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  1. unbelievable, just unbelievable... eta: enjoy this fall's latest caching headgear:
  2. from gc.com homepage, go to your account page. click member features. scroll down to a place where you can click visit insta notify page. from there you go to create new a new notification. you must be a premium member for this to work.
  3. divide the girls into a couple of teams, and let them name their team and create a flag for it. collect the flags and hide them around their camp, loading coords into enough gps units for each team to have for use on event day. teams start at the same time, in a race to find a flag(s) preloaded into the team gps units. they can be either "rescuing" their own flag, capturing a specific opponant team's flag, or racing to grab as many flags as possible. incorporating an element of orienteering, such as projecting waypoints to a given distance at a given bearing, would be another good addition. you could create a multi-cache, with the girls using some sort of fact sheet to solve puzzles or answer questions you give them on some topic you've been working on.
  4. to answer your question, "is it that bad?" NO!
  5. it is a new forum identity created by a user so that they can post "anonomously." it's usually not considered a complement to be referred to as a sock puppet, as people oftentimes use sock puppet accounts to log in and be obnoxious. some whackos even use sock puppet accounts to reply to their own posts, as started with their regular identity. i guess they do this to give people the illusion that other forum users agree with their point of view. it's actually pretty disturbing, if you ask me! eta: oops, i'm too slow!
  6. i am *ahem* over 30, and love the color screen on my vista c. i don't even have the patience to try and figure out what i'm looking at with older or b&w screens when i look at friends' gps readings. i replaced a VERY old gps with this vista c, after a lot of research, and haven't regretted it for a second!
  7. for the price, the vista c is perfect for duel cache/travel use. my little auto setup consists of the following, all prices reflecting costs from last december: garmin vista c ($319 @ gpsnow.com, under $300 in many places right now) city select map software (covers north america, about $90 @ amazon.com) garmin topo map software (about $125 @amazon.com) etrex neoprene case with a little strip of velcro on back of belt clip i toggle on street maps/toggle off topo maps while en route to a cache or traveling on non-caching trips. the gps is held by velcro strip on my dash, in a perfect little space right between speed and tachometers. this way, i can hear and see the turn alerts and maps with no problem, without looking away from the road. when leaving the truck for caching/hiking, i grab the gps off the dash and toggle on topo maps/toggle off street maps. (i am particular about my vehicles, and the little strip of velcro on the dash doesn't bother me at all. in fact, when the gps isn't there, you don't even notice the velcro.) you get better detail with the maps when toggling off the one you're not using at the time, so i find this little step worth the seconds it takes to do this. i don't even bother with the power cord, as battery life with energizer's e2 batteries is excellent, although for really long trips it would be worth the modest price for the cord. incidentally, this would also be a perfect boater's setup, as the maps, in addition to the marine POI maps you can download from garmin's site, include details such as buoys and channel markers (including buoy numbers and navigation obstructions). just my two cents' worth, but i love this gps and find it very adequite for all my travels, caching and otherwise. i don't remember how i functioned as a transporter for pet rescue without it! -denali
  8. there was a kilt thread not too long ago, and it was fun! (that's when i first fell secretly in love with criminal )
  9. denali7


    definitely, vista c!
  10. the map software is city select for streets, about $100. i also purchased garmin's topo map program. price shop for them, as the price varies quite a bit. i think i got them both from amazon.com, who had the best prices on software back in december. they are about $100 each, but it's not as bad a deal as it sounds, since each map covers the entire usa, including alaska, and they are very detailed. i may be in the minority here, but i have spent $10- $20 each on single-state atlas maps, so i feel that garmin's software is a bargain. an avid traveler could easily spend a lot more than $200 buying delorme's state maps, which are terrific, but no longer necessary for me now. i have the vista c, which has a bit more memory than the legend, and i download city and topo maps for whatever area i'm headed for the next travels. if you only purchase the city select software you'll be able to load a fairly large area, depending on he area's population density. what you can download from garmin's site is the marine POI database. again, just my opinion, but the maps are definitely worth it! eta: POI= points of interest
  11. great, just great! as if it weren't already hard enough...
  12. does shirley know you hijacked the computer to post that? **runs off to tattle**
  13. they'll replace the broken parts, or send you a factory refurbished model, such as cindy crawford.
  14. i hear garmin will send you a replacement with no questions asked!
  15. the older i get, the more i lean in the "they don't care" direction.
  16. if your new gps is better than mine, i'd be very happy to take it out and break it in. you know, this break-in period is extremely important in order to attain the best mileage possible.
  17. i have a vista c and absolutely love it. the legend c is similiar--happy caching!!
  18. i also LOVE my vista c. if you're over 30, and i am, go for the color screen. trust me on this!
  19. no problem. hang in there, the weekend's almost here!!
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