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  1. Not him either,but he is also a Blue Bull and plays in the backline.
  2. He made his debut for the boks this past weekend against Italy.
  3. Unfortunately not Lambie or Engelbrecht...
  4. Okay, keeping the questions in the sports category: Jack Slater, a Springbok who played three tests on the wing for the Springboks, is the great grandfather of which current Springbok rugby player?
  5. I think the answer would be: Never?
  6. Our top extreme caches are: 1 - Bat cave (GC1F9T2) 2 - All the ones (GC2F1Q9) 3 - Curse of the FTF # 12 - Gauteng - (Lobola) (GC3YY8J) 4 - FORT-ITUDE (GC1G8RB)
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