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  1. Not sure if there is a thread for this coin yet...I received a wonderful surprise in the mail today (timing was perfect...I've been in a weird mood the past week or so). Thank-you mystery coin sender...for the coin (plus proxy) and enhancing my mood!



  2. I miss the old days too...we developed some tight friendships before it all became about the might $$ and how many different versions of one coin that could be minted. Every once in awhile I pop back into the forums, but there does not seem to be as much going on as there was back in the early days. Unfortunately, with one of the dragons entering her senior year in high school next year - gulp - I just don't have the spare $$ or time like I used to. I wish I did...

  3. I wish I could say this was a smooth process for us, but it was not. We received some pretty rude emails when asking clarification to questions we asked. We were promised that things would be "looked into" then never received a reply. We were repeatedly asked if we wanted to leave the group. I heard similar stories from others too, so I know it was not just me. When it was all over, I sent an email to Hans regarding the issues I had, and never received a reply. I am happy that things went well for some, but this project seriously damaged a good relationship that I had made with this company over the past 7 years. :(

  4. HAPPY 12-13-12



    I Hope everyone had a great event. From the sounds of it, it seems like everyone did. We had a great time at our two events. The Flash Mob was more then we had anticipated. We even had a Canadian stop in on his way through town. We are glad he was able to make it. The Evening event was great fun. Who can go wrong with Free Food?


    We are all but out of Coins, so we hope the same is true for each one of you. If our phone ever stops ringing with requests for any versions available for 12-12-12 coins we will enjoy the peace and quite that follows a crazy fun exciting World Wide Multi Event. For Tomorrow the Question will be:


    Who's ready for another?



    Not me...I am ready to host events when I want...not when the calendar aligns just so...LOL

  5. Hello all,


    as you know 64 versions of 12-12-12 coin exsits.


    I have 37 of them, but i can't to identify two of them.

    I would like to get to my collection these 1st:

    - 15 Honolulu, Hawaii

    - 18 Nova Scotia V1 (Antique Copper)

    - 24 Long Island, New York

    - 26 Pittsburgh, Pensylvania

    - 34 Burlington, Ontario

    - 37 Emerald Coast, Florida

    - 41 Brookfield, Connecticut

    - 42 New Jersey

    - 43 Las Vegas, Nevada

    - 50 Sacramento, California

    - 51 Space Coast, Florida

    - 54 Northwest Washington XLE (Black Nickel)

    - 64 North Texas


    I prefer trade for my version.





    aka Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector

    Bo. T. L. I am pretty sure you will not get an Iowa one unless it is from Michael. I have all 50 spoken for and another 5 on a waiting list not including you. If one does become available I will definitely trade for 1 of yours!

    CCWelch, Iowa


    Our coins are all reserved too...with a waiting list.

  6. I thought we agreed when signing up that they couldn't be sold before December 12th? That's what the googledoc says, anyway. Just wondering.


    Yep, we all did. Seems like some people just don't keep their word.


    Maybe all known violators should be excluded from future participation if they can't keep their word ... just sayin' ...

    I agree...even if you are a newbie to this, it is clearly stated in the FAQ's that we were provided back at the beginning of the project...in the forums AND on the website.

  7. Well, our coins are finally on the move again...they are at the UPS facility 10 miles from home. Looks like they will be here today. Brian and Heather will get to open the box up while I am out of town for a few days.

  8. I've been attending these since I was introduced to them back in 05,05,05 where I drove 100 miles to get to the event at 5:05 am!


    ....and it was uphill with a headwind both ways!!!!! :ph34r:



    You're right! It WAS cold too!


    Got my coins! Got my coins! Got my coins! And all the trades I made, and now I have to figure out what is what... all the versions look Gorgeous! Fantastic!

    Aw man...I feel left out. Even if they arrive tomorrow, the earliest I will see them is Sunday.

  9. My delivery date currently says 'exception'. I have no idea when/if I am getting them. :(


    UPS is horrible. I requested FedEx, but that didn't happen.

    My experience with FedEx has been horrible. For the 10/10/10, the coins were delivered to the wrong address. There were multiple days that we did not where the coins were because they could not track down the driver. In the end, I retrieved them myself because every time FedEx tried to, the people were not home because they worked shifts.

  10. Thought my coins would be here today, but UPS changed it until tomorrow...I don't understand, because they have been sitting in New Stanton, PA since 11/25. Ugh! I hate waiting...and will now have to wait until Monday to see them since Brenda and I are heading to the thespian conference in the morning. .Heather and Brian will get to see them before me...no fair! :laughing:

  11. Nosnow and Dragons,


    I'm not sure I understand. I responded to each one of your emails as quickly as I could. 63 people with 63 designs. I choose not to respond to a lot of the comments on the forums, as many of the people who complained on here were nothing more then a woe is me looking for attention. One minute responding to my emails in a positive polite way, and then a few minutes later jumping on the forums with their sad stories of how the world was unfair.


    Like I've always maintained, if you are having a problem, email me. I will respond to each one of you emails and problems individually.


    It's amazing how just a few people like bring their dark little raincloud with them in these forums.

    During the previous multi-events, we received multiple group emails, alerting us to the progress of the project and problems that popped up along the way. Updates were also posted to the group website. There was a time that we were not permitted to post all of this group project info in these forums...which is why the off site page was set up.


    Michael, you were responsive to all of my emails...but a little better communication dispersed to the entire group along the way would have resulted in a lot fewer individual emails and less work/stress for you and us.

  12. Michael and Hans


    I’m glad in your mind you think this project went well. You got the coins out the door. But that is really all you can say. And yes people are happy with picture and tracking numbers, but your communication with your customer was terrible!!!!!

    I agree...I have been involved with many group projects with Oakcoins, and the communication with this project was nowhere near the level I have grown to expect from Oakcoins.

  13. Invoice recieved and paid. Please coins, come quick!!!!!

    Coins were supposedly shipped today.

    I hope that means they get delivered early enough domestically that I have time to inspect mine before they go to the event. I recently got a batch of coins that about 30% were badly filled, mis colored or etc.

    Did anyone get tracking info?

  14. Did anyone else notice that this coin is NOT getting a custom icon?!!! :mad:

    Instead, each edition is getting its own entry with the 'event' icon.


    I don't recall this EVER being brought up in the discussion of this coin.

    That better not be the case...the 12/12/12 website clearly states under the coin specifications that it will have a custom icon.


    Hey Mark


    You should bring this to Michael's attention so we can get it fixed.


    Michael really should hit the "watch thread" button for this topic and be in here on a daily basis putting out spot fires and answering queries as they happen...


    People gotta calm down and relax. Michael has been away at a Mega Event doing his job. He gets back today. I pinged him on the icon, it should be unique and is a very easy problem to fix. Like every other multi event international orders go out first (11/14) and domestic orders go out (11/17).

    Thanks Mark! There have been times when it is not been loaded until after the event, so I was not worried about the icon. :D Hopefully, we can see some coin pictures soon...not that it matters for my event...all coins are reserved already.


    Just saw in the Groundspeak email that there will be a special 12/12/12 souvenir...sweet!

  15. Did anyone else notice that this coin is NOT getting a custom icon?!!! :mad:

    Instead, each edition is getting its own entry with the 'event' icon.


    I don't recall this EVER being brought up in the discussion of this coin.

    That better not be the case...the 12/12/12 website clearly states under the coin specifications that it will have a custom icon.

  16. Having problem to get my event publish. My reviewer say that I can´t have 1. a price for the eventcoin and 2. have a picture of the coin in my cache note. He refered to the text 2. Commercial caches are disallowed.

    Have someone else here had same problem and is this eventcoin to commercial for Groundspeak?


    Sounds like your reviewer has taken the commercial cache a bit too literally. Commercial is supposed to be something that supports a commercial business.


    AtlantaGal's right. Leave the price off the description page for the initial time being.

    Our review never published my event caches if I have the coin price, etc. on the cache page...so we don't put it on there. We always post an announcement to the event with all of that info...or set up a separate webpage to link to.

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