectly.
  8. I don't think mine came with a cable. It was some bundle pack called the "adventure pack" and all listings I've read don't say it comes with a cable... just great. maybe I can turn around and resell it on craigslist for $75 or so and actually get a good model... who knows.
  9. Argh, So I just bought this over ebay for $80. I thought it was an eTrex Legend H. But apparently I'm getting the older model that, according to Garmin, is not geocaching friendly. Am I still going to be able to geocache or am I SOL?
  10. So I bought myself a Garmin eTrex Legend H (Adventure pack) off of ebay for $80. Still haven't heard from the seller whether or not he shipped it yet. I couldn't wait, I started pulling up Sat. photos w/ Google Earth and Geocaching.com. I went out today and found my first 3 caches. I checked 6 or 7, so I think 50% for not having a gps is probably pretty decent. My wife is really excited to do something with me, and in our 10 years of marriage, I can count the number of times that's happened on no hands. I can't wait to start for real! Any tips for a noob?
  11. I just picked up a brand new, in the box eTrex Legend H for $80. I know it's a discontinued model but I figured it was a good buy (i'm seeing them go for between 129 and 150 new). Is this model able to download coordinates from geocaching.com? I thought I read that it was, but now I'm not so sure.
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