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  1. Been on vacation and did not have internet access until now (and even now, it is limited)...count us in for the SWPA area
  2. The mothership has landed... Contact Confirmed // RECP #030 Thank-you for entrusting us with this mysterious item
  3. We'll be there...with whatever coins I drag with me.
  4. That is just BEAUTIFUL! Don't let Brenda see...in addition to dragons, she is a turtle fan (when we went on a cruise, she HAD to get a turtle souvenier from each port). Congrats Joni!
  5. As Heather and I walked past 2 fountains today, a smile came to my face as I was reminded of this thread.
  6. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the first challenge...we may have to play along, just for fun.
  7. Color me jealous! Maybe I'll venture up your way for an event so I can drool, I mean check out this awesome coin (I've never seen one in person).
  8. What an awesome coin...congrats to all of the recipients
  9. My dad also passed away. He provided me with my first GPS - a Lowrance iFinder. When we first started caching (when he first got sick), we would go over to his house and tell him of our finds. He was interested in everything and loved the geocoins. He taught me so much...just the other day I commented to my mom (as I got out a compressor to fill her tire with air) that I was grateful for all those times that he asked me for my help fixing things...little did I know that he was teaching me how to be self-sufficient. All of those fishing and camping trips gave me an appreciation of nature. He gave me an appreciation of family as he (and my mom) were there for all of the important times of my life (high school graduation, college graduation, getting married, the birth of my children). He is probably also partially responsible for my geocoin addiction, since we belonged to a coin collecting club when I was little. There were time that he drove me nuts, but I would give up my GPS and all of my cache finds just to have him back again. I miss ya dad!
  10. Wow...the OP was in 2006, and still no teacher coins that I know of (other than the Aug 2007 GC&PC back to school coin - shaped like a school bus). Wish there was one...
  11. You just need to find a friend that is going to help you out ...unfortunately, that would not be me...we are not attending either event
  12. I am trying to thin out my collection and found some club coins to part with. All coins are unactivated...GC&PC coins are for the coin ONLY. I never know what price to set, so I am leaving it up to you. Please submit offers thru my GC profile (no PM's please) and I'll review and respond to all offers by 6/21. Shipping is $2.50 (plus $0.50/additional coin) for US...international will be determined on an individual basis. Thanks! GC&PC June 2007 – Outta this world - nickel GC&PC July 2007 – Celebrate Summer - nickel GC&PC September 2007 – Remember 9/11 – black nickel GC&PC May 2008 – Ladybugs - gold GC&PC June 2008 – Blending to our surroundings - gold GC&PC January 2009 – Happy New Year/What will you find in 2009? - nickel GC&PC February 2009 – I love caching (heart shaped) - gold GC&PC May 2009 – Geo-graduate (owl shaped) - nickel GC&PC June 2009 – Geo Rodeo Sheriff (star shaped) – black nickel GC&PC September 2009 – Saluting America’s workforce (gear shaped) - nickel GC&PC December 2009 – Season’s greetings – satin nickel GCC July 2006 – Mosquito – ant. nickel
  13. AWESOME drawings! Love them both! Trackable vs. non-trackable...all depends what you want to do with the coin. If the intent is to use them as sig items, then they do not need to be trackable. If you want to sell the coins in the forums, then make them trackable. If you are making both, you could always make one trackable and one not.
  14. Also, calico cats are almost always females (thanks also to genetics)...the males are very rare and usually sterile (the females are not). Anyways...I preordered some. My girls will love them. I esp. like the siamese, since one of my first cats was a siamese. Right now, I am ready to kill my cat for waking me up at 6 AM on a Saturday. Grrrrr!
  15. I have seen this method work pretty well at some events, as long as there was someone dedicated to overseeing the log and trackables. However, we tried doing something similar to this at GCF...with a computer database, and, on a large scale event, it was problematic.. The problem we ran into is, although some people "drop" trackables into events, they do not always physically place them there. Sometimes they hand them off to someone else before they get to the drop zone...sometimes they forget them at home...sometimes they drop them only to be discovered...etc. So, afterwards, we still had trackables logged into the event that no one logged as retreived, and we had no idea who snagged them.
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