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  1. come on, that would come in handy if your canoe leaked It was one of those itty bitty newer style of tampons. Totally useless for the canoe. lol Yeah but that could be used as spare nerf gun ammo!
  2. This had creepy written all over it (sorry).
  3. You could try GCY00X which is a portal to europe. Its in sand point which has a lot of neat caches to check out while you are there.
  4. I keep trying to add my friend and all it does is send her a message, not an actual request.
  5. I found an unloved cache. Its coords were way off, filled with rainwater and just left there. I messaged the CO and asked if she wanted it anymore and she signed it over to me for adoption. I got a new container, logbook and swag put it back in place. Then I took better coods and put them online. Its called leaf me alonge if you'd like to read the logs.
  6. How much do ammo cans usually run? Also what other cheap (but good) containers are out there?
  7. Don't get the geomate. It is only does pre loaded caches so you can't upload any new until the updates come out. Its a pain in the butt.
  8. CIBCO- Cache In Beer Cans Out Because all the trash I seem to find in the woods is beer cans. And light beer at that. Littering sissies.
  9. I have a tendancy to find lighters in the woods. I suppose its a good thing I take them before some little kid or crazy person does lol
  10. I'm watching a program on Hurricane Katrina and it occured to me that a lot of caches probably ended up getting destroyed. Did any make it without having to be replaced?
  11. I like to walk up to em and just ask if they are geocaching and then turn it into a team effort if I haven't found it yet. Other times I just chat and let them find it for themselves.
  12. I personally would not touch any of that stuff. I would call my local police's non emergency line and let them know of partying and drug use. They can probably get if cleaned up. Just tell them " I was out geocaching (most police know what it is) and on the way I found a lot of drug needles and empty alchohol containers. This concerns me because I don't want my kids to see this when they go out caching" then you probably will have to give good directons about where it was. You can give coords if you have them, law inforcement and medics can use GPS in plenty of areas.
  13. Just a tip with pill containers- they tend to leak after a while. If you take pills often (I know how that is I get backaches) you will have enough stock to replace them.
  14. I think try to find a large cache like Edith Large cache, Not another micro or extra medium. I'm half tempted to self promote but I don't think my caches are milestone worthy lol. I also think you might want to go for the APE.
  15. < Is a lesbian Yes, I am a chick. I now the name Danny probly throws you all off quite a bit.
  16. Being from Utah, if I let mormons bother me away from a cache, I'd never get any finds... I don't see why it matters if they were mormons or perceived by you to be mormons. No offense was meant, it just amused me that instead of knocking on my door they appoached me in a park. They had their badges on that had the name of a nearby mormon church. Its funny cuz it was random, not because they are mormons.
  17. I got this- http://maps.google.com/maps?client=hp&...sa=N&tab=wl Incase it does not work, it is in Keysville Virginia.
  18. I double check everthing before I leave my house. Being a bus rider means hours of back tracking or doing without.
  19. To move it somplace it wants to go. If I can't go there or make a dent in the distance I will just discover it.
  20. Everyone has had the experiance of "WooHoo! I found it!" "Oh... wait, where is my pen?" Or on the way to the cache your all "GPS, check. Boots, check. Pokey stick, check. Pen, .... darnit" So how to you find a writing untensil in a pinch? One time I ended up getting a golf pencil at a Washington state lottery kiosk in a nearby store whilst on the way to a cache where I did not have my pen.
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