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  1. Yup, seems like that about sums it up.
  2. yes, that IS bad. poor sportsmanship AND bad PR for the sport. you could have kept on driving, or, better yet, hit the ignore button from the cache page. if you were handicapped or had very small children you'd be glad for those light pole caches.
  3. hi F-A-T-H! i may not be familiar with land's end, but i know exactly where waymart and carbondale are. most of the caches i'd like to do on the ol' "winter turf " are around carbondale and honesdale--many are yours! (geeze, i miss that winterfest they used to have in honesdale in february...so cool to watch the ice sculptors!) eta: COOL profile!
  4. BIG congrats to LBK and everyone else. well done!!
  5. in the winter i'm kind of a weekend warrior in wayne and susquahanna counties. my "to do" list includes more PA mountain exploring in the snowmobiling off-season, also known as fishing and caching seasons.
  6. That is cool. I was eager to see an answer to this question. Thanks!
  7. Your opinion. I say, "hogwash." Tomato, to-mah-to.
  8. Don't care. Let 'em have at the crappy coord's, useless hints, and parking challenges. I'll go when all the bugs have been worked out.
  9. Great, then Groundspeak could be just another faceless corporate entity. This is a hobby and it's supposed to be fun and loose, the way many of us like it. If we wanted to feel like we were dealing with a Fortune 500 Top 20 corporation, we would actually be working right now.
  10. "someone close" and "kicked the bucket" yeah, you're for real.
  11. i ALWAYS include gpsnow.com when comparing prices from a few places. they have great prices and fast delivery.
  12. With the current rebate, you can get one brand new at gpsnow.com for about $350.00.
  13. denali7

    "my Finds" Pq

    I clicked on the "My Finds" PQ tab and it ran immediately with no problem. I don't need it to run again in 7 days, so does anyone know how to turn it off? Thanks!
  14. That works perfectly! I've always used GPXSonar, but when I tried to send a list of caches to it in the past all I got was the list of titles, so I just got in the habit of downloading them into EasyGPS, opening them one at a time, and sending them to the ppc documents folder one at a time. I've been playing around with the ppa lately, wanting to use more of the features I previously ignored. (I can hear you laughing!) I never actually let the pocket query come to me, I always just previewed my lists and used "click to download." I've been playing with GSAK and Cachemate all afternoon, just to do what you explained how to do using GPXSonar the RIGHT way. I'd be embarrassed to admit how much time I've wasted entering caches into my ipaq one at a time before long caching days, you'd think I was nuts! Thanks more than I can tell you! [applause smiley]
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