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  1. thanks Bamboozle! I took your advice and I ordered the Garmin City Nav North America NT and it loaded perfectly. that made it much easier for us, thank you so much for your recommendation. wondering if you are familiar with the 3d view option on the garmin. It that the same thing as a topo map? When I try to access the 3d view it tells me that the maps do not contain suffiecient elevation information to display the 3d view. Is there something that I'm missing or am I just not in the right geographical area for the 3d view? We had fun over the weekend finding a few cache's testing out the new oregon. Thanks again everyone for your advice:)
  2. Thank you so much for the info, its been a great help. I just found the deal you mentioned on the oregon 450 and ordered it!!! I've been so overwhelmed with info and this one seemed perfect price and quality. I was pushing toward a Garmin rather than the Magellan. We've had basic road gps's for the cars and I"m just not crazy about magellan. Thank you again so much, cannot wait to give it to my son on his birthday. I'm looking forward to many, many geocaching adventures:)
  3. Alright, here I go again. My head is about to explode but am still needing more advice. We are new to geocaching and have been doing it for awhile using an android app on our phone. We are doing this as a family, two little ones and my 12 year old. I'm wanting to buy my 12 year old a gps for his birthday and have been researching and researching. the more research I do the more confused I get. I'm now down to considering the dakota 20 or the explorist 310. Don't want to spend too much but dont' want to cheap out either. I'm guessing my questions are since we are mainly doing this for geocaching should I go with the simplier explorist or spend a little extra and get the dakota. I like the option of having the compass but wondering if the dakota is a bit much for us. How about the maps, I'm not sure if topo mapas are available for either or if that is something we need?? Will I be spending more adding maps in the end? I love that they both have paperless caching but is there anything else I need to know?? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm just lost in this endless supply of reviews on all the gps's out there, I"m overloaded. Help! and thank you:)
  4. Thanks for your advice. Still doing a bit of research and will head off to the store today to do a bit more. I just want to make the best choice. What specifically are the features that I must have. These are my thoughts but please advise if you have any input, its greatly apprecicated. I would like something: - water resistant -get me as close to the coordinates as possible -included software or downloadable software for each cache we look for at a time -would like it to be paperless but if its not, guess its ok too. We willl research details and clues online and print as needed, so at this point either way is ok, planning on using the long/lat coordinates and have the kids hunt them down -thinking a compass would be good if its on the gps I'm assuming they all come with maps or access to maps based on location. not planning on traveling too far outside of our surrounding states. is there anything else I really need or should consider??? I just want to make sure I know what I am looking for. thanks again
  5. I've been going in circles looking at all of the different GPS units. I'm looking for ideas on a hand held GPS. Have navigation in the car so I'm covered when driving but it obviously does not have all the details needed for Geocaching. I'm not looking to spend too much am thinking $200-300 tops. Am getting this mainly for my family and our outings (thats a good excuse for this 40 something mom, lol CAUSE I LOVE IT TOO!) I ran across the Magellan eXplorist GC at about $199. Says its its built for geocaching. But should I not go that route and look for something without those bells and whistles. A standard gps does the job from what I can tell. There are just so many to pick from. Any advice would be appreciated!
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