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  1. I am ok with premiums for certian occasions, but I am also ageanst them. I think it's ok to make a golden ammo can a premium, so new cachers don't steal them. I have had a few experinces with brand new cachers stealing my caches. Most new cachers won't become premium right away. Premiums 9in my opinion) should be reserved for very special caches. Good questions
  2. From my point of view, cachers may not log a DNF because they don't want to appear as unexperienced. I personally always log DNFs. I have monitered a few of my caches and I have noticed the same thing. You aren't the only one!
  3. Hello Everyone! Once again, I am back with another question (I'm starting to feel like I'm spamming the forum; let me know if I am ?) Anyway, I was wondering if HQ is ever planning on bringing back webcams or virtuals. I am aware of virtual rewards, but I mean bringing them back for good. I was looking at the forum posts about New caches, and it doesn't really sound like any new types will be made. Will Groundspeak now concenterate on grandfathered caches? I realize that they were grandfathered for good reasons and this is supposed to be a permenant movement, but They "broke the rules" for virtual rewards, would they go back on this choice? Thanks! Dennis
  4. Hey everybody! I had a quick question that may be a little strange-Is geocaching HQ planning on doing Virtual rewards 3.0? I did not get a virtual reward last time and I was wondering if Groundspeak was going to do another one. Does anyone know? Thanks! -Dennis
  5. I contacted Geocaching HQ and they said that they do not provide Wherigo tecnical support and they told me to ask the forums. I have spent almost an hour trying to get it to work. I am almost positive that this a glitch or that I am not as smart as I think? Thanks for the help everyone! Have an awesome Labor day Weekend!!!
  6. This is the exactly what the admin said. I copied and pasted The message below: Hi again, I just downloaded the new cartridge and its now a play anywhere Wherigo and starts in London England. I doubt anyone over there will be able to find your cache.
  7. Hi again everybody! I am having some trouble with changing the starting coords on my Wherigo. The reviewer said that I had the Wherigo starting in London England. Anyway, I went to the listing on Wherigo.com and went to the "Edit Details" section on my listing. I saw that I had accidentally made it a start anywhere Wherigo. I un-checked the box that said make this a start anywhere Wherigo. Instead of seeing a box as usual to enter the new starting coords, nothing came up. Once the box was un-checked, I hit the save cartridge details button and Checked to see if It worked, and sure enough, It didn't. I tried re loading the page, doing it again, everything and nothing worked. I ended up contacting Geocaching HQ and they can't help me and instructed me to ask the forums.I am not sure if this is a glitch or I am doing something wrong? Thank you all. Have a good evening.
  8. Hey everyone! I was wondering how to archive a cartrige on Wherigo.com. I uploaded a cartrige and created a listing, but I had to make some changes to the cartrige and for some reason it wouldn't let me upload a new GWZ file. It kept on saying Wrong Local header signature: 0x41430A02. I ended up just creating a whole new listing and I downloaded the update version of the cartrige. Does anyone know how I can delete the old listing/cartrige? Thanks!
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