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  1. Well, I would have to say that I am a loon with a tick...LOL! I was tick-led to see that I sent myself coin #19 when I wasn't looking. Thanks, my looney geocoin friends!
  2. FYI - there are coins with Swarovski crystals in them...not that I am saying to use them in this design, but just something to keep in mind for the future (since I know you have a fondness of them).
  3. Nice to see a local cacher in here...I expected your coins to be crystal, wood, iron and brass...LOL! Good job on the design!
  4. I dunno...I won mine during a trivia contest on todayscacher.com back in 2006
  5. WOW!! I love this coin. I don't have any mystery coins but the three I would love to have are Bell Witch :wub: The Cache Reaper and this one these coins are already activated and belong to serial finder..kind of like moun10bike Not all of them are already activated under serial finders account...mine isn't...it was activated under my account.
  6. WOW...that's amazing. I thought for sure that you would've had most of them. All grab bags are gone...I may do this again if I get around to sorting thru some more coins. Thanks folks!
  7. I know that it is a LONG shot, but I am looking for a Bell Witch coin for Brenda for her birthday. If anyone has one available, please let me know if we can work out a trade (I have plenty of older coins that I would be willing to part with to make this happen for her).
  8. Perhaps something patriotic? I would prefer it not be patriotic, celebrating Veteran's Day, only because Veteran's Day is a US holiday. This is an international multi-event. I think a Veteran's Day version would be more appropriate than a Veteran's Day design. However, a design honoring the signing of the Armistice that ended the World War would probably work.
  9. - Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon - 11 is the number of guns in a gun salute to U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine Corps Brigadier Generals, and to Navy and Coast Guard Rear Admirals Lower Half - The Canadian one-dollar coin is a hendecagon, an eleven-sided polygon. - In chemistry, Group 11 includes the three coinage metals copper, silver, and gold
  10. The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11 was a cold snap that affected the central United States on Saturday, November 11, 1911...hope we don't have a repeat of that next year.
  11. I think I'll stick with what works all the time. If it's scanned, it's in the mail system & the tracking system the same day. I take it you haven't been in the role of seller much. No, I haven't. Just trying to learn the ins and outs to become a good seller. Thanks everyone for the great information so far. I sell on eBay and have had some delivery confirmation slips (through Paypal) not be scanned because the buyer receives the coin and leaves me positive feedback but when I check through USPS, there's no information. The best way to track something is to use Fedex or UPS, where it gets scanned everywhere it goes. Of course, this would cost an arm and a leg to ship a coin. So there are trade-offs. And even these methods are not foolproof...we recently had our 10/10/10 coins delivered by FedEx. The tracking stated that they were left on my porch, but they were not...they were left on the porch of the wrong house on the wrong street. In regards to the shipping costs, the seller will recoup their costs (shipping, packaging, eBay and paypal fees) by either incorporating it into the initial cost of the coin for sale or the shipping. I, personally, do not have a problem with that. The seller want to at least break even from their initial investment. When buying, I never only look at the price of the coin. I look at my total out of pocket expenses.
  12. I live in Pittsburgh, but I did not know there was going to be an event. I can't find it on the web, so could you tell me where and when it will be? It is the 10/10/10 event in Cecil Park event link
  13. Another shipment of coins went out today...with a couple of extra surprises thrown in. There are a couple grab bags left. If anyone is interested, please drop us an email.
  14. Shipments will go out tomorrow for those who have paid. Only a 4 are left.
  15. Time to thin out my collection a bit, so I put together some grab bags, priced to go. Each grab bag will have 5 trackable (unactivated), regular sized geocoins. At least one coin will be a uniquely shaped coin. No bags will contain duplicates. All coins are bagged and will be randomly distributed to the first 10 folks to email me thru my GC profile and pay. The cost is: $30.00 for 5 trackable coins + $5.00 shipping (international shipping – contact me). These will go to the first 10 folks to email me through my profile and pay (NO PMs please)…don’t forget to include your paypal email address.
  16. Our coins finally arrived today...just let me say that I am not a fan of FedEx...idiots delivered them to the wrong address, and it took them 3 days to figure out where they left them (how you get 616 Julia out of 209 Joseph, I do not know)...some of the most stressful days that I've had in a LONG time.
  17. interesting...Mr. Grey in the woods with a geocoin...reminds me of clue...LOL
  18. Zanesville split an order with Mississippi
  19. I used Groundspeak colors (plus a white enamel for the backgound on the front)... Black nickel w/hard enamels Front: PMS White PMS Yellow C PMS 320 C (blue) PMS 151 C (orange) PMS 361 C (green) Back: PMS Yellow C PMS 320 C (blue) PMS 151 C (orange) PMS 361 C (green)
  20. We had a stage as a magnetic card on a newspaper box once...I'll never do that again. One day the newspaper company decided to upgrade the box...they hauled it away (including stage 1) and replaced it with a new one.
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