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  1. wasn't there just an article in MSN News, like last week, about some guy being prosecuted for tapping into someone else's wireless? Like, this case will set a federal case law precedent, or something? Anyone else see that?
  2. Yes. Let us get back to work. yeah, any of you all workin' fer the gov'mint....? I.e my tax dollars NOT at work.....?
  3. Sheep are ugly. Use llamas. Now THAT was rude and uncalled for.....you apologize to that sheep right now, buster......!
  4. yes, but just because Jeremy makes me laugh, I shouldn't encourage his rudeness by laughing.....what we really need is not a chip-eating emoticon, but a good "spanking" emoticon, to keep wiseguys like Jeremy in line..... naughty Jeremy, wicked Jeremy! (do it again Lucky Charm, do it again....)
  5. What timing............. My girlfriend left me for a cacher she says has a bigger and better unit. He has a 60cs. Just kidding. yeah, but the 60cs probably requires more and bigger batteries also?.....sounds awfully high-maintenance.....sometimes less is more, as they say...... seriously, though, I don't know why anyone would want to get involved with someone with a track record of "shopping around" while they're still in a current relationship.....heck, if they're willing to leave their significant other for you, then you know they're just as likely to leave you if and when "something better" comes along......no thanks..... I think I'd prefer the real value of integrity over "bigger and better" anytime.....
  6. The individual sending it did not identify him/herself or leave me any contact info. So I replied with this message: and included my name and contact information. I haven't received a reply yet. Ding, based on the emails you shared, my own sense is that your response to Bob and how you handled the situation overall, was very appropriate and exemplary, and based on Bob's response back to you ("Thanking you for taking care of this"), that he also appreciated your consideration and understanding of the unanticipated problem that your original cache placement caused. It really doesn't matter, I don't think, whether Bob is an "official authority" relative to the Park or Little league, or if Bob knows how to spell or use his spell-checker. Even if Bob is just a dedicated volunteer or involved parent, trying to make and sustain an optimal ballfield and good experience for the kids in his community, then that is admirable and should be encouraged and supported. If Bob and possibly other parents or volunteers who put in work on this ball diamond were frustrated by wayward geocache-hunters tearing up their work, he handled it in as direct and forthright a manner as he could: he brought it to your attention directly, aksed you to take care of it, and you did, and he thanked you for doing so.
  7. MF&FC - I just want to note that I think it is very considerate of you to offer to post a note to unfamiliar cachers warning that bears have (and may) be likely in the area of your cache. As some of the Nor'wester's posting to this thread have pointed out, for those cachers who live in that area, the possibility of a bear encounter may be a given. But for cachers visiting from elsewhere who may not know as much about "local hazards", I think they'd appreciate your offer of additional information and caution. Similarly, I recall a Nevada cacher talking about placing a cache in a ravine, which in the event of rain would turn into a dangerous fast moving river very quickly. For the locals in that area, they may already know that, and know not to venture too far down into the ravine if it's threatening to rain. For non-local visitors (like visiting geocachers), I think a note of caution warning them about such potentially dangerous conditions would be a very friendly and helpful gesture, to keep them (and their families) safe.
  8. thanks everyone for your feedback. I've compiled your input (comments and stories) into a logbook for Uniquely Iowa cache, and I'm locking the thread now as a final detail. thanks again. -MS
  9. Fall of 2004, Parade magazine had an article about geocaching. I'd been taking my grandkids out hiking, and adding a "treasure hunt" as a destination to some of our hikes seemed like fun. I bought the least expensive GPSr, which (I found out) is more difficult to use. My grandkids are still pretty young, so I still have to spend considerable time (and attention) on our hikes making sure they're safe, teaching them the essentials, kissing booboos, chatting about "stuff" and getting to know them, etc. Like when we saw a turtle on a log, and a snake swimming toward it, we debated whether the snake would eat the turtle or vice versa...... So fussing around with an additional gadget didn't really add anything to our hikes other than an added stress and distraction. So, I still have the GPSr, I dust it off once in awhile, and use it when there are other adults along to share the work (of balancing the "technical aspects" with the "kid watching" aspects). When they get a bit older, maybe this is something we'll learn together. And maybe I'll also invest in a better GPSr, that's more user friendly (or in my case, idiot proof).
  10. Hi, I'm planning to plant my first cache here in Iowa, which I'll name "Uniquely Iowa". An important element in this cache, and the reason I seek your input, is that I'm including in the cache log a laminated "story book" of sorts, that will contain stories from geocachers (or their kin) who detassled corn for wages. (You know you're from Iowa, if your first job was detassling.....). More info on this cache, is at the IowaGeocachers.Org forum (Thread "Cache Idea, Need Your Feedback"). But whether you're from Iowa or another midwest corn-growing locale doesn't matter - I just need your detassling story. So, if you are a geocacher, and if you (or someone close to you) have a detassling story (or detassling photos), that you can share with me, please let me know ASAP, either by PM or post to this thread. Thanks- -Monica
  11. Well, folks, looks like this romance doesn't get a "happily ever after"... I did find Paul, thanks to Lil Devil's tip (he reported a find in the AT area in GA, bio is a perfect match) I emailed him a brief hello last week, and I see from his profile that he's been online visiting this site since, but I haven't heard from him. ~sniffle~ Will I never find my heart's desire? ~sob~ Seriously, though, it's been fun hangin' with my geocachin' homies and their spiffy little thingies! Thanks to everyone who offered helpful hints and encouragement! ~aside~ ju66l3r, maybe someday when my broken heart has mended... definitely, I second CoolLibrarian's emotion.... So, wring your widdle heart out, pin it back upon your sleeve...and hightail it back here with your new GPS in hand.... you ain't gonna find a more fun buncha guys...and when you buy a "real" membership here at Gc.com, you can even hang out "inside" at the off-topic forum, which is always a total hoot.... Like I keep telling all my single gal pals: ...you gotta check out this geocaching...it's raining men over here.....!!!!!
  12. I've seen the village and don't want them raising my child. No? you don't want to allow your kid into this open forum thread and let us "adult villagers" casually "educate" them about, what are we calling this adult subject matter, "geo-coitus interruptus"....? nope, can't say as I blame ya - I wouldn't allow a kid in this thread either......and I have every respect for school or library boards that might feel the same way.....
  13. last post for me here, but I will try to clarify my point yet one more time it's not about me, you, Jeremy, or anyone else's opinion about whether parents are doing what they're supposed to be doing. It's about the pragmatic reality of the situation, and the potential consequences of not acknowledging that reality: Yes, Parents (or guardians) of children, have primary responsibility for growing those children (i.e. for optimizing the actualization of their potential social, moral, intellectual, physical, and other development). Parents by necessity invest and share some of their "implicit authority" into certain of those social institutions that also assume some responsibility for the development of their kids. For instance, school boards and school administrators, administrators and oversight bodies of local libraries, etc. These are places where it is simply not feasible for every child to receive constant one-on-one monitoring of their activities, such as which websites they might visit. Therefore, by necessity, schools and libraries that provide for kids open portal access to the internet, often resort to more cost-efficient and time-efficient "supervision solutions", such as purchasing software, hardware blocks, index and listing services, or whatever, that scan the internet, identify websites that are "questionable", and provide in some form a product, service, or list, that allows schools and libraries to block access to websites identified with "smut content". And schools and libraries will lean toward more conservative and restrictive blocking, rather than more liberal open access (because it's easier for them to implement and defend a tighter restriction). THAT is the reality. I don't care how you define smut, or whether you agree with the above described process relative to parental control, it doesn't matter. What matters is that this is the REALITY of how the world works, and so I repeat: "Wouldn't it be a shame if geocaching.com ended up on a list of blocked access websites, because some scanner of websites (whether a person or automated program) picked up some "questionable content" in an open-access scan of these open forums?"
  14. actually, you're missing my point, and I apologize for not being more clear. ANYONE with access to an internet portal, for instance kids at their local library or at their school computer lab, can wander into and read through the threads posted in the open forums at this site, without having to pay a membership fee. Therefore, as a "responsible" member of the greater community, and recognizing that it takes a village to raise a child, shouldn't we geocachers be a bit more discrete and selective in the subject matter that we post or discuss in our open forums? I mean, wouldn't it be a shame if this website was added to the "blocked access list" by the local library or local school board, based on the fact that our open access forums exercise no discretion in the subject matter that's allowed? Especially since we apparently promote geocaching, and this website, as a fun family-orited activity? Now, as far as the "back room" forums, for members only, then yes, I agree that more of the burden should fall onto parents to monitor what activities their kids are engaging in, and exposed to. And the fact that it requires a paid membership (and kids or others may not even know the off-topic even exists, without joining...), I think allows an even higher level of parental control (since someone's going to have to allow their credit card to be used for the payment). And yes, if parents at that point don't exercise more control over how their money, or their kids allowance, is being spent....then yes, we can't be held responsible if a kid wanders into the "back room" of our off-topic forum and gets an earful... I mean, adults just should know better, and that the "front porch" (i.e. our open access forums) is a place for more politeness, civility, and discretion. but, that's just my opinion.....
  15. I dunno....do y'all really think this is appropriate subject matter for the open forums, where anyone (or their kid) just wandering by with a curiosity about geocaching might inadvertently wander into this thread.....don't you all think a coversation with this level of "familiarity" , might be better moved off the front porch, and back into the off-topic forum....? just a thought......
  16. oh, let's see, I was born in 1957, so, let's see....carry the one...no,no, that's not right, put that one back....no,no, that's right, carry the one....now, where did I put that one..... (it's h*ll gettin' old....can't remember where you put stuff....then when you do find it, can't remember why you were lookin' for it ......) now, where did I put that cache........
  17. sure, that'd be great, but just so you and I are on the same page - the only reason I'd be volunteering to help the Sax event with planning and pulling off their Sax event, is because it would allow me the opportunity to then also plan to hang out with you and your crew to do some hiking and caching. y'know? If the geocachers (i.e. you all) decide not to participate in this China trip for whatever reason, then I'm probably not going either. so, I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. so, are you (geocachers) for sure doing this, or when will you make a firm decision, you think? but, yes, if we have a good idea of where we'd be going, then we should correspond with some folks in China and start "recruiting" some new geocachers over there (both to plant caches apriori, and to maintain the caches after the trip). Probably scope out and start posting to existing webboards, that we're looking for Chinese mainland nationals to work with us on this caching project - someone mentioned a backpacker.com forum in another post - so websites like that? The Chinese universities might be another place (dept of environmental sciences, or tech-related depts?). just thinking out loud here.....
  18. seriously, if you do pull this together for a reasonable cost per person, I'd be interested to tag along, although I don't play the sax, but I will help with support logistics if needed...(running a project team here at my work is sometimes described as trying to "herd cats", so I think I can help keep your sax-players rounded up for a photo shoot...) so, please do keep posting here as the planning for this event proceeds? just an fyi, I think travel in China is still somwehat restricted for non-nationals, outside of the major tourist destinations. You'll be okay if you're just planning Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, via group tour arrangements. But, it's not like you can just get a Eurail pass and head out to see the country on your own -- they won't let you do that. The US State dept website posts travel advisories (which are a good idea to heed....), and travel requirements, such as immunizations required to get back into the US after you've been in a foreign country, and whether a given country requires just a passport, or a passport plus visa (I think China requires both). Visas may take some time to apply for and get approved (6 months to a year in some cases, depending on the embassy office you go through), so give yourself plenty of advance planning time. And with a country like China, where travel is restricted, and "additional expenses" are to be expected as routine "cost of doing business" (and it's pretty common practice there), then it really is a good idea to work with an established travel agent, if possible. this sounds like great fun! I hope it all comes together!
  19. and p.s. to GPSax, If you really can pull this off for 2006, for under $1,000 per, then count me in, but frankly, you ain't gonna do it for 1K, no way, nohow...... and p.p.s. to GPPSax, I don't blow the sax, or anything else, but I do know how to stand on a Great Wall and pose.....
  20. hey, what's your point? you makin' a point there? what's your point?
  21. yeah, you know what they say.....the only thing constant is change..... (and who are "they" and why do they keep saying those things....?) hey, but since you do apparently live in Seattle, and while you're waiting for your cache drive to uncrash........have you visited the music experience thing next to the Space Needle? I visited it this past summer, and it was excellent - very smartly done (but some of the "learning" you'll experience there is very subtle and insidious, so beware....)
  22. I met a bunch of new friend geonuts when I was travelling last month - I posted to their regional forum, told them I'd be in the area and would they let me know if anything was planned, etc.....they came and rescued me from my hotel and took me out for an entire day of fun fun fun (hi kids - miss you!)....And! they even returned me to my hotel afterwards! sweet!..... couple weeks ago, I met even more of these geonuts (i swear, the planet's crawling with 'em....), at our local CITO event.....after the trash pickup in the a.m., we spent the afternoon caching caching and more caching. I hadn't thought about okie's idea for setting out a trap.....but it does have a certain appeal......
  23. oh yeah, I'm definitely a forum-fly (the geo-equivalent of a bar-fly, only much more wholesome.....well, most of the time....)....and my geocaching is primarily done vicariously....through you all.... and I make no apologies for spending more time in the forums than out in the field.....hey! I'm a people-person......
  24. Someone pass the Windex....I need to clean the Diet Dew off my monitor! LMAO!!! yeah, my "good angel" tells me to never make fun of people's physical attributes, but I gotta admit, LOL.... Bad Auntie! Wicked Auntie! (....do it again, weasel, do it again.....)
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