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  1. I'm down to try to get that challenge. Its gonna be tough though.
  2. Ok so my Girlfriend wants to get into geocaching (I am a lucky fella ) and she has a droid. We got a free app called locus and it is a pain in the butt. Are there any easy free apps? Or can someone explain how to use this locus thingy? Thanks, DC
  3. Backpack Snacks/water Asprin GPS Pen TB's hat & hoodie Swag (not the kind those annoying kids talk about) Cellphone If its deep woods caching I add a first aid kit and sometimes a machete. Most of the stuff I do is in urban parks. I should buy small a first aid kit for all caching really :/
  4. Lock & locks are cheaper at the grocery store and hold up nicely. A lot of the items at REI are overpriced.
  5. I can't decide if they are cute or creepy. Kinda like em though.
  6. I admit to pulling one up. I tapped it to see if it was loose and it was so I pulled it out easily and it was already disconnected from any lines so I thought AHA! I brought it over to the car to open and real sprinkler innards came out. Oops. I put it back as best I could.
  7. I saw "GPS" the movie. Don't watch it, acting is terrible.
  8. Pee. I once opened a cache and the bag with the logbook had been peed in and the pens were floating. It was pretty gross.
  9. I found a cache in the woods and was getting ready to sign the log when 2 guys appeared. I turned to the side of the trail so they wouldn't see the cache and hassle me for cigarettes. They left me alone because they thought I was peeing in a bush
  10. Personally I don't care because stuff like that does not offend me. I'd just edit the logs and ask they re do it with asterisks or other words so others will not be offended.
  11. Mostly just cache for the fun of it and to explore. I do like to go for harder terrain when I can.
  12. It depends. If it was just the theme I would be okay with it. If it was a box of chick tracts and things trying to get me to convert I would take offense. I think it is okay to educate people about different faiths because understanding brings tolerance. However trying to force me to convert just makes me a bit uncomfortable.
  13. It annoys me when people don't say anything about a cache I take pride in. I don't care if someone goes up to one of my park and grabs and says something like TFTC. But when I take the time to hide a cache in a cool place I'd like to see them make an actual comment. Its not mandatory but its nice to see what people think about my caches. It makes me happy when people have fun finding them
  14. Around here TB prison's are more like chests that get ravaged by thieves.
  15. Make sure there is nothing on one of the battery contacts. My friend had a leaf go in there and block the circut.
  16. This is my answer to nettles. (Use gloves and eye protection and don't start hacking the tar out of them. If you swing like you are trying to kill them you will just make flying nettles)
  17. My name and the fact that I am addicted to Mountain dew or freshly brewed coffee.
  18. It could be a metal sword with no blade. They sometimes use those in theater and whatnot so I don't see why larpers wouldn't.
  19. I like being barefoot but there are just too many hazards.
  20. I'm 22. I cache with my friends who are 21 and 18.
  21. He crawled into a manhole for your entertainment. Imagine what could have happened if there was a flash flood?
  22. Garter snakes only. There are not too many snakes around here.
  23. Some people like the adrenaline rush. That is why sports like rock climbing and bungee jumping are popular among thrill seekers.
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