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  1. Even it there's not a 3.0 release, I wonder if Groundspeak would make it so you can download and play ALs on a Garmin.
  2. Hello everyone! I am making a GeoTour and I thought it would be cool to get some custom Geocoin/challange coins for a reward when completed. I made a really cool one that I liked but the price came out to be over $500 for 125! (not including the TB codes!) I know that custom coins (especially Geocoins) are going to be expensive no matter what, but does anyone know about a good website that I could get a lower price? Thanks! -Dennis
  3. I don't think so- I just recently added a banner on one of my new caches. I don't know how to help- sorry!
  4. I agree. If Groundspeak does another round, they should change the distrubuting method and give the rewards to areas that don't have very many virtuals. Too many virtuals are a problem, but a few here and there would be an awesome idea.
  5. No, I made it so that the cartrige directs the cacher to the final stage, a physical. I also listed the waypoint (that doesn't show the coordinates, just where it is) on geocaching.com
  6. Hello Everyone! I was just wondering if you think that cache crate is worth the money. Thanks! -Dennis
  7. I thought that it was a requirement to visit all listed waypoints besides for parking, points of interest, etc.
  8. Hello! On my Wherigo, at the end I added a cache that is listed as a waypoint and is required to be found in order to be marked as complete, but there have been a few people that did the cartrige that refused to do the cache at the end. If it is listed as a waypoint, shouldn't it be a requirement to be found? It's like finding the first stage of the multi but not the second stage and marking it as found. Shoudn't it be a requirement to find it? Thanks! -Dennis
  9. I personally think this kind of cheating- I wouldn't do this myself. Let's say your friend got a cool new corvette and out of jelousy you falsly report a non-existant expired inspection sticker to get it towed away. C'mon, man!
  10. Hello everyone! I had a quick question. For some reason, When I try to download certain certain caches onto my Garmin Rino 750, They don't show up. The only ones it won't let me download are the more "off catagory" ones such as the Signal locationless and the APE caches. Does anyone know why? Thanks! -Dennis
  11. I gotta get that one- first I gotta give my parents a reason to bring me to Sweden cause we're not the type that goes to Europe every weekend.
  12. My cousin is the announcer for the syracuse orange- maybe I could have a beacon cache where he would give the coordinates during the pre-game show or sompthing. Could I do that?
  13. Hello everyone! I created this topic for crazy things people do when geocaching. Have you ever seen "that guy" that finds that film canister walking backwards or does a handstand while signing the log? On a dare, I once brought my tuba with me while caching. at my friend's "suggestion". I'd be interested to hear what you have to say, so if you've seen sompthing crazy, pipe up! Thanks! -Dennis
  14. Hello everyone! I have been having a little trouble with my Wherigo cartrige. Some people can't download it at all while it works just fine for other people. I've noticed that a lot of the people that are having trouble are using android devices though. Can I please have some help? Thanks! -Dennis
  15. Does the Garmin rino 750 work with Wherigo?
  16. Couldn't I just say in the log that you needed to connect to XYZ's wifi?
  17. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers on creating a beacon cache. Is it possible to put a cache on a train or car? If so, what would I need to make one? I am not planning on making one anytime soon (maybe someday I will make one) but it may be cool to figure out how to do it. Thanks! -Dennis
  18. I liked the cache Mike's Falls (GC2ZM1H). It involved secret compartments, pistion doors and crazy puzzles. It was a awesome cache!!!
  19. I think I found a cheap one that is just what I'm looking for. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wireless-Security-Camera-System-Outdoor-360-degree-WiFi-PTZ-Camera-1080P-Full-HD-4x-Optical-Zoom-Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Night-Vision-White/422058022
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