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  1. I am ok with premiums for certian occasions, but I am also ageanst them. I think it's ok to make a golden ammo can a premium, so new cachers don't steal them. I have had a few experinces with brand new cachers stealing my caches. Most new cachers won't become premium right away. Premiums 9in my opinion) should be reserved for very special caches. Good questions

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  2. Hello Everyone! Once again, I am back with another question (I'm starting to feel like I'm spamming the forum; let me know if I am ?) Anyway, I was wondering if HQ is ever planning on bringing back webcams or virtuals. I am aware of virtual rewards, but I mean bringing them back for good. I was looking at the forum posts about New caches, and it doesn't really sound like any new types will be made. Will Groundspeak now concenterate on grandfathered caches? I realize that they were grandfathered for good reasons and this is supposed to be a permenant movement, but They "broke the rules" for virtual rewards, would they go back on this choice? Thanks! Dennis

  3. I contacted Geocaching HQ and they said that they do not provide Wherigo tecnical support and they told me to ask the forums. I have spent almost an hour trying to get it to work. I am almost positive  that this a glitch or that I am not as smart as I think? 


    Thanks for the help everyone! Have an awesome Labor day Weekend!!!


  4. Hi again everybody! I am having some trouble with changing the starting coords on my Wherigo. The reviewer said that I had the Wherigo starting in London England.:laughing: Anyway, I went to the listing on Wherigo.com and went to the "Edit Details" section on my listing. I saw that I had accidentally made it a start anywhere Wherigo. I un-checked the box that said make this a start anywhere Wherigo. Instead of seeing a box as usual to enter the new starting coords, nothing came up. Once the box was un-checked, I hit the save cartridge details button and Checked to see if It worked, and sure enough, It didn't. I tried re loading the page, doing it again, everything and nothing worked. I ended up contacting Geocaching HQ and they can't help me and instructed me to ask the forums.I am not sure if this is a glitch or I am doing something wrong? Thank you all. Have a good evening.

  5. Hey everyone! I was wondering how to archive a cartrige on Wherigo.com. I uploaded a cartrige and created a listing, but I had to make some changes to the cartrige and for some reason it wouldn't let me upload a new GWZ file. It kept on saying Wrong Local header signature: 0x41430A02. I ended up just creating a whole new listing and I downloaded the update version of the cartrige. Does anyone know how I can delete the old listing/cartrige? Thanks!

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