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  1. thanks, everyone, that makes me feel better. no offense taken, leps, i like real life tests!
  2. going back to the earlier discussion about visible bookmark info on cachepages: i noticed that when i click the "ignore" button on a cache, it shows up as being on my ignore list when i refresh the cachepage. can others see this? i only ignore disabled caches, but i don't really want to hurt anyone's feelings.
  3. dead-on observation, denaye, and very well-stated.
  4. i use easygps, but i always read threads like these in which people rave about cachemate and gsak. what can you do with cachemate and gsak, that you can't do with easygps? i'm curious about what i may be missing. (i use an ipaq)
  5. temporary sidetrack: how does this work? can this be done through easygps, bookmark lists, or pocket queries? how is this used through gpxsonar? i've read referrences to the ability to do this, but haven't come across the "how to" of it all.
  6. yeah, i was feeling like nancy drew for a while there, before i got shot down!
  7. no scott, that's not the right cacher. i made the same mistake myself.
  8. this is an excellent suggestion, DBC. you don't have to be a smiley-hound to appreciate a way to keep track of your finds in such a situation.
  9. log in to the cg.com site. click on your name. there is a link on that page to update your home coordinates.
  10. go on, you won't regret it. geocachers eat well, make everyone feel welcome, and can talk about every topic under the sun.
  11. yes, it is easy to identify the cacher DF is talking about, he logs many caches just after DF does. this is just creeeepy. XXXXXXXXX is wrong to delete finds just based on an ongoing feud, but i agree this looks like someone best avoided. there's nothing DF can do about either XXXXXXXXX's logging habits or deleting practices. i would be looking over my shoulder when caching though, not knowing if this person was actually visiting the caches just after i do, or simply logging virtually. either way, it's weird. it may be a little difficult for DF to completely enjoy caching as a relaxing hobby with an internet stalker. also, I did not miss the part of the OP that states XXXXXXXXX made the first contact to get TB numbers from DF's friend. good luck with this, DF, it's a weird situation, and i hope you're a male if you cache alone.
  12. thanks, mrs. C54. looks like a fun gang of people!
  13. this may be a dumb question, but how are all these TB's hidden here?
  14. i started with an old magellan unit (pioneer) that only went two decimal places. it didn't give distances in feet, so i wouldn't know that i was getting away from the cache until i covered a tenth of a mile--very frustrating. i did manage to find my first 4 or 5 caches this way, including a couple pretty challenging ones. it definitely served as a way to get started in this hobby, and to figure out what i wanted when i bought my next one!!
  15. thanks, sal, that cache is definitely my type! (just hoping my daughter doesn't want me to stay in the classroom with her--imagine being at cabela's all day and being trapped in one room. i'll die!! )
  16. i drive almost 4 hours each way, every weekend, just to get that snow. i LOVE winter!! seriously, there's always the occasional bad winter, which, by my definition, means no snow. that hasn't happened in quite a while, though. the trail system i belong to is in the northeastern corner of PA, sort of near binghamton, NY. we get significantly more snow up there than the philadelphia area, just because of the geography and altitude. most winters, it gets pretty cold, and stays that way. that's fine, as the trail association runs groomers to make the most of whatever snow we get. we do run through state gamelands on our trail system, but the hunters can hear us coming so it's not as hairy a situation as with caching. some of the hunters actually say that they like when we come through, as we tend to drive the deer. it's funny when conversations like this come up, it seems there's always a factional situation. as with hunters, some people hate snowmobilers, and lump us all together as a bunch of drunken speed-demons, tearing up and polluting the forests. they'd be pretty surprised to see how many groups, like mine, consist of women, children, old guys, you name it. heck, we have three generations in our family gang, all out enjoying the scenery at a pace not much faster than a bicycle tour. you don't enjoy seeing deer, foxes, and eagles tearing around like a madman anyway!
  17. "60 miles east, or just over 120 west" awww, man. some people have ALL the luck!!
  18. okay, now i'm REALLY jealous!! p.s. what's for lunch, trailhound?
  19. yeah, the one in PA is only about a two-hour drive from me, so i'd say close enough to be easy, but not around the corner enough to be BIG trouble, like carleen's. snowmobiling season is just around the corner (i go every weekend, dec-mar), and i LOVE winter gear. i plan on getting in lots of trouble saturday, blowing off a day "stuck" at cabela's while the little 'un is in class (who knew cabela's had classrooms?). heck, i think there's even a cache somewhere outside the building!
  20. i hear you! my budget's going to get a big hit this weekend, and i can't wait. my daughter will be taking her PA snowmobile safety course, guess where? yep, i'll be "stranded" at the big store in hamburg from 8-4:30. i know, it's just inhumane. yee ha!!
  21. "Cabelas here I come!" you are truly blessed, shaker. are you really close?
  22. These statistics were provided by the National Safety Council, Statistics Unit in Chicago for 1995 for the (ENTIRE) U.S. If you are interested in additional numbers, they can be contacted at 1-800-621-7615 extension 2365. The numbers for hunting are from 1996 and do not include numbers from Canada. Outdoor Activity Deaths Boating 836 Hang Gliding 28 Sky Diving 28 Football 4 Personal Watercraft 79 Hunting 87 Scuba Diving 97 Swimming 1,700 eta: looks like some people better give up hydro caching if they're really concerned about safety. otherwise they're just another alarmist, reinforcing stereotypes at the expense of facts. when farmers do this it's called fertilizing, and it's acceptable.
  23. umm, yeah, whatever. i've been wondering, what is the spice on top, anyway?
  24. PERFECT time of the year for a little gem like this!
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