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  1. WJTB is just an abbreviation for White Jeep Travel Bug. this is the much-coveted White Jeep everyone's always talking about.
  2. how sweet, js! i miss that kind of "household scenery," my nuevo bambino turns 12 in a couple of days. where did twelve years just go?
  3. good luck with that, wh. it seems that some people have had no trouble admitting that they intend to keep the WJTB. they'll just tell you to go pound sand. makes me wonder how they'll be able to show their faces at future events, when they have to socialize with other local cachers who know they're hoarding these TB's.
  4. it's probably best to place it in the cache and then log it as soon as you get home. if you log it before you place it in there, people might go to the cache looking for it before you get there to place it. this is especially true with WJTB's, as many cachers have them on watchlists so they can be notified immediately when the bug is logged.
  5. thanks to all for sharing the great pictures of your buddies, they're ALL beautiful. i've also had two shepherd/husky mixes at various times, and i know how beautiful they are. mine were just gorgeous, and very devoted to me. they both had an extra-fun spark of wildness i absolutely LOVED! lately i've been so smitten with nugget, my first golden, i've forgotten how beautiful misha and brandy were. thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
  6. my first hide is located on a fairly steep little bit of hillside. it "wandered" easily downwards, sometimes just due to heavy rains. after i found a few caches that were tethered to something, i went back and anchored my container. now i anchor just about all my cache containers, usually with fishing line or that cheap, lightweight, all-purpose camo line. it's a good way to help them get back to their origional hiding spots.
  7. i was up all night doing a brand new 5.5 night/water cache for my 100th, so now i'm lazing on the deck all day drinking pina coladas. can't get any more positive than that!
  8. you DEFINITELY sound like a typical golden owner. we're all a little skewed, aren't we? just glad you were able to keep it on topic and not make it a commercial for any particular breed (insert subliminal suggestion: goldens rule!) eta: another beautiful golden picture. i know THAT'S a happy snowdog!!
  9. yup--she's got that "golden smile" and ready to go!
  10. thank you. i think so too, but i'm not exactly impartial when it comes to him!! p.s. can you tell i'm enjoying my new high-speed internet connection? i can do pictures now like everyone else does!
  11. i agree, everyone can make a good case for their own dog. that's natural, we all love our furkids. my dog is my constant companion and best friend, the only one in my house who likes hiking for ANY reason, caching or otherwise. he's a golden retriever, but i think any hunting breed is a natural for caching, as they've been bred for generations to ramble in woods, fields, water, and muck. (actually, with him, the crappier and swampier the better!) he also has what i like to call, "mother nature's backtracking ability." sometimes i just turn off the gps, give him the command "truck," and follow him back to the parking spot, allowing me to enjoy the scenery rather than the gps screen. hunting dogs, and goldens in particular, also have that laid back, "okay mom, i'll go wherever you go and have fun doing it," personality. that's a big plus on long days, with lots of tough bushwhacking and long drives. i just make sure to watch him carefully in the heat, and he does stay home on the really hot and humid days, unless i know it's an area with lots of water for splashing in and cooling off. i always sign my logs... -denali and nugget (woof!)
  12. people like timothy treadwell pet the bear, hug him, and call him george...
  13. those are really nice, sawdust, thanks. the presentation for land managers is a great introduction to caching.
  14. ipaq 1715--excellent for work, caching, storing photos, and downloading music from my favorite cd's.
  15. no. cachers are encouraged NOT to leave food, gum, or anthing else that might attract critters to a cache. there have been some interesting threads showing pictures of containers that have been destroyed by animals looking for food. sometimes, just having a container that still smells like the food it once contained is enough to attract curious animals.
  16. i have a vista c and absolutely LOVE it.
  17. apparantly, some posters in this thread decided that assuming the position of grammar police was a more favorable position to take, rather than to allow geo_boy to focus on the CONTENT of my statement. my sole purpose was to offer a constructive means of improving his writing skills, which was important to me when i posted, as he seemed to be struggling and was being openly ridiculed in almost every thread in which he participated. thank you to those who sidetracked my efforts, you show your lack of class and intelligence very effectively. once again, flaming trolls rule the roost.
  18. it certainly sounds "do-able," similiar to the setup of murder mystery caches which require visits to several cache sites as you "interview" suspects.
  19. [pssst, mush... you wrote geo_boy's name incorrectly, didn't capitalize the word "english" the first time you used it, and "your posts aren't as hard to read as others" should read, "your posts aren't as hard to read as other's posts..." (common student mistake, your writing should reflect that you are comparing posts to posts, not posts to people.) three errors in six sentences--i'd say you should be careful where you get undressed at night in that glass house.]
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