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  1. I was cleaning out my spare room to prep it for the new baby, and I came across the palm I used to use for paperless caching.

    It comes with the cradle/dock, a leather case, stylus, some screen protectors (one already on it), the software CD, and the quick start guide.

    It has a good scuff on the upper right corner, and there's a piece that was superglued on the back (looks like a triangle-shaped section broke off and we glued back on). I must have dropped it on one of my outings many, MANY years ago. Can't remember. However, the screen is flawless.


    It still works, although the battery doesn't seem to last as long as new.


    If anyone still uses an older GPSr, and still uses Cachemate or something similar for paperless, make me an offer. I may even just charge you for shipping, since I really have no use for this thing anymore. Otherwise, it goes in the Goodwill pile.

  2. I have had similar thoughts. {thread hijack commencing}


    Can someone who has made the etrex cx to 60cx upgrade talk about perceptions of the change?


    I suspect the 60 has vastly improved reception in bad conditions, but what is the over value (bang-for-the-buck)? Are you happy with the upgrade? Buyer's remorse?


    My father-in-law has the 60cx, and when we cache with both, his is always MUCH better at holding a good signal in heavy tree cover. His screen is a little bigger, so I find it easier to see the details when driving and hiking.

    The reason I want to upgrade to it, is the fact that I've seen it in action, side-by-side with my Legend Cx. I'm very impressed with it.

  3. The Garmin Venture Cx is the same as the Legend Cx but with a yellow case and no bundled microSD card and USB cable. The USB cable is a standard regular to mini size one used with a lot of digital cameras so you may already have one. And you can get large capacity microSD cards for less than what Garmin wants for theirs.


    With the $50 rebate the Ventrure is hard to beat at about $150.


    Just got one and am very happy with it.


    Thanks for the input but my ? is where can I purchase a large capacity microsd?



    I've had nothing but good experiences with buying from newegg.com. I bought a 1 gig card from Ebay for the same price as theirs (about $30), and that included shipping. Which, by the way, is probably the quickest of any company I've dealt with.

  4. My father-in-law didn't go with the flag idea, but there is a beautiful memorial built from an I-beam from the WTC, that overlooks Sandy Hook, NJ and Manhattan.


    Here... Freedom Flight


    I didn't even bother with submitting one for Sept, since that was my idea also. <_<

  5. I fired my Legend Cx up in my computer room this morning (window faces West) and was receiving #48 and #51, but not at the same time. i did get them both on my screen for about 5 seconds together, but I think it was losing #48 as it picked up #51. I didn't have to reset anything for them to show up though.


    #48 couldn't produce a solid bar on my GPSr today.






    Also, I live in North Eastern MD.

  6. I was thinking of using my Jeep as a 3000lb "traveling" travel bug. :) Hook a tag up to the bumper and enter the coordinates here every time I park somewhere. It is guaranteed to be in the same spot, every day, for at least 10 hours while I'm at work!


    Just kidding.... or am I? :(

  7. "Biopsy the Travel Bug"

    "That Green-ish Thing"

    "The Part the Cat Didn't Eat"

    "Shower Drain Hairball Travel Bug"

    "It Came From the Dog Travel Bug"

    "Real Live Bug Travel Bug"


    Ok, I'm done.

  8. Once it's a discussion, people, we might be finished.  I assume noncachers don't care about our game. I asume we aren't very well organized, we don't speak with a single voice, and have little money, and no political or PR clout. 

    I wouldn't worry about "us", as geocachers, in general not having a big voice with the gov't. We have plenty of companies with PR clout and plenty of their $$ at risk if you ban geocaching.

    Garmin, Magellan, Cobra, their suppliers, retailers, etc. will not want to lose the kind of $$ that geocachers bring them.

    With this hobby gaining so much popularity over the past couple of years, these companies' profits have probably jumped considerably. I know that they would fight to keep their bottom line healthy.

  9. I've found that with certain MP3 players, you can remove the internal memory card, which sometimes resembles a compact flash card or microdrive, and use it in a digital camera.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen, or knows, what kind of chip/card the Garmin GPSRs use for internal memory.


    I don't have the guts to take apart mine to find out.

  10. I use a Garmin GPS 12. I've had it since 2001 and used it twice before I got into geocaching last month. Updated the software to V4.60 and it's been really accurate so far.


    I have this strange feeling that Santa Claus may bring a Garmin Quest GPS, but if not, I'll be looking into the Garmin 60CS.

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