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  1. Trimble supports the Curve from AT&T as the device has GPS built in. I have tried a Pearl without GPS and a bluetooth device. It appears to work but is not officially supported. I carry an AT&T Curve and I must say that I really like the device. Given that I try Geocaching with just about every phone possible, this one is at the top of my list. Larry (Trimble Outdoors) Just chiming in ... I have a Blackberry 8310 (Curve with GPSr) from AT&T (Cingular) running GN and it works like a champ!
  2. Boy ... could you imagine the mix of a hard-core geocacher in need of a cache fix with a family that never gets out of the house? -------- Personally, I will be looking forward to the episode.
  3. I think I've found this same issue ... but just in case I'll post the info here ... I am trying to look at the list of caches owned by a particular user (in this case, username: Lux). I navigate to his profile page and then click on the "Geocaches" tab. I get an error page stating: I've tried from a couple different machines (all XPsp2), and with both IE7 and Firefox and both fail exactly the same way.
  4. Did anyone ever get an answer to this? I went looking for the "other" thread mentioned, but couldn't find it. I'd really like the "old" PDF format under IE.
  5. Yep ... everyone here is having this same problem (those that aren't are using an ISP that doesn't do the inbound address verification yet). I posted a more technical analysis of it here. I also sent in a support ticket to Groundspeak but never heard anything back.
  6. You're having the same problem ... you can't fix it as it's a Groundspeak issue. Tell them to read this thread (I sent their support forum the same information, but heard nothing back so who knows if they are listening). About the only thing you can do is try sending your messages to a different email provider (not sure if Hotmail or Gmail are in the same boat or not).
  7. That's right ... those are sent from an email address other than the noreply@geocaching.com one, so they continue to work.
  8. I've been chasing this issue myself and I believe we have finally figured out where the problem is occurring. I believe it's a configuration glitch with the Groundspeak servers. Many inbound mail servers now do a sender address verification (to check that mail being sent to a user appears to come from a valid sender). It does this by opening an SMTP channel to the sending "domain" mail server (which in this case would be the mail servers for geocaching.com since the messages appear to come from noreply@geocaching.com) and attempting to issue a RCPT TO or VRFY command. Servers which support this ability will reply "OK" if the address is valid or reply with a rejection if it is not. Those servers that don't support validation will always reply "OK" (i.e. it doesn't do any check and will accept mail for any address and reject it later in the delivery process -- a source of another kind of spam redirection). It would appear that somewhere late last month, the address from which notifications get sent either changed or it got de-listed from wherever the server checks for mailbox validity. As such, recipient servers now reject the messages as follows: 550-Verification failed for <noreply@geocaching.com> 550-Called: 550-Sent: RCPT TO:<noreply@geocaching.com> 550-Response: 550 <noreply@geocaching.com>: Recipient address rejected: Blocked 550 Sender verify failed To resolve this issue, a dummy mailbox for this address needs to be created (which can just throw away mail sent to it) or the directory where mailbox validation is performed by the geocaching.com mail server needs to define the address noreply@geocaching.com as a valid address. As several have mentioned recent upgrades, I suspect that this mailbox either recently got deleted from the geocaching.com mail server or the mail gateway software for geocaching.com was upgraded to support this address validation capability (where it didn't before) and now this missing mailbox shows up as a validation error. For now, I've redirected my notifications mail to another mailbox hosted at a provider that doesn't do the inbound validation check, but hopefully someone at Groundspeak will get the message and understand what they need to do to fix the problem.
  9. Central Pennsylvania here ... I'd be glad to help. Email Sent
  10. The cache owner can move it for you as well. I've done this already after I had lost the bug number and the cache owner was able to easily locate and place the bug where it belonged.
  11. There's a local cache here that is done with a series of about 10 individually loggable and unique caches (in this case named after birds). Each cache contains a single digit number which needs to be recorded. Once you find all ten, you can then solve the coordinates for a final bonus "mystery" cache. The final cache is only logable if you've done all the rest, but each cache is logable individually for those that don't want to do the whole thing. I've also seen a local them using a "train" theme (cars on a train with information needed to solve the final coords for the "engine" cache), branches of the military (using various types of hardware, ranks, etc.) to solve the location of a final, and the old tried and true "solar system" cache with placement of the caches to scale relative to the planet locations to each other.
  12. It you "own" a cache, you use the "upload image" button which appears on the cache publishing page. When logging a cache, you can use the option to "upload an image" with any given log. Beyond that, there's no way to just load pictures into your account like a photo sharing site that I know of.
  13. If you've ever met and cached with CCCooperAgency, you'd know that she's just one step shy of having Starbucks hooked up on an IV drip (why else do you think she has a cache at just about every Starbucks in the local area) and that when out caching, sleep is an optional luxury. And budd-rdc ... I suspect if you'd extend an invite to her, she might just be crazy enough to show and go caching with you all. (I know she just got back from a couple weeks in Germany doing, what else?, caching).
  14. eTrex Legend in your pocket ... pretty sure you've likely lost satellite coverage. In that case, when it finally regains coverage, it may have appeared that you jumped a pretty good distance in a very short period of time. Keep the Legend out of your pocket ... get a handlebar mount or wear it around your neck (although I've lost signal that way too when the patch antenna isn't facing toward the sky).
  15. That advice is incorrect ... previously, when you changed your name via a rename of your account, this was true. However, that is no longer possible (as of about May of this year). Your only option to "change" your name now is to create a totally new account and re-log all of your caches. To answer the original question ... yes, you can log the cache and back-date it to the actual find date. I would note in your "find" that you are re-logging to change names and cite the name of the original find which you are replaced. If you're really concerned about keeping the find counts accurate for the owner, you should delete your original find after logging the new one (carefully copying the original "find" text to your new log).
  16. It's no longer possible to change your username. They locked that down back in May of this year. Your only option would be to relog all your finds under a new name. You've only got two logs and one cache, so it would seem to me to be quite easy to accomplish. Relog the two finds and then "adopt" your cache over to your new ID.
  17. I agree, a trimmed down or even dedicated purpose OS on the GPSr that could process a GPX or other form of GSAK extract with the cache writeups in them and allow navigating to read them as well as using the coordinates to "goto" would be an instant sell to every Geocacher.
  18. I use Mobipocket Creator (Free) on an HTML export from GSAK to create an eBook (you get errors on the images when it does the creation, but you can ignore those). I then use Mobipocket Reader (also Free) to read the eBook on my Blackberry to access the cache writeups when not in range of a cell or it's just too slow to bring them up in the browser. I still rely on my good old GPSr however for the find.
  19. You can make either platform work. Cachemate, one of the more popular packages for cache management, runs on both Palm and Microsoft. I've used a Treo (with PalmOS) , HP iPAQ (with Windows Mobile 2003), as well as a Cingular 8125 Smartphone (running Windows Mobile 5.0). Cachemate is pretty straight forward with GSAK on the PC to create the extracts. However, actually I prefer to use the Plucker Reader (or Vade Mecum on the PPC) as it is more like navigating the GC site. I use GSAK to export the HTML and SunriseXP to create the Plucker file. Lately I've been just using my Blackberry and for that (when not just access the GC site directly), I use Mobipocket Create to convert the HTML extract from GSAK into an eBook and then Mobipocket Reader to navigate it on the handheld. (Actually, if someone's found a better solution, drop me a line).
  20. This would seem to have Blaze requirements spelled out ... http://www.wildewoodflyin.com/hunt/more_info.html ... as well as links to locations which spell out the various hunting seasons. Looks like pretty much from mid-October thru January.
  21. Here in PA where there are hunters in the woods just about all winter long for various types of hunting seasons, I make it a habit to wear the state required "blaze orange" (vest and hat) any time I go into ANY wooded area. You never know when someone's going to wonder onto property where they shouldn't be hunting (legally or otherwise) or when you may just do the same. Be safe ... be seen.
  22. My impression is that the principle of "Trade up or trade even" meant that a TB should be taken ONLY if one leaves a TB in its place. So, I always carry a TB for trading -- either one I've retrieved from another cache, or one of my own that I haven't activated yet. And, ALWAYS log the TB's in and out of the cache! Nothing is so frustrating as hunting for a cache with a TB and finding it gone! Don't agree. Swag and TB's are different in my book. Swag rules -- trade up, trade even, or don't trade. Object being traded must be something you own or bought for the purposes of trading (or swag you now own but swapping swag at a previous cache). Not a TB or other trackable (which you don't own but are simply moving for someone as part of the game). TB's and Geocoins that are trackable are just that ... objects in the game being tracked by their owner. You can choose to particpate by picking up and moving a TB according to it's mission, or you can leave them for the next cacher. Unless the cache owner specifically set the cache up with TB exchange rules (for example, instructing you to always "swap" TB's as part of the logging requirements), I don't see any requirement to leave a TB in place of one you remove.
  23. For "compass" type caches, I agree. Nothing better than a good field compass for bearing, etc. provided the directions are given in "magnetic" and not "true" (lest I have to remember which direction the offset and how much for my location). What I like about the electronic compass is not having to do the "satellite shuffle" (having to move several feet in a given direction so the GPS knows which way you're facing) so that the arrow will point toward where it thinks GZ is located. I've turned myself around many times trying to zero in on a cache and ended up following an arrow that just hadn't corrected for my change in direction yet.
  24. How about posting the coordinates of the containers with a strict "trade up or trade even" requirement:
  25. Add into your calculations that even after averaging your position, your unit is probably still telling you that it's got accuracy only to say 20ft or so. Add that same consideration into the original person who hid a cache for another 20ft. Conceptually (although not truly mathematically accurate -- there's a whole discussion thread buried somewhere on these boards about that) you could now be around 40ft off from the cache depending on if your measurement and that of the original were 180 degrees out of sync with each other. Get close, then put down the GPSr and let it lock in on it's location while you use your powers of observation to determine where the cache is likely hidden.
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