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  1. I don't want to collect all of them but if it makes you happy then more power to you. I am stoked that I can get one on my birthday later this month
  2. Getting stopped by a police officer was one of the worst hazards lol Falling in a creek and having to ride home pantsless. Countless thorns and blisters. So yeah, nothing too bad. I think the worst was scratching my belly up on some thorns. My poor belly
  3. Yeah lets all hide nanos in the woods instead! How about shotgun shell micros?
  4. I never used mine yet caching but I have used it to maintain an overgrown neighborhood trail.
  5. If they steal stuff from the cache drop a trackable in it and hide in the bushes with a camera and a can of silly string.
  6. There was one hidden in a library in Seattle. I don't remember the name of it but it was hidden with permission from the staff.
  7. I want to make a puzzle cache that you have to solve the puzzle by learning about different world religions. I wanted to do this to teach tolerance and respect for other people's personal beliefs. In no way would this cache promote any particular faith. Would this be with the rules of geocaching? Also how do you feel about seeking a cache like this?
  8. I blame the n00b hipsters with smartphones that don't know how geocaching is done.
  9. Well the Danny part is obvious. I like to brew my own coffee. Ironically I don't consume much caffeine anymore.
  10. They don't think about the consequences. Someone left jolly ranchers in a cache with the best intentions but it being 80F the got melty. At least I citoed them before the ants found em.
  11. I found one today. It was a glass jar wrapped in electrical tape. The same hider hid mass film cans too. I like their hides but they need an upgrade.
  12. You won't see the smiley on your map but the cache will still be in your stats once its archived. You will notice the archived ones appear in a dark red with a strike through and can still be viewed. Check your found caches list and you will see it there.
  13. Lol but in GTA if a cop stops you you don't have to explain what you were doing in those bushes. You can just jump on his motorcycle and speed off to the next cache!
  14. Mystery puzzles with no context and when people don't close lids properly.
  15. I'm sorry that this happened to you. You have every right to be uspet. However causing drama on the fourms and yelling in a large font isn't going to help. Its going to make you more frustrated. Contact groudspeak. They will make sure the cache is disabled because it is against the rules to put a geocache on private property that does not belong to the cache placer. If you feel that people vandalized your yard perhaps you should contact the athorites to find out who specifically vandalized and perhaps get them to pay for the damage.
  16. Normally when I use my GPS I the compass on the display screen is small. Sometimes when I use it the compass is randomly larger. For whatever reason this larger compass is woefully inaccurate and sends me in circles. I try turning the GPS off and on again and after a few tries I am able to select a cache, select go to, and then the compass is a normal size. How can I make sure the compass stays its normal size? What do I do when the compass randomly appears larger?
  17. I don't mind supporting the site but I agree PMO caches are annoying.
  18. Teach your kids to be stealthy or they don't get to go on treasure hunts. Not trying to sound mean, its how my GF gets her kids to settle down while we cache.
  19. I always have trouble with them. I look under the railings and in cracks. Is there some kind of trick to finding them?
  20. I once opened a cache and found the log pages all sticky with melted jolly-rancher. Thanks a lot guys.
  21. If it's my cache, ask for proof of their find. Just to make sure. If I am sure they cheated then I'd delete their logs and suggest they find it for real. If its not my cache I'd just roll my eyes that they are more amused by a number increasing than actually enjoying the journey.
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