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  1. That sounds great, SCS. I know this sounds like a dumb question, but how do I do what you just described? I don't know anything at all about zipped files and what it means to extract. Could you tell me in sort of a step by step way how you do this?
  2. Alright, so I've heard over and over how great it is to use Gsak, so I try once again to figure it all out. I finally have Gsak and Cachemate successfully installed on my pc and ppc (ipaq). i've run several pq's now, put them in Gsak, and...nothing. I just can't get them sent to Cachemate. I was doing great with a tutorial I saw here somewhere, a link from a Florida caching site, but when it gets to the last step something is wrong and I don't know where the problem is. The last screen, where I sync the ppc and send the files into Cachemate isn't showing ANYTHING in the first two boxes (the long boxes at the top of the page). The second box has an empty dropdwon menu, but the tutorial shows that there should be something in there about where the file will be going. The first box seems to be where I name the file, but I don't understand if the name should have a special suffix or just anything I choose to call it. I'm not even sure which program is causing te problem. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, as I am really tired of loading caches one at a time into my ppc through Easgps. For that matter, if there is a way to load an entire list of caches into GPXsonar using Easygps, I'd LOVE to know about how to do that, too. Thanks to anyone who can help at all.
  3. i LOVE my vista c. reception has always been reliable, the smaller size is just perfect, and i actually like and use the electronic compass. after i bought city maps and topo maps and case, i was certainly glad to have spent what i did on the gps itself.
  4. city navigator AND topo, definitely. i love both of them. (good prices on amazon.com, often the best prices!)
  5. <pokes head warily out of foxhole> everyone okay?
  6. anyone have any experience using these with ipaq? i'm looking at brands such as spectec and sandisk for use with my ipaq rz1715.
  7. garmin's ique series does EVERYTHING. not a bad price either, if you consider that it replaces using a seperate gps and pda.
  8. beeline looks pretty neat and i just downloaded the trial version. i don't understand how to connect my gps to the ppc. can anyone explain this? i have an ipaq rz1715 and an etrex vista c. thanks!
  9. my ipaq rz1715 seems to have died today. i'm curious as to if anyone else has had an ipaq freeze, and if there was a solution you found. (does not recharge or respond to the reset) i'm also open to suggestions for a new pda. if you were to buy a new pda right now, what would you buy and why? (i'd like one that has mp3 player, and considering wireless access also.) thanks for any suggestions, i need all the help i can get! eta: i'm particularly interested in feedback from people with newer ipaq's, such as the 1955, 3115, and 2495, dell axim x51, and the palm tx.
  10. THAT'S it? hilarious! definitely not the second worst cache in history.
  11. it was not anonymous in the origional post. the gc number was posted, and i read the cache page immediately.
  12. you asked for opinions, so here's mine: did you send the owner an e-mail first, or just post the log-slam here on the forum? you had the perfect opportunity to help a pretty new cacher, maybe guide him along a bit, and you b****slapped him here on an open forum. was the dead dog picture really necessary? just my opinion, but we're supposed to all be guiding the direction of this game by peer pressure and positive reinforcement for good hides. you did nothing but make an enemy, and anything positive you could have achieved is impossible with this hider now. i'm sure the cache placement left a lot to be desired, but so does your log. eta: forgot an "r." arrrrghh!
  13. it's not just you. they'll get it going soon, i'm sure. be patient, grasshopper.
  14. *sigh* another bash at snowmobiling. i, too, always shudder at the visible damage when the snow melts. please try to remain on topic, which is geocaching and the nps, and discuss hobbies you actually know.
  15. ^^ I can see it now: "FC seeking MCiK. Must have own kayak, canoe, truck, and dog. I do not share mine."
  16. well-said, TP, i agree 100%! may i award you the golden keyboard?!
  17. a pocket cache, GP, is a cache of some type carried around by some cachers at events. they are kind of like an icebreaker, but are viewed by many as moving or traveling caches, and generally have not been submitted to GC, and therefore not within GC guidelines for cache hides. you will also find them referred to as pocket lint, and there has been a great deal of discussion about them, and other fascinating controversies, lately in these forums.
  18. i wouldn't need the grid broken down by difficulty. in fact, i'm kind of a high-terrain low-difficulty kinda cacher, and i agree that difficulty doesn't really apply to some of the cache types, but i certainly like your idea. a quick look and you could tell how many "real" caches are in the stable. i think that offering enough detail on the profile page to make that distinction easily apparant would make a lot of people happy. wouldn't change the situation with re-logging or archive-logging, but would definitely be a step forward on other problems. nice work, there.
  19. "Are there any women that do this alone" yup, lots! "it seems like a man thing" no way! "but just curious if I'd be the odd ball out there??" again, no way!
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