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  1. Okay so what is bugging me is there is no easy way to delete a geocache from my GPS. I know what the names of the caches are but when a cache gets archived I can't look up get GPX (and doing so is kinda a pain) What is the easiest way to go about clearing out just the caches I don't need? Thanks!
  2. Seems so needlessly complicated to delete everything and download it again. You'd think there is a better way that would be available to everyone if GPS units want to compete with smartphones.
  3. I can't figure it out besides going in and deleting the GPX files. Normally I do this and its no biggie but one of the caches I need to delete is archived and I can't seem to look it up to tell which GPX file is the right one. I tried waypoint manager and that doesn't work. Anyone got a solution? Thanks!
  4. Yeah someone put jolly ranchers in a cache and they melted. I got to them in time to throw them out but it could have ruined the cache!
  5. I think part of it is kids not understanding what is trash and what is treasure. I found a stick in a cache today which I tossed aside. It was inside of the logbook bag so it had to be on purpose. I wish people would put nicer things in caches and seal the lid properly. I don't often trade for swag but I know that it is a draw for some people. I just enjoy the hunt. Swag is just a bonus.
  6. Would be a good idea to make that more clear. (Just some feedback, not trying to nitpick or be cranky)
  7. Ahh I didn't know that I needed to be. Is there any way to become a premium member without it auto-renewing itself though?
  8. Getting back into caching so a month of free premium would be very helpful, please and thank you. I was debating getting it, but the auto-renew makes me wary.
  9. Not sure if it counts as lurking but my old GPS died and I got a new one. Its been some years. Found some caches this week and I gotta say it's good to be back!
  10. My goal is to at least get the phoenix. Seeing as I am getting back into the game it's metaphorical in a way
  11. Asking for a friend Looking for ones that give cool icons, particularly ambulance themed but we wanna see what is out there.
  12. Is there any kind of video tutorial on this? I used to do this stuff by hand back in the day. I have no idea what to do here.
  13. I downloaded the Garmin Communicator like it asked me and I get the following error. I have Garmin express. Is it broken or am I just missing something? All I would like to do is be able to add caches into my GPS quickly as I am returning to Geocaching after a long hiatus and don't remember how to do that. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  14. You can if you just sit down and feel under the bench when know one is looking or kneel down and look around. The latter just looks like you dropped something.
  15. I found one of mine but that is because I found it before I adopted it.
  16. No, you don't sound old at all. But you do sound like you haven't seen the combo of a Samsung S5 combined with a Lifeproof brand case (you use the phone while in the case). The only smartphone I ever handled was my friend's droid. I could not press the tiny buttons and I was like uhh you may have it back. Haha its probably for the best, if I had a smartphone I would be playing on the internet constantly. So I suppose its mostly by choice I don't have one. I'm not anti-smartphone, I just prefer other devices.
  17. I think its all the McCondos going up in my area *sigh*
  18. Dunno about you but seeing all the smiley faces on the map feels very rewarding in itself. I used my brain and my strength to find all those happy faces
  19. I see more and more people with smartphone apps than actual GPS's. Even if they are accurate I'd like to see these flimsy phones get soaked and dropped and still work properly. I probably sound like an old man.
  20. I have cached in the snow but I do not drive if I don't have to. Even if I or whomever I ride with is a good driver chances are some dodo bird with get stuck or crash and we will get stuck behind them. Washington drivers do not know how to drive in even 2 inches of snow.
  21. Only the best most water proof materials. Sticks and bubblegum
  22. I know the Seattle adventure is still happening so is the street fair still going on today? If so how long does it last?
  23. I know most online fourms have a limit of 13+ so I would thing geocaching is the same. Though I would think parents can log their kids finds and keep the acct info for them when they get older.
  24. Okay so nowhere on this is an adress. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC4CPG0_2014-geocaching-block-party I get that it has coords but I am not the one driving so I am going to need the address. (when I punch the coords into google it gives me a random burger place which is making it very confusing to the driver haha ) Also we need to find a place not too far to park for the day.
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