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  1. The Wessex NT team? If so, I could be described as such a person If you PM / email me some details I'll provide a contact & 'pave the way'.
  2. I have recently got myself set up with a PDA etc for paperless caching (amongst other things). IMHO the most versatile option is to go for a PDA with both SD and CF expansion slots. With the demise of the ever popular IPAQ 2210 (and its replacement, the 2110, being rather ££ at the moment), I went for the Dell Axim X5. I got a bundle with TomTom software and wired GPS (for a neat setup in the car). I have a 512 SD card with TomTom on and extra storage and a 1GB CF card which has Memory Map OS maps on for the South West and a couple of other areas as well as extra storage. Just had two days off work and spent them caching and found the set up fantastic. Decided on a cache to start the day and got TomTom to take me there, got Memory Map to show me the lie of the land when on foot for the final approach, wrote notes in GPXSonar whilst walking back to car, then consulted Memory Map to decide on the next cache and got TomTom to take me there. Am looking forward to being able to grab a cache whenever I am out and about due to not having to forward plan. I can dig out a few PDA webshops if it would help, people like Expansys and totalpda have bundles etc.
  3. I can change the log if required? Just thought it worth a mention in case children were present.
  4. Thanks both, thats got that sorted then
  5. You can knock one off the list, logged my first FTF yesterday It was GCMNKR belonging to Stonefisk. Had begun to think that living in Wiltshire I had no chance of getting a FTF, what with the RTB's et al about, so glad to get this one. Took a couple of days off work to use up my annual leave and managed 14 caches over the two days
  6. Had my first full days caching today (what better way to use a days annual leave ) and my first cahcning trip completely paperless, managed 9 between 10h00 & 15h00 which isn't too bad. Everything worked great, except GPXSonar. How do you add field notes? Also the search function doesn't appear to work. I search on a cache name and nothing?? Thanks.
  7. OK, I have figured out the MM option. Export from GSAK as a Maptech MXF file, upload into MM running on the desktop and then export that as a MM Overlay file (*.mmo). This mmo file is then recognisable by MM on the PDA. Now just for TomTom
  8. Have GSAK installed on my desktop and TomTom & MM on my PDA. GSAK has the option to create and save both TomTom and MM data files to enable caches to be shown in both software packages. I can create and save the files OK and have transferred them to the PDA in the way laid out on both software websites. However what I can't get wither package to do is recognise the files on the PDA? What am I doing wrong? I can get MM running on the desktop to recognise the GSAK file and show cache details, but not on the PDA.
  9. Royta Am just about to tackle the very same issue with mine, will let you know how I get on (or not )
  10. As an update to the date ranges posted above, I found that it was missing some caches. I only realised at GSAK stated I had only found less than half the number I have. Date ranges that seem to include everything; 01/01/00 - 12/07/02 13/07/02 - 14/02/03 15/02/03 - 15/06/03 16/06/03 - 20/10/03 21/10/03 - 25/02/04 26/02/04 - 01/05/04 02/05/04 - 29/06/04 30/06/04 - 31/08/04 01/09/04 - 06/11/04 07/11/04 - 15/01/05 16/01/05 - 27/01/05 TODAY
  11. Looks like I have it working. I installed an earlier 'Beta' version from the GPXSonar archives and it works. Not sure why the latest version didn't work as the PDA is brand new (like yesterday new) But a big thanks for all your help guys, should be a thread to provide some answers to anyone having problems in the future.
  12. Thanks for the help guys... However, still the same problems however I install it. I have had a look at the feedback forums on the GPZSonar site and one suggestion is to do a soft reset, this also has no affect. I'm stumped now
  13. Using a PC (new Dell) Axim is docked, turned on and Active sync is running and functioning correctly. Will try another reinstall.
  14. Ok, I have deleted the install from the PDA and have installed from the PC. Now getting a different error message, telling me some components are missing. I am copying the two files from the website into a directory and running the .exe file from there. Is this correct? Any more files needed? Thanks guys.
  15. Thanks for the response Its the version listed under THISlink, bottom right of page under the Links heading. I can't see any install instructions, so I am copying the files onto the PDA and then running the install. The icons make it look like it has properly installed, as does the directory structure under program files.
  16. Just trying to install GPXSonar on my new Dell Axim X5, however despite downloading the latest version and running PPC2003 I get an error message stating "GPXSonar is not a valid Pocket PC application" Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  17. Just trying to install GPXSonar on my new Dell Axim X5, however despite downloading the latest version and running PPC2003 I get an error message stating "GPXSonar is not a valid Pocket PC application" Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks.
  18. Just tried again from home this time and got to it straight away. Many thanks, off to have a read through with a beer
  19. Mark I am just getting myself set up with a PDA etc and wanted to read your Paperless caching guide, however it appears not to be available. Is it possible to email it to me? Many thanks.
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