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  1. So my family and I are going to go out tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of somewhere we could go to look for caches. I know the map shows tons of them, but I was looking for quite a few concentrated in a smaller area. Preferably w/o having to drive. My kids are 5 and almost 3. So sometimes going on longer hikes just doesn't work out like we'd wish it to.


    This sounds like a bit of a ramble, It's late and I just got done working 9. Mucho sleepy. Anyway, if you have any suggestions or ideas, we're open to them. If we have to drive a ways out of the metro area, that's cool too.

  2. Did you just turn the unit on? Sometimes it takes a while to get the most accurate bearings (3-5 minutes). If I reset or do any updates I let my unit set for at least 20 minutes to half an hour before I will use it. After that it is just a quick stat up and go. Did you happen to see the accuracy reading to make sure you had a good lock? This sounds like it is off a lot. I have never had my Oregon been off by that much. I am usually within 10-15 feet of the cache at most.


    When I was out, I had a full 5 bars signal, and 12-15' accuracy.

  3. Today I turned on my 400t and went to go do some caching with my boy. We got to where the first cache was and I realized that map was off by ~150-200 feet. I was standing on the corner, near where the gps said the cache was, but my gps said I was over 200 feet away from the corner.


    Is this fixed by doing a factory reset, getting a new gpx file for the caches, anything?


    Any help/ suggestions is appreciated.

  4. My alumni newspaper just contacted me over facebook about interviewing me on geocaching. Pretty neat.


    I just answered a bunch of questions as best I could and told her that she could come to GC.com to get more exact info. If it's published online, I'll link it for everyone to read!

  5. If your cache seems to be the target of repeated muggling, do YOU move it? I just reported one today that I had previously found as being muggled. Hell, it was sitting out in the open so that I could see it as I went by at 45mph. If I hadn't had my toddler with me I'd have gone back and atleast replaced the container so no one else grabbed it.


    It's one of those containers that hangs off the side of a bridge by some mono-filament. Funny thing is that the streambed below is really deep and doesn't really have much water in it except during floods. Also, all the houses along the river bank have a clear view of the cache hanging there. I bet if I were to look out the back door of these houses, I could see it hanging there. Doesn't seem to be a very good hiding spot IMO.


    sorry if I am rambling. It's 2am and I just got home. Bed time.

  6. I assume that finding Geocoins is few and far between, but lately I've noticed in my area that all the geocaches that state they have coins (in the last year) have all had their coins disappear. TB's too! Is it pretty common for people, or one "collector", to go around every time a coin shows up in the area and take them for his or her collection?


    I realize that's the risk when you set one free, but the trackables I've found so far were set free w/in the week! It almost seems that someone is playing the game, but doesn't like to follow all of the rules. It's sad, especially when some of those coins are commemorative or in memorial.

  7. Wife and I started caching last month... we're hooked. It's a great family activity! While out on a hike w/ my 5y/o we found our first geocoin. It was so cool! I'd love to collect coins, but who has the money? hehe. I hope to do some coins in the future. We'll see. One expensive hobby at a time.

  8. I have the 550 with out the T, and love it. paperless and the ease of logging, the wiki posted earlier is a great resource.


    Might want to save the $100 on the T and just get the 550 can always add the maps later


    or there are free routeable maps here




    ok, so I took the advice and downloaded the routable maps for my area. from what I understood I drop the .img file into my GPS. But where?


    running an Oregon 400t btw.

  9. This is pretty neat. It looks like a logbook w/ a pencil. My son wants us to keep it. I had to explain to him that's not how the game is played. I found it here in Suburban Beaverton, OR... a stones throw from it's origin point in Mozambique!

  10. How do you get a photograph to load as a background? I've cut a photo down to 240x400. I put it in with all the other background files. Am I missing something? I downloaded all the files from gpsfix.com and they show up just fine. Maybe my photo is a bit shorter than the 400 pixels high. Would that do it?

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