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  1. I think they are awesome. Haven't gotten any myself but I plan to try. Even if I have to gather a few friends and rent a canoe I will do it. Where there is a will there is a way. If someone cannot get to it that really and truly wants to get to it they will figure it out. I don't own a car but I managed to get 305 caches so far using my feet, public transit and planning ahead with friends to go out and cache. Its not easy but I do what I have to.
  2. I picked up a tupperware that I thought was the cache and when I opened it up it smelled kinda *funky* I realized that it was someones pot stash haha.
  3. Sometimes I draw a bus if it is a big log book. I cache by public transit since I don't own a car. People call me bus cacher sometimes because I have gotten 305 caches without using a car. Not too many people can do that haha.
  4. I have found a good method for caches in alleyways and parking lots. Take one of those little ikea pencils and hold it like you are out for a smoke and playing with your "phone" while walking around (Be calm you want to seem like you are bored, not pacing and paranoid. Think chill and relaxed) Wait till you know pretty much where the cache is and when no ones looking make the grab! If you get caught "I dropped my lighter" is a good excuse Of course this only works for lpc's/benches/fence ends.
  5. I think certain people's paychecks should be unavailable.
  6. The one I released got stuck. From now on I will be making proxies should I want to release any.
  7. Amen brother. I think it would be cool if there were more "portal" caches. Would be difficult to maintain though.
  8. I think it is a mix of back to school and cold weather. When I go to campus I am usually pooped and don't do as much caching during the week as I would like to. I would assume this goes double for cachers who are grown but have kids they have to get off to school in the AM and home at night.
  9. A cacher in my area put out an ammo box filled with soda bottle preforms in it (Basically small tubes) for people to make caches out of. Each one of those is considered a "seedling".
  10. I do not own a car nor do I drive. All the caches I have found I either walked too, took the bus to or rode with a friend to get. Seeing as I have 300 in almost 3 years I think that is pretty impressive.
  11. If anyone knows of a portal to Alaska in King county that would be awesome. I'm also going to see if anyone at any of the events I am going to is planning a trip there and can take the lil guy along.
  12. My friend has a smartphone (Not sure what kind) and I have a garmin etrex. His is almost spot on with my GPS while my other friend's pantech phone is about 10 off from my garmin. If you have a friend with a hiking GPS I would search with them to test it out. If someone above has not mentioned before the GPS knows where you are by how you move through coordinate points so it does not always know which way you are facing when standing still. I would recommend getting a real compass for this reason. You can get some on Amazon for about 5$ a peice. Most compasses are fine as long as they don't have air bubbles or cracks so don't worry about getting a high end one.
  13. I'm happy to hear that she is doing better
  14. I think you are allowed a once free trial of premium for a month. You should try it and then decide.
  15. I think that a lot of mugglings are accidental. Landscapers might throw a cache away, kids might think its a toy that no one wants and take it home. Others are certainly intentional.
  16. I have a Garmin Etrex venture HC. Sometimes it randomly decides to enlarge the compass and that makes it quite inaccurate. I have tried turning it off, turning it back on, unselecting and re-selecting the waypoint to no avail. I even turned it off and pulled the batteries out and put them back in and tried again. How do I change it back to the smaller compass? Thanks!
  17. Kinda wanna ask him to find the one on the international space station just to see his reaction.
  18. I only place caches for all members. I would re consider this if it kept getting muggled.
  19. You can get a pick a brick cup at the lego store and get the specific parts you need if you don't want to take your son's lego. I would assume that kids would muggle a lego puzzle thinking it was unwanted toys so it would be high risk so hide it really well or perhaps on your property.
  20. Puzzles with no context Not closing lids Not covering caches Bad containers (made of glass/film cans)
  21. "In the ferns" There were 1000's of ferns
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