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  1. Hi there Thankyou you have cleared a point for me. The time lapse between picking up a Trackable and logging it in which was my difficulty whilst on holiday and waiting until we got back home before doing anything about logging where we had dropped TBs. I have also found that having dropped a TB we are hardly home to do our logging and TB is already moving on. This happens when it is a popular cache and we have had to travel some way to find it Regard to all
  2. Hi As a newbie to trackables I was unsure what info I needed to record to be able to log it in etc, so many Numbers, Codes and abbreviations, very confusing but I must admit necessary, but take some getting used to. I was unaware that before the item was dropped off elewhwhere it needed to be logged as found which must have been frustrating for the owner who was logging it. I have now printed off the instruction and put them in a prominent place I get the feeling that some over keen geofizzers think its only necessary to pick up a Bug mention it in passing when they log the cache and do nothing more about it except mention that they put it in another cache. I have recently picked up two trackables that had no clue as to how they got to the cache where they were picked up so I did my best to point this out to the owners, Is there a list of abreviations used somewhere that I can print off?
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