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  1. I have the following for trade. 2006 Minnesota neilsenc - Christmas Yosemite World of Geocaching Series 2 Finland(2) I prefer gc.com trackable coins, but there is one coin that I really really want, SeventhSon 2006 Gear (Black Nickel) email me with trade offers
  2. The Wyoming coins have been shipped to me and I should have them by the end of the week. I will keep you posted as to when they get here. I also got this picture of one today... I hope that eveyone likes them... I'm sorry for the long wait, but I refuse to put a lesser quailty coin out there. I have started work on my personal coin, which will NOT be presold and there will be NO preordering either, so stay tuned...
  3. Actually what I posted is that they would be shipped to me on the 28th, but good news is that they shipped to me today. So, it won't be long now.
  4. I prefer trackable, and would gladly pay the extra buck.
  5. I sorry for how long this is taking, there where some problems with the coin, I talked to the manufacture today, and it's almost done. I am ready to go with all the packaging and will have them all mailed out within two days of receiving them..
  6. Here is my two cents. I have never done this cache, but I will be doing it the end of Feb. when I go down to visit my father. Newman Peak, just south of Phx. You'll need to be in shape to do this one though.
  7. As, I posted earlier, there was a problem with the coin, and we had to redesign the back of the coin, coins will ship to me on the 28th. List will post on Tuesday, Jan. 17th..
  8. I'm going to be staying in Casa Grande, and doing some desert caching with my dad! I would like to get into the city and get a bunch of caches done.
  9. I am a member of the HFGcC, and I have an extra, but I think I will hold onto it until I have a whole set of 12... Wonder what I could get for a whole set?
  10. I'm looking for someone to show me around the Phoenix area caches, I will be in the area 15th of Feb. to 27th of Feb.! Anyone interested???
  11. Ok, here is my offer, I would like to get my hands on Midwest Geobash coin(unactivated). I will give any two of the following coins: JeeperMJT Frozen Bone Maine nielsenc - Christmas nielsenc - Caching around the world. I will consider other coins, also looking for an Alabama(unregistared).
  12. I will be visiting Casa Grande, Arizona the 19th to 27th of Febuary, and was wondering if there are any cache that the local cachers would recommend? I know that we plan on doing Newman Peak one day, and my dad(WYlostinAZ) has some jeeping caches planned too! So, what caches are a must do while I'm there???
  13. This is what I have available: nielsenc - clover nielsenc - Caching around the World nielsenc - Christmas JeeperMTJ Manituela PC Geocoin Addicts Anonymous Maine Looking for but not limited to: Alabama HC Geocoin West Tennesssee Wisconsin Dutch Ontario Northwest PA Long Island Frozen Bone Midwest Geobash Geowoodstock
  14. I would like to see what Yime had for a USA Icon! I mean everyone knows Yime is great at making icons....
  15. Good day for me: Georgia Peach Emerald Dragon Gold Rowanf Gypsy and a bunch of JeeperMTJ coins(bronze)
  16. The following are coins that I have available for trade: JeeperMTJ(bronze) (4) Aerohound Geocoin Addicts Anonymous Maine nielsenc - Christmas I am looking for the following, but not limited to: Geowoodstock Coins Colorado Geocoins Midwest Geobash Michigan Geocoins New York Geocoins Iowa Geocoins HC Geocoins World of Geocaching Geocoin West Tennessee Geocoins San Diego Geocoins North Carolina Geocoins Wisconsin Geocoins Connecticut Geocoins Dutch Geocoins Northwest PA Geocoins Long Island Geocoins Please email me with any trade offers...
  17. Is it just me, or does the Georgia Icon not work?
  18. WYlostinMA

    Coin Icons

    I know that there is a thread for this, but I couldn't find the thread. Can someone link me to that account...
  19. Well, I deceided that it's time to put my coins in ablums! Where does everyone get their albums? Thanks...
  20. Where do I get one for the coin I just got...
  21. I'm just wondering who is guilty of re-using bubblewrap envelopes that they receive coins in? I know I am....
  22. Holy Cow!!! An update two days in a row... Watch out for the lighting. I will post an update PAID list next week..... And Yes the buffalo is gone, it just didn't look right next to the gyser... Sorry, to all you buffalo lovers out there
  23. Well, I have another update, that's right, two updates in a week. I have spent the spent the past couple of days talking with the owner of the coin maker. He email me with conserns about the design of the gyser side of the coin, after some discussion, we desided to change that side of the coin. And here is the art work of the final design..
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