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  1. Woot! My 400t is here! This thing is bad a**!
  2. well, contrary to my recommendations, my wife bought a camera while I was at work tonight. The GE A1050. It was sub $100 and my sister has one so she got to play with it before hand. It apparently has really good reviews, but my opinion is you always get what you pay for... We'll see how it works out in the long run.
  3. buy a jacket... Sometimes I forget that us PNW guys are semi-immune to rain.
  4. so how do I create a .gpx file? Do I download a bunch of caches as a .loc file then use gsak (which is confusing as hell) to create the .gpx?
  5. Fuji is one brand I won't be touching. My last 2 were finepix cameras and they both broke or quit working all together. Thanks for the suggestions though. I like the looks of the Olympus posted above, but everyone seems to like the powershots... we'll have to take a look around. Thanks for all the suggestions so far! edit: My wife just informed me that my sister picked up a new camera on the cheap. Here's what she got. It looks very nice and the reviews are favorable. GE A1050
  6. Welcome aboard!! now I just need my gps so I can take advantage of all these new features =P Come on USPS, move it! hmm, I wonder how long it takes priority mail to get from PA to OR...
  7. My wife is looking to get a new camera. We'd like something small that takes good pictures and maybe video too. We're on a bit of a budget (under $200?). Does anyone have any suggestions? I can look at webpages and read company rhetoric til I'm blue in the face but I'd rather hear personal opinions on models. Thanks guys
  8. I haven't cached in a week. Waiting for my new gps to show up, and I've been way busy with work and hell, I got a mild case of shingles. It's no fun to cache, or do anything really, when everytime you move it hurts.
  9. No problem, I've been wondering about that for a while myself, thought I'd finally put it to the test eh, screw it. I'll just sign up now.
  10. Not on a Garmin. I logged on to my daughter's account and did the transfer. Under description it gave me "Receive more information such as cache descriptions and hints with a Premium Membership...". Hints say "hints available to premium members only". Logs are empty. I thought as much, thanks Chrysalides.
  11. Welcome to caching! I too work weird shifts but I take my family out once a week (usually) and we do a few caches before the kids melt down. My 5 y/o does the same thing your son does. I just have to keep reminding him to quit yelling at muggles what we're doing. If you have the funds, I suggest getting a paperless unit. It will make it all that much easier to cache. You won't spend hours manually inputting coordinates and writing down info. Think of the $ you'll save on paper and ink alone. atleast that was the argument I used w/ my wife
  12. in the meantime, to get your fix if you dont have a GPS, find caches in neighborhoods you might be familiar with. write down any hints for that cache then use google maps' satelite photos to do a bit of caching. They'll get you to the right area, after that it's up to you to find the cache. I did that for my first 5... I also know there are some guys who do a lot of caching w/o a gps. Good luck, have fun. Stay away from micros for awhile
  13. will I get all the paperless info just using the "send to GPS" button? Just curious. I still plan on becoming a PM...
  14. hey guys, read farther down. It's not poison oak... I have a small outbreak of shingles. It looks like Poison Oak, but it hurts really bad, no itching.
  15. yes sir, I'll be finding a doctor to talk to tomorrow about it.
  16. Yep, I'm pretty sure it's shingles. I've had it since last Monday but hopefully it's clearing up some. I will be hitting the Dr.'s on Monday. I don't recall ever experiencing this much pain before. This is unreal! The little rashy spots you get are at nerve endings. Holy crap do cold shivers hurt! The only thing that will make it better, besides pain meds and some capsaicin cream, is my Oregon 400t showing up on Tuesday =P
  17. I had been talking about GC'ing for well over a year when my wife caught that episode on PBS. She immediately ran up to me and said, "we could totally do that as a family!" Better late that never I guess.
  18. rofl, that sorta looks like what I have. Then again, it looks like P.O. too... Like I said, if it's not cleared up by Monday, I'll hit the Dr. Office. edit: Oh, and not everyone gets itchy w/ Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac. That's according to the interwebs, so it must be true :-p
  19. no itch, just pain. The crazy part is I never went into the woods... I think I got this at "Bee's Knees" down on Rigert Road. I swore they were spider bites at first. If it's still hurting like this on Monday, I might go see my doctor. A week of pain sucks!
  20. I hate poison oak... Atleast I hope that's what it is. No itch, just crazy pain. kinda hard to sleep when it's on your side.
  21. Yeah, this one had Monkey in the title. I should have taken a picture of the tree, anyway it was hollow down the middle and it looks like it had been hit by lightning at one point. The only way to get up there was to throw yourself up into the first crook of the tree which was probably 5.5' off the ground then shimmy your way up the one branch. I stuck my 5y/o up into the first crook and he looked down and told me the tree was hollow in the middle and that was the end of our attempt. No way I'm going to risk him falling into the middle of a tree I can't even climb =P The cache was like a 4.5D and 1T... easy to get to GZ, easy to find... getting to the cache is another story... 1T is not the appropriate rating for a tree climbing cache. oh yeah, I was way off... 2.5D 4.5T
  22. about $30 more on amazon... I think I'll get this. unless someone knows something about the 400t that I don't...
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