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  1. Haven't had time to read thru all of this yet so let's start with.... I've had my 400T for less than a week but it is ver. 2.20. Do I need to back track and make each update or can I update straight to the newest version?
  2. Thank goodness I took the time to read thru this before buying a new gps. We have to replace our Magellan Meridian Gold before this next weekend. This moring I was set to buy a 60cx and forget the Colorado, just too much money. Then started thinking about how nice it would be to not be carrying a PDA around also and decided that was worth the extra money. Came close to buying a 300 at Fry's this afternoon. Then across the street to Bass Pro Shop and looked at the 400C. Could not believe how much info was NOT in the owners manual and of course they had only had it for a couple of days so didn't know anything about it. No one in our area has bought a Colorado yet so I decided I'd better see what was going on here. What a wealth of information. You've all convinced me to go with a 60cx. Thanks for all the work everyone has gone to.
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