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  1. My 64S has been doing a lot of funny things lately (funny weird, not funny ha-ha). I have the latest firmware according to Garmin Express, but I think it might be corrupted. Is there a way to force Garmin Express to update the firmware anyway?
  2. In GSAK, I use "GPS" -> "Send Waypoints" with my 64S. All of the caches are in a GGZ file in the GGZ filder. All of the child waypoints are in the POI folder in separate sub-files. On the unit, they are in "Extras", with each type in a separate sub-menu. I looked at the Garmin Export Macro but decided that Send Waypoints already does everything I need it to do.
  3. You can make this work. If you "Refresh" these caches, GSAK will flesh them out with with all of the normal cache information. Limited to 6,000 per day, of course.
  4. I stand corrected. Haven't looked at that in a while. Apparently, any iPhone or Android that uses Google services is required to have an electronic compass. Should have Googled that 45 minutes ago.
  5. Return the 64ST and get a 64S. Load it with free OSM mapping and use the money you save to pay for 2-3 years of premium membership.
  6. Most smart phones do not have a compass. Direction is determined by the changing of your position.That dial you see is just a direction indicator. As the satellites go in and out of view, the calculation of your position can change by thirty feet. When you're away from your destination, you don't notice the error. When, you get close, and the position of your destination becomes more important, that same error is still there. Some software averages the position so that you don't see the radical changes (kind of like the oil that a compass needle floats in). Not much you can do about it besides putting the phone down and looking. Some handheld GPS units have magnetic sensors. They still have the same positional error, but they stay oriented in the correct direction.
  7. You may have corrupted firmware. Try reading this discussion, especially post #12. Hope it helps. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=284131
  8. You can just get a new map from OSM. Move the old map to your computer and copy the new one to the Nuvi. Reverse when you return. You could do a route map for the trip. I use the OSMs on my Oregon. It reverts to the base map when you leave the detail area. I think that's what the Nuvi does but I'm not positive.
  9. 1. Search in the easy places first. Save the brier patch/cliff/top of the tree for last (unless it's got a high terrain rating). 2. If you're looking at your GPS, you're not looking for the cache. Put it away when you get near GZ (Ground Zero). 3. Cache coordinates are two dimensional. Do not forget about the third dimension. The cache might be up in the air, and it might be under where you're standing.
  10. I would recommend just getting a bike computer. The GPS is not that accurate when it comes to recording distance traveled, especially when your course has few straight segments. The "problem" that annoys me about the jump to the new fix is that the connecting track line is shown on the display. It doesn't annoy me enough to do any thing about it, though.
  11. How do you copy the results into the GPSr folder? I only see a way to download as waypoints. Use the "GPX File" button for a single cache and copy the file to the X:\Geocaches directory on the GPS. For a PQ, unzip the file. Copy the first GPX file to the X:\Geocaches directory and copy the second GPX file (the one that ends with WPT) to the X:\Waypoints directory.
  12. Definitely try a new browser. If you can't get Magellan Communicator to work, just save the cache as a GPX file and copy it to the GPS manually.
  13. The GC is a very good PDA. It will hold 10k caches, all you have to do is copy the GPX files to the proper directory. It is weak as a GPS, however. It makes an excellent back up. Magellan's service and support is cyclical, ranging from mediocre to very bad. It appears that they are heading for another very bad period.
  14. Says Roman...from his computer. I've noticed that there are many posters on the forum who have MANY more Forum Posts than Geocache Finds. I've noticed that there are many posters on the forum who pay a curious amount of attention to other people's profiles. They are just one click away.
  15. To me, the order is more important than the date. I would stick with one time zone for a continuous period of caching, regardless of which time zone that I was actually in. I don't use a phone to log, so I have some control over my on-line log. If you did it differently, it would not bother me at all.
  16. Says Roman...from his computer. I've noticed that there are many posters on the forum who have MANY more Forum Posts than Geocache Finds.
  17. I agree (though I too might choose a different word than "exploit"). I also think that discretion might be the better part of valor in this case. The promotion has been around for over a year. The City Manager is on board and those businesses probably have a lot more political power than all of the geocachers in the area put together. If the OP has 150+ caches, it would not be the end of the world for her to move or archive a few of them.
  18. They count warm bodies, not geocaching accounts. Luckily for me, there is an annual mega only 66.6 miles away. I was there the first year it was a mega and observed the Groundspeak auditors. My total distance is 81,144 miles. The average distance to my 4259 finds is 164 miles. (I travel a lot.) It's amazing what statistical tangents that we can fly off on.
  19. The file should be in the X:\Garmin\GPX directory, where X is the drive letter for either the card or the unit's internal drive. If it's in the right location, try turning off the unit, removing the card, turning the unit back on until it completes the entire startup, turning the unit off, re-inserting the card, and restarting the unit. Always check the unit to make sure that the geocaches got properly indexed into it.
  20. Possibly the cache page was rewritten after this post, but I don't see anything deceptive about: Well I did state that deception was only my opinion. "tell them that you are going to the cemetery" conveniently leaving out of course that you're going there to find a little green box for a goofy internet game, is the deception. IMO, as I say. A variation of "don't ask, don't tell"?! You don't have to tell them the truth, but you better not lie to them.
  21. This person really has a double personality problem... It is the same BRAZILIAN FORUM MODERADOR that in another topic was accusing me of lying and being dishonest... Now he comes here, with his geocaching name (not is Forum Moderator name "Rui de Almeida") and be all sensible and understanding and full of... Come on man, you cannot please greeks and trojans, take a stand and stop using different accounts according to your needs! The prior posts (60, 61 & 62) suggest burnout as the diagnosis. Your post here shows you're on fire. Any thoughts? "Some people say to fight fire with fire. I think the Fire Department uses water." Steven Wright
  22. You need to convert the DD.ddddd to DD MM.mmm. To do that, just multiply the .ddddd by 60, which will give you the MM.mmm. 0.96782 x 60 = 58.0692. 39.96782 degrees is equal to 39 degrees 58.069 minutes.
  23. The only thing that I can think of is a problem with the data cable. I have a couple that function well as power cords but will not transmit data.
  24. For some unknown reason, the GC gives LOC files higher precedence than GPX files, meaning that it will overwrite a newer GPX file with an older LOC file. Follow G-G's advice and delete everything out of the Geocache and Waypoint directories and start over. If you can't get the Magellan Communicator to work, just use "GPX File" instead of "Send to GPS", then copy/move the file to the Geocache directory manually. I use Google Chrome and haven't had any problem other than the pop-up that wants me to reinstall Magellan Communicator every time I try to use it.
  25. I never carry a paper map but keep a magnetic compass in my geocaching bag. I always know my Panic Azimuth.
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