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  1. I found a solution. When the window opened wanting me to download the plugin, I clicked on the [HELP] button at the bottom. It took me to a new screen where I selected the [WINDOWS DOWNLOAD] option. For some reason the file at this location worked flawlessly.
  2. I have been away from Geocaching for a while. I just got out my DeLorme PN30 to upload some caches for an upcoming trip. When I press the [Send to GPS] button, a new window opens up telling me a newer version of the download plug-in is available and I need to download the newer version. This window also offers plugins for Garmin and Magellan. I downloaded the newer version for my DeLorme, but when I go to install it, I get a message telling me I must close all browsers before plug-in will install, and that it appears I have Internet Explorer open. Here is the problem; I DON'T have IE or any other browser open. At this point I am unable to install the plug-in for my DeLorme. Does anyone have any ideas why this plug-in think I have IE running, and why it will not proceed with installation?
  3. I just had a new HD installed in my computer and am in the process of reloading software. I am trying to find the "Send to GPS" application for the DeLorme PN-20 on the geocaching.com website, but I can't locate the application. Can someone point me to where it resides so I can download it on my machine?
  4. I had a TB dropped off yesterday in Tahoe Nevada after being picked up in Columbia, TN. (TS123W). The Bug page only shows the fact it was retrieved and dropped off and where; no mileage, no map. I hope this issue is resolved soon; TB's are half the fun of caching!
  5. I don't know how I missed your reply Bluedeuce, but thank you for showing me how to fix it!
  6. I found the solution in an earlier posting. I am quoting it below. I do not know who gave this answer, but...............Thank You! "Wait until it's sitting in a cache. Retrieve the bug from the current cache - current date Post a note on the old cache - past date - and drop the bug. Retrieve the bug - past date Post a note on the current cache - current date - and drop the bug. Access both the current and old cache pages and delete your notes. It won't affect the tracking. Access the bug page and delete the retrieve and drop for the current cache. - this will make it so it show the last cacher was the one to drop it. That's it."
  7. Ok Stupid Question................ Just where will I find the Travel Bug Forum?
  8. Skippy the Wonder Dog. A 3 yr old Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mix. He is also a slacker at times refusing to go down into ravines. Big Sissy!
  9. I have a TB ( TB1P7DN ) that was moved by "Our 3 Sons" on Sept. 20th, from a cache called Bluebird ( GC166A5 ) and placed in a cache in Hawaii on October 4th, called Pu'aena Point Ponderings ( GC1F8XB ). This TB was then picked up on October 8th by "Drhaas" and moved to a cache in Wisconsin called Grandad Bluff Lookout ( GC1GTE7 ) on October 13th. Drhaas has logged that he did retrieve the TB and moved it to Wisonconsin. I contacted "Our 3 Sons" about logging the fact they had dropped it off in Hawaii. He repied and below is part of his message: ===============> "Sorry about the geocoin tracking. We actually did drop it off at Pu'aena Point Ponderings on 10/4/08 and when we logged it and marked it as a drop, we noticed the next time we logged on, it was still in our inventory. We went back and tried to edit our log and it just would not let us access it. Maybe the other cachers had already picked it up and that's why we couldn't access it??????? Anyway, sorry about the inconvenience and I hope that through your owners access you were able to fix the tracking so you can add the miles." ==============> Can anyone give me advice on how to log the fact this TB was dropped off in Hawaii, so my map accurately reflects the miles this TB has traveled? Thanks! Scooter38401
  10. I also got that email; funny how there is a bunch of discussion about this magazine and they make a public announcement. I wish they would have done a better job in keeping people informed; it certainly is easy enough these days to do with forums like this. I also got another email from them today; I like this one better: "Your credit card has been refunded $31.50 for your recent subscription to Geocacher Magazine as well as the gift subscription you purchased." Geocacher Magazine 550 W Plumb LN #444 Reno, NV 89509 www.geocachermagazine.com I honestly wish them the best; I hope they are able to make a go with a magazine devoted to Geocaching. If they had kept me better informed as to what was going on, and not made me do all the work finding out what the delays were, I most likely would still be on board with them ............... waiting ................... for that first issue ..................
  11. Well I lied; I decided to pull the plug yesterday (Friday) instead of waiting any longer. That is the nice thing about a credit card; they promptly refund your account and conduct an investigation after. I am sure American Express will agree with me and that will be the end of this matter. I had hoped I was supporting a legitimate publication here; and maybe their intentions are good; but until I see something from them, I am done with them.
  12. Well here it is almost mid April and this magazine has yet to be published. I signed up for a year for myself and a gift subscription for a friend of mine in early March. Every time I call their office to find out the status, all I get is excuses. The latest was a reply to an email I sent them about my growing frustration about not seeing any kind of anything from Geocaching Magazine. Elisika Arango told me I would be getting an email this week about the "Official" launch of the premier issue. How many months have they been advertising on forums for subscriptions? How much money have they collected from people? I paid by American Express, and if I do not hear anything encouraging from them by Sunday, I shall be contacting American Express and alerting them of a fraudulent charge due to product not being delivered. If any others have paid for a subscrition, you can reach them at 775-828-9915. Sometimes a man will answer, sometimes a woman will take the call. This phone is forwarded from time to time to the cell phone of the man that answers (I have talked to him while he was picking up his kids from school). I hate to bash people, but my gut tells me we will never see this magazine (Geocacher Magazine) come to publication.
  13. I refer to mine as "nose miners" or "ankle biters". Only during tax time do I refer to them as "refund enhancers". My dog is the only one who likes to go out in the woods geocaching with me so he is called "Skippy the Wonder Dog".
  14. My friend just bought a new GPSMap 60Cx for geocaching. His unit will be delivered tomorrow, and we are planning on going geocaching with him this Saturday. In order to make this a positive experience, I want to be able to have him loaded up with waypoints prior to him heading out with us in the pursuit of smiley's. I have some questions around getting the cache waypoints loaded on his unit. I have GSAK and am a premium member of geocaching.com (which I suggested he needed to join). I see the unit comes with waypoint management software, but I read somewhere that it is not very good. Is this true? Can waypoints be loaded to the micro SD card? Will the gps see them there? What is the best way to get a large quantity of caches loaded into the unit? I appreciate any help I can get on this. Like I said, he is new to this, and I want him to be as well prepared for the search as I can. I have a GPS V and a DeLorme PN-20 that I use, so I am of no help in the matter without your input. Thanks!
  15. Abby; I also use this method. I use a Nuvi 200W to get me nearby and then either my DeLorme PN-20 or my GPS V to bring me to the cache. Sometimes the auto route will not pick the best choice to get near the cache, but as was suggested earlier, study the Yahoo maps before and you should keep those kind of things to a minimum.
  16. I am a very satisfied owner of a gpsV and have just this week ordered 3 StreetpilotC330 units for our children and my wife's automobiles. I am wondering though that since these are automotive units, how do I download waypoints of my own creation to the unit? I use Mapsource for loading maps to my gpsV, and I use GSAK for handling the geocaches and waypoints of my own creation. I see the c330 has a sd card slot. Do I load these waypoints to a sd card then stick the card into the c330? Will GSAK do that for me, or do I need some other software? I do not intend on using the c330 for geocaching, but I do have alot of waypoints I have created over the years.
  17. Hi all; I am getting rather frustrated trying to use pocket queries. I set them up to be emailed to my email as listed in my profile, but they do not show up. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I use Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2, and Norton Anti-virus. Thanks; Scott
  18. This question has probably been asked before, but is there a way to bring up the caches in my town by distance from my home coordinates rather than from the center of town? I have my home coordinates logged in my profile, but don't see any option to list them from closest out from my house.
  19. If I am understanding Garmin's web site; the last firmware upgrade for the V ( version 2.5) was made in 2003. Is that correct?
  20. After talking with Garmin service today, they are sending me an entire new GPS V Deluxe package via next day delivery, complete with new MapSource software! On top of that they gave me a phone number to call to have some shipper service come to my house and pick up my "replacement" GPS that is locking up [along with all software that came with it], to send it back to Garmin on Garmin's nickel. Now how is that for service? I say GREAT!!!!!!!
  21. I have emailed Garmin about a "free pass" with MapSource several days ago, but no reply yet. Me thinks I will be needin' to make another phone call.
  22. Well I unpacked my "new" replacement GPS V that Garming sent in exchange for my original V that just died on me. I loaded up my waypoints, a couple of maps, and 3 routes to get me to South Carolina from middle Tennessee. The next morning my unit screen locked up on me as soon as we pulled out of the driveway. The only way I could regain control over the unit was to open the battery door, and unplug the car cord. I was then able to power the unit back on and it seemed to be working alright. While travelling on I-40 towards Knoxville, I noticed my indicator arrow was never on the Interstate itself displayed on the screen. In fact the unit was saying I was travelling East towards I-40, and at times would tell me I was off course and recalculate a route to get me back to I-40. In the course of the next few days, the unit locked up on me 3 more times. I called Garmin Service, and talked to "Brock" who suggested I do a reset by holding in the zoom, quit and power on button. I did so, and things seemed to be alright although I was at times still being shown "off road". Well the unit locked up on me again today while in the mountains. Has anyone else had similar things happen to them? Can you share your experiences and solutions? I do believe this unit will be going back to Garmin along with my insistance that they send me a brand new repacement, rather than a refurbished or dealer buy back unit. This is beginning to get me riled up. I really like the GPS V when it is working right.
  23. That would work but would use up your second unlock so it wouldn't be available if you later want to get another unit like a 60c. Since Garmin replaced the GPS V they should supply you with a substitute unlock code. If it wasn't in the repair documentation I'd give them a call tomorrow and request one. Well too late on that one. I DID use my second unlock code, but will go ahead and call them this week to discuss this issue. I am glad to have seen how great their customer service has been in the replacement of my unit.
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