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  1. I am fairly certain that if you are filming in a public area that the people you are filming must be aware. I would feel creeped out if someone filmed me without my consent. I don't mind if someone posted that I was being filmed like they do at stores. I feel I have a right to know if I am being watched.
  2. I went looking for 2 caches with one of my friends and it was really hot and we could not find either one so we went to go find a Slurpee instead. Also 7-11 has loaded Doritos now that are like mozzarella sticks but with Doritos outside and cheddar inside. I think that fills my unhealthy foods quota for a while.
  3. I was caching in a park and I kept getting a creepy feeling while I was there. Near the entrance where there is a big ravine with a small creek. I did not feel in any danger or anything just very on edge and unsettled. I told my Dad about my experiance and he said that a body of a girl was found there in the 90's. I did a little research on it and this came up. http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Murder-conviction-upheld-in-teen-s-death-1149511.php Not sure if it was a coincidence or a bad vibe but either way it is creepy.
  4. Some people need to act like adult tattle tales to feel big and important. Low self esteem. There used to be this guy in my neighborhood who walked around with a German Shepard and asked me my name and if I lived in the complex. He stopped me several times on my way to the mailbox even after I told him I was an adult and that I lived there. I think he liked to harass me because I wear skateboard tees and hoodies plus I look young. I was never loud or destructive at all yet he liked to give me grief so he could feel like a big man.
  5. If I find it, I log it. One time I found a railing and thought gee this would be a nice place for a cache and I looked under it and I found a bison tube. Opened it up and it was indeed a puzzle cache. I signed and logged it lol. I wasn't even trying to strong arm it, it just kinda happened.
  6. More durable, less phone bill. I can get buy on 35$ a month phone and get enough talk and unlimited txt. I don't want to pay more than that because my needs are already met. All I use my phone for it talk, text and sometimes pictures. I don't need a smartphone nor do I want one. The gadgety things on them are kinda cool but not for the cost.
  7. I would say place it so you needn't step off the trail to get the cache or at least so you don't trod on the plant life.
  8. That bugs me too. As a college aged male I felt nervous asking a kid at the mall where her parents were when I was exiting a store and saw her all by herself. They were just around the corner but I was worried that people would think but the kid's safety came first. The parents thanked me for my concern and it was no biggie but it made me feel really uncomfortable.
  9. The worst is when people leave metal things in leaky containers and they are full of rusty water. Might just be a PNW problem but it still sucks.
  10. It just seems like something that the kids would probably find and destroy. That and for us geocaching fellas we would look creepy climbing on kids jungle gyms.
  11. I actually like the extra challenge. The only thing I dislike is when there are puzzles with no context.
  12. Well, she sounds hideous! You might ask this guy. He's been around a long time and knows what works... My clothing choice depends on what the weather looks like for that day. It's typically shorts and tshirts for most of the year. The most important thing for me is footwear. Comfy tennis shoes or perfect for most every outing. That's cuz I'ma guy
  13. I would like to black out all the difficulties and days of the year if I can. I also want to do 50 multicaches. I am bad with puzzles so that might be a while. Honestly find numbers entertaining, not important but fun to see how I can rack em up.
  14. *wraps self in camo tape* You can't see me!
  15. Whenever I take anyone caching especially kids I tell them it is the thrill of the hunt and the challenge of exploring that is the real fun of geocaching. Its not all about the material prize. Sometimes its a nice view, or finding that tricky micro or a clever multi. Sure for kids it is fun to get something out of the find but it isn't always necessary.
  16. I always read them. As long as they don't give away the hide I like them.
  17. If no one mentioned it before, I would add a date/time stamp. Just in case something happened. No one is going to know how long the notice has been there for otherwise.
  18. Ammo cans for the WIN. Lock and locks are a close second.
  19. I like hearing stories people have finding my caches. I just don't like it when they give away too much info.
  20. I always google map them so I can see and not accidentally walk into someone's yard.
  21. Should be optional. It might make some people crazy but it could be helpful to others.
  22. If it is safe and you know what your are doing go for it. Keep your wits about you though and if you have to do a lot of climbing try to take some classes on rope climbing safety.
  23. It the new dating for geocachers event. Meet local cachers in your area NOW! (JK, Its 4am and everything is funnier than it actually is)
  24. I don't drink much caffeine anymore but I do like tea. So I suppose its somewhat revelent. I am also hyper enough without caffeine or sugar
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