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  1. Stolen coins are a HUGE problem, I think more of a problem than the OP realizes. Some coins are stolen for people's private "collections," and some are stolen to later show up on famous auction sites to be sold for profit. I found a paper coin once, and it was a bit of a letdown to look at it, but I also understand why the owner did it and I would do the same. I did the same with the only TB I own, the origional tags are not on it. Counting on the honesty of EVERY person who could potentally get their hands on your coin is not the best policy if you care very much about your coins. Everyone has to do what feels right for them, but I realize that most folks aren't made of money, so they'd rather play safe than sorry with their coins. Just my 2 cents, but I agree with them.
  2. On most of my caches I've put some thought and work into the camo and the exact placement. Pictures are fine with me, but NOT ones that show the hiding place or the cache container. At first I didn't realize people would actually post such pictures of an obviously camoflaged container, but after I realized they would I edited my cache pages requesting that such pictures not be added to the cachelog. Scenery, parking area, and general pictures are fine, but many hiders would rather not have their hide compromised by pictures of GZ ("Ground Zero"). Happy Caching!
  3. I hid 10 on 8/15/06, in about 8 hours. One shows a date of 8/17 because I had to adjust it slightly due to another cache nearby, and another is listed on my daughter's account (Buttermilk Waffles). Five were placed by kayak.
  4. I follow my golden back to the truck all the time. He ALWAYS knows the way back, and it saves batteries.
  5. Appears to be British Columbia.
  6. Any places to download it, for those of us who don't have Travel Channel on our cable system?
  7. Ditto for a cache I hid with my daughter. I did most of the work, but she picked the general spot and wanted it to be her hide. I will be maintaining it, so it goes on my watchlist. Remember, "IGNORE" doesn't mean "bad cache that sucks so badly I don't want to be aware of its paltry existance." It's more of a "you're a cache that I would prefer not to appear on my queries, please."
  8. Wow...just wow. Coin thieves down this end, too. There was almost a complete series, brand new, taken from a local TB hotel. This was not long after the hotel had been replaced due to theft of the entire thing, ammo can and all. I agree that the paper coins aren't too cool to look at, but I would use them if I sent out a coin of my own. eta: oh, and thanks T32, for making me spill coffee just now!
  9. <claps and cheers for snow, too!>
  10. Don't know where you ordered them from, but if it was late in the day on Friday the order may not have been placed until this morning. For future reference, you can buy them off the shelf at Cabela's and CrapMart.
  11. Do you need an assistant? I'd LOVE to be known as denali in Denali!
  12. Thanks for the info, and congrats to everyone--your stories are very inspiring. GREAT pictures, 2Q, congrats!
  13. Congratulations! That is truely an awesome achievement. My mother just had this surgery in late June, I know how hard it all is. How do you handle the hiking with a decreased ability to drink? I'm always encouraging her to walk more, but I worry about that. I've wondered if her capacity to take in fluids will increase in time. It sure gets hot and humid around here in the summer--do you get out in the summer well?
  14. Ahhhhh, the old travelingarchivedpocketlogging cache trick. Thanks for the enlightenment!
  15. This thread reminds me, what is a "retirement card" anyway?
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