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  1. I have seen many stuffed animals as TB...many get this funky odor about them that comes from sitting in a dark musty, sometime damp place. I would think that the vacuum sealing would help in that respect. In regards to the beanie going missing, I think you wouuld have more of a chance of the coin going missing than the beanie...but if they are vacuum sealed, then I guess they would both go...LOL. You take a chance sending out any trackable that it will go missing (we've had junky McDs toys go AWOL...so it does not really matter what you are sending out...there is always a chance), but I think it is worth it to send it out. In regards to buying a coin, check out the coin vendors listed in the pinned thread...many carry stock geocoins. Groundspeak also has some in their store. You can purchase one from any of those locations. Ebay is also an option, but I find those prices to be a bit higher than the retail prices offered from the coin vendors.
  2. As much as I enjoy FB, I still come here for my geocoin news...just too much stuff on FB to try and follow coins, etc there. Thanks for posting here.
  3. Email Sent: 10-19-2010 Name Received: 10-31-10 (we've already started buying goodies) Mission Sent: 11-19-2010 (sorry it is a little late, but it is going out priority mail) Mission Received:
  4. Hubby served in the Army for 4 years prior to meeting me, and then a couple of years in the reserves when we met in grad school. I remember being so worried that he would be sent over seas when the Gulf War started...but his reserve unit was not sent. Quick edit to add THANK-YOU to all the veterans out there...and my hubby (who is spending his Veteran's Day 3 hours away where we first met).
  5. Cannot wait to see what this one looks like...we love the captain!
  6. Coin # 95 made itself to me today...THANKS!
  7. Sorry for the delay...gave them to hubby to mail out since he was using my car, and they drove around with him for a few days before he said "oops, I did not make it to the PO". UGH! He finally mailed them late last week.
  8. Email Sent: 10-19-2010 Name Received: 10-31-10 (we've already started buying goodies) Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  9. I believe... o \_/\o ( Oo) \|/ (_=-) .===O- ~~Z~A~P~~ -O- / \_/U' /|\ || |_/ \\ | {K || | PP | || (__\\
  10. Look at the post above yours to see who is designing it. There are many compass rose designs, made by many coin vendors...however I believe there is only 1 vendor that has issued a compass rose geocoin every year since 2005: compass rose geocoin history
  11. I went to grad school in Athens, OH...had no idea it was so haunted. The only gray thing here is my mood...was a rough day
  12. The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland
  13. Email Sent: 10-19-2010 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  14. I feel that any coin given to me in a mission or trade is mine to do with as I see fit (I view missions as a trade venture, even though it is not a direct trade)...send them into the wild, trade or sell...no biggie. Gifted coins...well, I guess it depends on the coin. Most I could not bear to sell, because of the meaning behind them. I guess as long as there was not a "please do not sell" request that went along with it, I would be okay with selling it. If there was a "please do not sell request", I would trade it for something else to sell. Mystery coins...those are the coins that will never leave my collection...in dire money emergencies, I would contact the mystery coin giver to see if they were okay with the selling of the coin or trade it for others to sell.
  15. A little more sorting thru my coins, and I have 4 more grab bags available. All coins are bagged and will be randomly distributed to the first 4 folks to email me thru my GC profile and pay.
  16. Bunnicula How about a cowboy bunny?
  17. My mailbox has been pretty empty for a long time...but today I received 2 mysery coins! A loonatick AND Bell Witch (don't tell Brenda...I want to give it to her for her b-day next month). AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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