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  1. Put a camera inside the cache that stores images remotely. If you put his "peeture" on the internet I doubt he would be very happy.
  2. If you thought Oxy acetylene welding is hard, wait until you try out TIG! For art design, TIG is the way to go. Was a welder for 10 years. Shhhh, dont tell anyone. OAW is the first thing I learned. It is my one of my favorite kinds of welding actually.
  3. If you don't care for it, just don't seek it. It's a bummer when there are a bunch of lame micros but don't waste your time getting grumpy over it. Enjoy the game You have 2 options- Plant some awesome caches for others to find Seek out caches you actually want to
  4. I have some outdoorsy friends so I offer to take them caching sometimes. I suppose just make it fun for everyone. Make sure to bring snacks and choose locations that are fun for your seekers to find. Also don't snatch up the catch first and be a killjoy. If you always find it super fast and spoil it this can be a letdown for your fellow cachers. Just stand back and let them search mabey drop a hint to help them learn geosense. Sorry if that was a random tangent. Those are just some things I have noticed.
  5. Oxy Acetylene welding/cutting SMAW "stick" welding FCAW and GMAW are what I am most skilled with. Sadly no TIG yet but that is what I will learn in the fall. Hopefully I will be good at it since it is similar to Oxy acetylene.
  6. I am currently in school to become a welder. When I go back in the fall I will have access to a full welding shop. I want to make some kind of really cool cache by welding but I am not sure what I should make. What have/would you make ?
  7. I wish there were some like this in King County WA. With so many serial killers in our state you'd think there would be some cool true crime/murder mystery caches but I have yet to find any
  8. It looks like it might be a water thingy but to be sure I would call the police. Jugding by the pitting on the right side it looks like it has been there for quite some time.
  9. Sick means cool ( think its weird but whatever) Ex- Sick car bro!
  10. Ugh. It looks worse than "GPS the movie" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0464006/
  11. PNG's can be a good thing if done properly. There are some places that you can park your car at a scenic overlook. In cites one can hide a micro near some art, hotel (for TB trades) or historical building. On top of that these places are easy for people who are physically disabled to get. I do agree that there are a lot of boring PNG's out there though.
  12. If that is the case, and I know I am being filmed that is fine. If I am filmed without consent I am going to assume it is a pervert cam and will be dealt with as such.
  13. I would be kinda weird-ed out. I don't want to be on camera while in the woods. I would assume said camera belongs to a pervert trying to watch people in the woods and act accordingly. If I am filmed without my permission the camera will be smashed to smithereens and thrown in a dumpster. Plus what would you see? People poking around in the underbrush and people "watering" the trees? Why the heck would you want to film that?
  14. What is your favorite kind of swag? Coins from foreign countries. What is your least favorite kind of swag? Broken or rusty crap. Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you MAD? Yes. It was one of those you are going to hell religious things. It was disturbing and hateful so I tossed it in the trash. Did you ever find a piece of swag that made you really happy? Yeah. I found a magic card that I traded a big toy tiger for. What is the most unusually piece of swag you ever found? A slimy doll head. Anything you want say about swag. Once someone left jolly ranchers in a cache. I think the intent was innocent. It was summer and melted on the logbook. Way to go.
  15. GPS Cellphone (for emergency) Pocket knife Flashlight Walking stick Water Snacks Boots Pen Extra batteries
  16. Does this confuse or annoy anyone else? I often go to look up a puzzle cache and there is no instructions. I am not so much talking about the ones that are letters/numbers and you have to kinda guess till it makes sense. I am talking about the "Here is a picture of a bird, now figure out the coords" type puzzles. How is that even a puzzle? I think all puzzles should have some kind instructions or a decent hint.
  17. Even if it was clearly marked 18+ or NOT for kids, there is always a chance some kids are going to find the container while playing in the woods. I don't want kids finding alcohol/weapons/porn ect. It isn't right and it isn't safe. And why would I want someone's used porn, that is just gross. (and the internet is chock full of free porn)
  18. I miss seeing trackables. I think there was/is a trackable theif in my area I think that we should just proxy our trackables and then send them out.
  19. If you found it in poor shape, you still found it so you get to log it. Just be sure to do both "needs maintenance" and "found it" logs. If you didn't find it and you think it was missing or destroyed (Like the place where it should have been is now demolished or you found just the lid to the cache then post a "did not find" and a "Needs maintenance" log.
  20. Here is a decoder. Just copy/paste and you are set. http://www.rot13.com/ Knowing how to use the decoder hydrodis posted above is best in case you need to decode something in the field. If you are doing a puzzle that requires doing a lot of ROT 13 it can hurt your eyes after a while. Also if you are dyslexic the decoder works wonders.
  21. I always think of stealth as hiding in plain sight. I am doing nothing wrong so I don't really act like I am doing anything secretive. The most one could conclude from looking at me is that I am looking for something. The people watching me might think I lost something. If they ask I usually tell them what geocaching is. If I am in a hurry or don't feel like explaining I say scavenger hunt. I guess if a muggle caught me with a cache I would just explain what it is. I wouldn't want them to think I was doing something more suspicious (being college aged I might look like I am up to no good)
  22. Wanted to do the Redmond one but, it looks like I will have to wait.
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