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  1. Ok, here is what I have right now: Flyin' V Maine geocoin European Union nielsenc - Christmas Caching through the Snow Here are some of the coins I'm looking for(gc.com trackable): Colorado Midwest Geobash Michigan New York Iowa W. Tennessee San Diego Georgia North Carolina Wisconsin Connecticut Dutch Long Island I will consider other coin also, those are just a few of the ones that I'm looking for..
  2. I also got the first one, and would love to have this new one to complete the set
  3. Is there a list of all the gc.com trackable coins somewhere?
  4. I just received a Pennsylvania coin, can anyone tell me how to get the activation code???
  5. I hope that everyone is figuring in the postal rates, I'm screwed, because I only charged exact shipping for the Wyoming coins, and I will not have them until after the rate hike, sucks to be me.. Looks as if I'm going to have to start working some OT...
  6. For those of you who are chopping at the bit, the coins will ship to me on Jan. 10, the turn around will be 2 to 5 days after I receive them. Packaging is ready to go, the only thing that I'm have troubles with right now is the activation code web site. If I can figure it out, the turn around will only take a couple of days. I will keep you posted, just not every day like some would like...
  7. I know it's a long shot, but I would like one of each if available!!!
  8. I have: 2 - nielsenc - Christmas(silver)(unactivated) 2 - nielsenc - Thanksgiving(siler)(unactivated) 2 - European Union(unactivated)(unactivated) I'm looking for trackable unactivated coins, that I don't have. If you email me with any trades!!!
  9. Ok people, I'm opening it up, if you want any coins or any more. Please send the following info to WYGeocoins@gmail.com gc.com name: paypal email: coins you want:
  10. All coin request must go to: WYGeocoins@gmail.com The following is a list of the people that I have received payment from. If you should be on this list, you need to contact me at: WYGeocoins@gmail.com I was never contacted by alot of the people on the orginal list, so I will be contacting the wait list people for pewter coins and opening up orders for bronze coins at this time.. Names 2golfers Allanon Alnilam AtlantaGal Balla & Silly bikinibottomfieeders BisonWoman Bugeye59 Cache-Bert Cache-Hounds Cache & Kerri CacheDragons Cainrcc Camp Explorer Carleenp Cascaadepkr Cav Scout Cent5 Cog&Gil Cpparrothead Cruiserdude Damenace Darby Gill Dhobby1 DLiming Doughball El Rolfo Elmosmelmo Escapades f0t0m0m G Force GeoCrickets GeoFaex Geolands Geometeacher Go JayBee GoBolt Golfin'Fool & me too GrandpaKim Grayling Hydnsek ICE IcecreamMan Jan and the Percey Boys Jenbut Junglehair Katydid & Miles Stone Kentuckygirls ladebear68 Ladybug Kids Legm Legna and sOulbait Macatac1961 Me & Bucky michigan_chris MikeOtt Mystery ink M&M Hunter nevcowpok nscaler odragon ou8alizzard Ourwoods Outdoorlady79 Parrolet Pengy & Tigger Peppermill 6-Pack prairiepartners Redwing Dave rupert2 RustyBeerCan Schnuffle & Spurnose shasties Team Shydog SirGerald SoMDCacherz Son of Cyclops Southbayday squealy Stuck on WGS84 Susanne & Mark Team A.I. Team Bigdawg Team CoyChev Team Ferret Team Kozmo Team Poppo Team Sand Dollar The4Grays Thoto Tin-ear tmocm Tom & Chris Toojin & Bart Trail Hound Walkabouts wildwoodbob willcall windrose XRN95 1markymark1 albatross1901 DanceswithMoose Flyin V GrizzFlyer Lowrider71 LZ33 Packman5 Slammer180 Team Maddie UK Team Nowayman The Moop Along Two Happy Hikers Zombie Tribe Scouting WV Navigatorz Mr & Mrs Smith Herrk & Lassie Hans Richardt rufnredy Not so lost puppies TheGeoGoes HiDude_98 SharpShin
  11. Thank you to everyone who helped with the icon, the person who's design we have deceided to use, will be contacted....
  12. WOW!! Good day for me. 2 9Key coins 1 Texas Autumn 1 GCC Benchmark 1 Milestone coin, for my dad WYlostinAZ
  13. Here is the deal, I have less than no skill at making icons, and we need two icons for gc.com for the coin tracking. So, we will give the person who comes up with the icon for the coin 1 Bronze and 1 Pewter Wyoming coin free. Here is what we need, we need the icon in two sizes. One 16 X 16 pixels and the second 32 X 32 pixels. Let the games begin... Here is an example of one that I tried to resize but it come out like crap. Also here is a picture of the coin...
  14. I have a Emerald Dragon available, looking to get a Ammo Can or the Nov GCC coin.
  15. 2 Emerald Dragons today 1 Graylling yesterday
  16. Please send all emails to: WYGeocoins@gmail.com Please tell me if your coins are going to be shipped overseas, there are more shipping charges... Well here it is, finally , the Wyoming Geocoin. I am ordering the coins as soon as I get the tracking numbers from gc.com. There is one change in the coin; we are going with pewter instead of silver. The reason for this is, the coin will loose detail if we use silver, and it will keep the detail if we use pewter. Below is a list of people that I need email addresses for, in order to invoice everyone through paypal. Now for the numbers: Bronze 5.75 per coin + shipping Pewter 6.50 per coin + shipping Shipping within the US will be as follows: 1 coin = .60 2 coins = .83 3 coins = 1.06 4 coins = 1.52(not sure why there was such a big jump) 5 coins = 1.75 If you are ordering more than that, we will work that out. So, email me your email addresses at the following address: WYGeocoins@gmail.com Please include your gc.com screen name with email. Note: You will be invoiced for the amount of coins you requested in the old thread. Also there is a limit of 2 pewter coins If your name is not on this list, then you can email to be put on the waiting list.. Names 9Keys 2Bugs Allanon Avroair Badlands Barthonis Big JohnP Bldebabe Blind Avacado Blue iis Bluegillfisherman Bugeye59 Bushwhacked Glenn Cache Buzzards CacheHunters42 Catweasled Cazray and Mrs. Caz ChileHead ChilliBusher Cog&Gil Cornerstone4 Damenace David21&fisherwoman Dblrnger Dhenninger Dzrtgrls D@nim@l El Rolfo Evil Chicken Fisnjack Fluffy&itchy Fundamental & Venlis GeoFaex Ghostwriter13 Grayling Hammerjane Honest Pleasure Husker ICE Jagman714 Jake – Team A.I. Jamrasc Jcar JeeperMJT Jenbut Jime 71211 Joefrog JoGPS Kentuckygirls Kfam Kilted Cacher KirklandExplorer Krew Ladybug Kids Larobley Leighhale Lemon Fresh Dog Lloyd & Jess LSUMonica Maggieszoo Malloc ManGenGho MarcusArelius Marmetion Maxine&Me Moun10Bike Mr. Fantasic Mtch Night Hawk Nimli NorthWes Nurse Dave Ogeo Opticsboy Packerbacker Pengy&Tigger Pepper ProTechCC Prying Padora Rcnp Redwing Dave Rivercity Robinego Runiconlwb Shilo Shydog SirGerald Smokey & the teacher Special Ed Stbk Stbl Stuck on WGS84 Susanne & Mark Team BuddyMac Team Dinosaur Team Kozmo Team Kryptos Team Noltex Team Rainbow Team Simpson Team Wolfsbane Teammaddog TeamZebra Teepeeayy Terrible Ts The Rubicon Brothers Thorny1 Tiki-4 Treasure1 Trippy1976 Undaunted Utahbill Vds Verno6000 WARedBear Willcall Workerofwood WWonka YemonYime The following people get bronze but are on the waiting list for pewter... AZPAUL Big Rock CacheHunter42 Catweasled Chef cache a lot Epiduralgirl GrizzFlyer KrazyTrollz Ipyankeefan LZ33 Nielsenc Rusty O Junk Team Nowayman Team Rampant Lion Utchaz Ranger Rick
  17. I didn't have the day off, why the hell should the mailman get the day off...
  18. Let's see, I got a DNF today, this cache is starting to look like the shellter II. But when I got home I had to packages. Go-Mad-Cow set 2005 Washington State
  19. WYlostinMA

    Coin Clubs

    I would like to get in, if possible too....
  20. WYlostinMA

    Coin Clubs

    What is SWAGS? Can I get in it?
  21. I ordered one coin, and everything was great, smooth, and showed up fine. Thanks...
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