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  1. good luck with this type of problem. when i first began to read the forums, the sentiment seemed to be that maintaining a level playing field would always be possible due to simple peer pressure. more often, however, when people bring up such problems they are told to mind their own business, just go out a cache, why care, don't be cache police, etc. their motives are questioned, and they often get little guidance and big attitude. you'll have to decide for yourself how important this is to you, and if the phony logs are genuinely creating a problem, by indicating that all is well with caches that might be missing or disabled. it would irritate me if i had to hear it at work all day, and that's the big problem for you. it would be hard to ignore it if you have it flapping in your face constantly. the only glimmer of light i can see is that he will hopefully tire of this game, as these disingenuous types often do, and abandon it for the next thing. then you can get to caching and working in peace.
  2. cachepage states: Cache Issues: This cache has been archived, but is available for viewing for archival purposes. This cache is temporarily unavailable. Read the logs below to read the status for this cache.
  3. it takes a couple seconds to calibrate the compass. IMO, a lot less trouble to recalibrate the compass when changing batteries than checking my watch compass while on the move. eta: check out the prices at gpsnow.com. they are usually the lowest, free shipping, fast delivery. amazon.com usually has the mapping software cheapest.
  4. don't forget the 24 to 8 MB of memory comparison. i returned a legend and bought a vista c and never looked back. especially with the current price of the vista, there is NO reason to compromise--i love the compass and like the barometer. i use topo and city select maps at the same time, which eats up memory fast. if you plan to buy mapping software you might one day be sorry that you bought the legend. trust me.
  5. i think i read that it floats when in the neoprene case.
  6. my deepest condolences to the family. this is sad news, indeed.
  7. i love "lonely gomer." wonder if the folks in that "wanting to change their caching name" thread have seen this--has winner written all over it!
  8. it seems that someone has tired of a previous hobby.
  9. radio shack. put 'em on every screen i could find: gps, phone, camera, watch, gameboy, pda.
  10. i'm clumsy, stubborn, and not very bright at times. i can turn any cache into a 5-star, and i do it every day!
  11. this forum is practically squeaky-clean, compared to many out there. heck, i belong to one that makes that rec. skiing gang look like sunday dinner with the osmond family.
  12. i am on my third timex with digital compass (i'm kind of hard on stuff). i love them and find them to be quite accurate when calibrated correctly.
  13. i'm flaunting my ignorance here, but i'd like to upgrade my damaged vista c to the cx when it comes out--i agree, it looks like perfection (for me anyway). my questions concern garmin's maps. i already own topo and city select mapping software, but if it is "unlocked," can it be used on a different gps if i were to upgrade to the cx (or even a new vista c)? for that matter, is it possible to download it to more than one computer in my house? what happens if i buy a new computer, or i'd like to install the software on my work computer? thanks for any insight anyone cares to share here, i've actually been wondering about this for a while!
  14. I live in new jersey, and I have two cats, 1 hermit crab, and one handsome dog who caches with me often:
  15. i've done two, but i felt uncomfortable and will not do any more. only my opinion, but i think hides like this are in poor taste. historic cementaries no longer in use are one thing, but active cemetaries with with micro's hidden in trees next to fresh gravesites are abhorrent. again, to each his own, but that's how i feel.
  16. definitely outdoors. i owned and used a gps for five years before i even HEARD of geocaching. caching began for me as just a way to practice using the thing!
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