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  1. Oregon 400t - Refurbished It's a doable price, but I was wondering what the "experts" thought. Thanks
  2. first off, huh? REI had a great deal going on their oregon 300, $225. But I missed it at my local stores. one of our members actually reserved one for me at an REI in Chicago... but since I'm not currently an REI member, and I doubt they'd ship a clearance item across the US. I told him thanks. Guess I'll find something on the internet. I was hoping for an oregon 300 or dakota 20. My wife might use it when I'm not around and I want it to be easy and user friendly. I don't want to give her classes on how to use it. Anyway, I might just have to wait to see if some of the internet prices come down a bit. Thanks Splashy
  3. If I didn't want to use the internet, am I relegated to overpriced places like Dick's? Has anyone found any good deals out this way?
  4. Yeah, this one had Monkey in the title. I should have taken a picture of the tree, anyway it was hollow down the middle and it looks like it had been hit by lightning at one point. The only way to get up there was to throw yourself up into the first crook of the tree which was probably 5.5' off the ground then shimmy your way up the one branch. I stuck my 5y/o up into the first crook and he looked down and told me the tree was hollow in the middle and that was the end of our attempt. No way I'm going to risk him falling into the middle of a tree I can't even climb =P The cache was like a 4.5D and 1T... easy to get to GZ, easy to find... getting to the cache is another story...
  5. Suggestion for future threads: 1. FTF, especially "cheaters" 2. Armchair loggers 3. People stealing / destroying geocaches deliberately (a.k.a. cache maggots) I'm sure there's a few more but I haven't had my morning coffee. It's like lighting a match in a dry forest how about yelling at the muggle kids that there is a free box of toys over here. but don't touch it, it's hidden treasure for other people!
  6. Welcome to the forums. no doubt, I said I wasn't counting the tree, people yelled that I can't count it. I said I wasn't sure about the other and that I'd contact the CO. People yelled... come on people, read before you get all worked up.
  7. good lord, my simple question has turned into a train wreck.
  8. nevermind, I found the post that deals with all my questions. Nothing to see here
  9. sorry, nevermind. Wife wants a touchscreen. Guess that's what I'm going to get eventually...
  10. let me talk to the "boss" edit: does it have all the accessories that normally come in the box? cable, lanyard, manual, etc.?
  11. why doesn't the pn-40 come in realtree camo? edit: probably the same reason my dad bought his new hunting knife with an orange handle instead of black... harder to lose =P
  12. Thanks Chrysalides, I'll try and get back. It's less than 10 miles from my house in a big city park, easy to get to. I did hide it better when we put it back though. Not that it matters. Looks like the local fauna had been chewing at the container. I think it was a big yogurt or sour cream tub. No food in it though, that was my first concern. I'll check w/ the CO.
  13. I found a GC today, but for some reason neither my wife or I had a pen on us. Do I have to sign the log for it to count? I also found another one, but as my wife and I are a tad tubby, we couldn't climb the 10-12' up into the tree to retrieve it. I figure that one doesn't count... What are the hard and fast rules, or where can I find them, on being able to count a cache as found.
  14. So if you were going to use one of the paperless systems somewhere near my price range which is really closer to 250-350, which would you shoot for? How're the controls for the Colorado 400t? I've seen it quite often w/in my price range. And the antenna on them would be better in Oregon since we have trees EVERYWHERE! yeah, I already looked into the deal at REI. All of them in my area are sold out. I'll check those sites. I honestly don't see myself doing much other than Geocaching with it. I'd love to get outdoors more, but my 2 jobs and kids sorta prevent me from taking off much =P thanks guys
  15. Thanks StarBrand. That's where I've been leaning. I've had a brief chance to goof off with the 550t at the pacific NW sportsman's show a week ago. The guys at the Garmin booth were pretty nice. It's too bad they didn't actually have anything loaded into them so I could see caches on the map. But the controls seemed pretty dadgum slick. I'll probably just squirrel my $ away and wait until I see some decent deals. I just found an Oregon 400t for $289 on ebay, but it didn't come with any of the accessories it normally does. So that was a no go. Gotta atleast have the cable!
  16. I still can't make up my mind, argh! I was looking at Oregon 300 as it should be coming down in price. Do I wait a bit to see the price fall? Colorado 400t: Seen it for around $275. I've read that the controls are not always intuitive. I'd love for any paperless unit I get to be easy for the wife to use w/o having to draw her diagrams and go off on long speeches. Lowrance out&back: Great value, arguably has some of the nicest caching features, but I hear that their tech support leaves something to be desired? Is that honestly their only drawback? I haven't looked into the DeLorme paperless models. Any good? I'm looking for something that is easy to use, can easily and quickly pull caches off the net. Y'all know what I mean. I want all the bang I can get, for the money I have. Wish I could pull off the $500... having a 550t w/ the camera would be suhweet! Thanks guys/gals!
  17. and now that my bonus check came in unexpectedly early, all the REI's in my area are out of stock =P
  18. Has anyone googled Sean Mills, the writer of this article? I'm gonna need another source before I believe a word of it. do we even know that was the same Sean Mills? The staff writer bills himself as Sean I. Mills. Maybe he has the same name (that would never happen!) and uses his middle initial to set himself apart...
  19. cool, maybe by the time I can afford my paperless model I'll find a good deal.
  20. Of course this was the model i was just thinking about purchasing when my bonus came in... but who knows when that'll happen. Thanks for the tip though!
  21. and it seems to be reasonably priced too... oh, how is their tech/customer support? I've heard Garmin is pretty good but not much about other companies.
  22. We don't go many places we don't know how to get to as it is(kids), so having an auto GPS isn't really necessary. As such, my GPSr is dedicated for outdoor activities. That being said, is the out&back enough machine to meet my needs? I read briefly the specs on Lowrance's website and it seems like they're beefy enough, they look and sound as if they are as durable as the Garmins Either way, I'll keep and eye on both types. I don't have any $ yet so I'm not rushing out to buy right this minute. Maybe when the time comes I'll stumble across a good deal.
  23. Are the Lowrance supported by geocaching.com for downloading geocaches? Via a browser plug-in on the listing pages?? - no, strictly speaking. However - you don't need any plug-ins or software for both the Enduras and Garmin models. Just click the GPX button on any cache page and save it to the \garmin\gpx folder on your garmin or the \gpx folder on the Enduras. Save any PQ to the same folder and you are all set. No software needed at all. I've played around with an Oregon, it seemed pretty easy. How is the learning curve on a Lowrance? And which should I shoot for? Safari, sierra, out&back?
  24. Are the Lowrance supported by geocaching.com for downloading geocaches?
  25. Thanks for the tip. It may be awhile before I'm actually able to buy a new one though. My union signed a new contract and now the company I work for is apparently refusing to pay the retro raise that it had agreed to in the contract in the first place. I'll get the money, but the question is whether the courts will have to get involved to force their hand. I like the idea of the touchscreen, I got to play with one briefly at the NW Sportsman show in Portland this last week (i get in for free, it's awesome!). I was worried before I got to pick it up that the buttons would be hard to hit, but it was really smooth. I found a retailer last night that had an oregon 200 for 230 brand new and a dakota 10 for 250. They seem like pretty decent deals from what I've seen. If I wanted to buy brand new. Are there any huge differences between the oregon and dakota lower end models other than size? and storage space? I have a comparrison chart from Garmin in front of me but it doesn't list the Oregon 200 or 300.
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