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  1. Hi Danie,


    I have mentioned it before, but I really do love the stats. I try to visit the site as often as possible to see if there are any updates. Again, from my side, thank you for all the effort and time that you put into generating the stats.


    How can I see what the 10 or 15 oldest active caches in South Africa are? Is it possible to find it on Project GC?

  2. Thanks Danie, maybe "miserable" is not the correct word to use.. :huh:


    One of the reasons I like caching in the winter months is that the "natural camouflage" is a little less when you are searching for containers in trees and fields (with the exception of the western cape of course). The other one you mentioned is that in the inland, the warmer winter days is actually quite pleasant for caching.

  3. Thank you very much for all the stats Danie, I really enjoy reading through all of it.


    I am not sure if I reading some of the stats entirely correctly, but it seems that caching activity does not significantly decrease during the colder (more miserable) winter months?


    Could you perhaps runs stats on the finds during the different seasons of the year?

  4. Cincol has got it - Canda and USA it is.


    September 24, 1844. The first ever International cricket match was played — between United States and Canada in New York. The game that started on this day is believed to be the first ever sporting contest of any kind involving rivals across international borders.


    Canada batted first - scoring 82 and then 63.

    America could only manage 64 and 58 runs and thus Canada won the match by 23 runs.

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