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  1. 16 hours ago, niraD said:

    I've seen webcams that allowed random visitors to the site to control where the camera points and how much it zooms in. Perhaps the webcam could be used to find a plaque or something with the final coordinates on it. So you'd have to point the webcam at the correct object and zoom in, which would tell you where the final is, and then you'd use those GPS coordinates to find the final.

    Wouldn't that be labled as a multi or a mystery?

  2. Hello Everyone! I had a quick question. I was wondering if it is possible to make a webcam Letterbox. What if I put a cache and a camera somewhere and said that the cache was in the line of vision from the camreas view? would that count as a "clue?" Thanks! -Dennis

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  3. No problem! That's what the forums are for, right? Groundspeak may do another round of virtual rewards, but they are more likely to give it to the cacher that has more experince hiding caches. If you are serious about getting a virtual reward, I would get dome more hides under your belt. Good luck!


  4. On 10/19/2020 at 4:57 PM, thebruce0 said:

    If the listing implies that the intended and proper way to the cache is to solve the puzzle, you could add on a side note that anyone who posts a Note to the listing with a selfie at the webcam will receive a hint.  But that means it has to be clear it's optional, someone not doing it can't have their find deleted, choosing that route means they could potentially wait a long time for contact from the CO with a hint, and even then your reviewer would still need be convinced it's an approvable idea.   But it's certainly an interesting way to get people possibly using a webcam. Technically, that doesn't even have to a webcam - do that for any very difficult puzzle cache. Could be a good alternative for unchallenges too.


    Might be interesting to see what TPTB think, if a cache in question has a ridiculous crazy puzzle, and ends up 500 Finds from people who've posted 499 Notes with webcam pics, and 1 person who solved the puzzle. Might raise questions about intent of the cache, legitimacy of the DT ratings, etc... Kind of like Liar caches. 


    I'll tell ya though, this is an interesting line of thought....

    I think we may be on to something :) I will contact my reviewer and ask if this is acceptable. 

  5. This is what I read. All credits go to The vinny and sue team for teaching me this.


    A note to the OP: While it is true that webcam caches have been eliminated as a cache type, it is still entirely possible, and in fact, quite easy, to place a webcam-involved cache as follows:


    Emplace a cache container at or near the area surveyed by a webcam of your choice, and list the cache as an additional logging requirement (ALR) cache, that is, as a "?" type, which is a category which subsumes ALR caches as well as mystery/puzzle caches. Then, on both the cache listing page and on notes in the logbook and in small cards which you will place inside a small ziplock bag inside the cache, you will explain that this cache is an ALR cache, and that the additional logging requirement is that anyone wishing to claim a find must not only sign the logbook, but must also upload to their find log entry on the cache listing page an image (a screen shot) taken from the webcam site of the finder standing at a specified spot within the range of the webcam. You see, the primary complaint about the webcam cache type was that the "caches" did not employ a cache container and did not require signing a logbook (in fact, there was no logbook to sign...), whereas the ALR approach described above neatly takes care of all these loose ends.




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  6. I think that Webcam rewards would be a great idea and I would love to see more webcams. However, Virtuals and webcams were grandfathered manly because geocaching should be about finding physical things. The problem with sites like Waymarking is that there is too many virtual caches. future webcams would further aggravate the problem. Nevertheless, I would love to see webcam rewards!

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  7. Hey everyone! I had a quick question. I was wondering why Groundspeak made it so that adventure labs don't show up on the map? I think that virtuals have one big advantage over adventure labs, They don't require a live app. If they were going to keep on doing this, why not have a live app for wherigos? I never would have known about them if my friend hadn't told me. This baffles me. Does anyone know why? Thanks! -Dennis

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  8. *Warning: noob question! Hey everybody! I was just wondering if it is possible to keep your own travel bug. I bought a stuffed Signal the frog and thought it would be cool if I purchased a TB to put around it's neck. I was planning on bringing it around to events. Can I do this? Thanks! -Dennis

  9. On 10/13/2020 at 1:19 PM, The Jester said:

    Oh, so when the lights flash and arms come down and a single engine passes, I don't have to stop because a "train" didn't go by? :D:P

    I Thought that this thread was supossed to be about admins disabling caches, not trains!:laughing: And yes, you should probably stop for a single locomotive. just one locomotive could take out a tank!

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