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  1. I am sure somewhere on here someone has asked this but haven't come across it so I will ask. Can you download caches onto your Nuvi direct from geocaching's website or do you have to use GSAK? Not concerned about the paperless thing, only to use the Nuvi to navigate on the roads to get me close and then will use my 60csx to find the cache. If anyone can help, will be appreciated.
  2. Just got a Canada's First Cache Geocoin of 2006 and need a activation code. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
  4. jak61

    Colorado 300 or 400?

    Looking at purchasing a new Garmin GPS for Geocaching. Is there a advantage in the 400 series over the 300 for caching that I am not seeing while reading up on both models? Any help and info will be greatly appreciated. jak61
  5. I am a premium member with a problem on the Geocaching site. When I enter a zip code to find caches near it, nothing happens. Is there something wrong with this option as it used to work for me. Please help out if you know anything about this.
  6. Does anyone use this and if so, what kind of software and how good is it for PQ's? I want something easy to use with instructions that are easy to understand when getting started. Am new to the paperless side of Geocaching.
  7. Have a Lowrance Explorer coming for Christmas I hope. Was wondering if anyone has any information on this GPS. I have a Ifinder GO2 right now and am just getting into geocaching. Will the Explorer perform better than the GO2 for caching? Any info will be appreciated.
  8. You might want to contact the owners of the caches first before you just go in and remove them. That might cause problems between yourself and the owners. They may have already checked into the situation and gotten permission to hide the caches. I would get all my information and facts first, then go from there on this. Contact the National Forestry Service in your state. I am sure they can help you out. Then contact the owners of the caches with your information and its up to them to remove them. Good luck and keep geocaching.
  9. I have ordered a Lowrance iFinder GO2 and was wondering if this will be a good beginners GPS. I plan to use it GEO Cashing. Any info will be appreciated. Jeff
  10. New to the world of GEO Cashing. Been intrigued for awhile but have finally ordered a GPS. Expecting it any day. Looking forward to GEO Cashing with it. Jeff
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