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  1. in light of new information gleaned from this thread, i have come to a very important decision. i am actually a fly fisherman first and foremost, and i have a long-standing history of great angst concerning those days on-stream when i have been skunked. from this day forth, i will no longer refer to this activity as "fishing" on those days in which i do not catch a fish. it will henceforth be known as "wading," unless i am skunked while fishing from a canoe or kayak, in which case it will be called "canoeing" or "kayaking," unless i am fishing from the bank, in which case it will be called "banking." to alleviate any false logs at the onset of each trip, i will designate the activity "waving a stick in the air," until such time as i call a complete and total end to the event and assess whether or not any fish had actually come into my possession, my possession as defined by breaking the plane of the endzone...er, i mean a fish exiting the water with a hook fastened to any portion of its mouth. i feel quite relieved to have had all of this cleared up for me, i feel very foolish that i missed such a simple solution myself.
  2. given the interesting definitions of "FOUND" lately, this oughta be good...
  3. it's great that you're thinking of ways to help the sport/hobby you enjoy, but the same mentality that brings us the sharing of TB numbers would eventually bring us the sharing of cache code numbers. i picture people handing out code sheets at event caches, right next to the display of TB's available for "grab-logging."
  4. = cache logged, move on to next one simple concept
  5. i have had no problems whatsoever with my vista c, even when i use it in very cold conditions while snowmobiling. however, my ipaq is another story entirely. i've sadly discovered recently that it "freezes" at anything below 35 or 40 degrees. i couldn't believe it...40 just isn't THAT cold!!
  6. sure, i carry: the leash for a big, hairy dog that hates strangers.
  7. i've been wondering if we could get an icon for these finds.
  8. i show them my fishing license and tell them i'm a state trout spotter.
  9. geez, i'm looking for the right line to stand in so i can find a husband who will fish, drink beer, and cache with me. i hate golf, though.
  10. <caribbean background music> "pass the dutchie on the left-hand side..."
  11. my condolences to you and your family. glad you can see a lesson from your brother's life, that's a wonderful tribute all by itself.
  12. BIG congrats to a real cornerstone of the local geocaching community!!
  13. that always happens when i eat ice cream just before i go to bed, too!
  14. that's awesome, congrats T32!!
  15. the sad answer to that question is that not everyone defines "found it" the same way.
  16. you're right, trowel, thank you for the perspective. i definitely have a sense of accomplishment as i go through this. i've got the end in sight (level 7), and i am very proud of myself. i'm not too bright, and i solved puzzles that gave me a headache when i first laid eyes on them. i learned how to use some of the previously mysterious features of my gps. i'm old and fat, and did some killer work in those woods. these are things i am proud of, only one other person was there to see this, and i like it that way. i do caches like this to challenge myself, not grab numbers. that's one of the great things about this sport, i guess, everyone can take away what they like. -denali
  17. no comment, trowel, no comment. otherwise, congrats, you've certainly earned my respect. i thought thimbles and i would be the first to do it that way. signed, -someone else who is doing EVERY single puzzle and EVERY single field challenge <begin rant mode> p.s. i'm working my a** off on this cache, so i have no guilt and don't care to hear excuses about anyone else's eta: A.) i'm sure there are a hell of a lot of caches in CA i won't have the opportunity to log...and i won't log them either. cry me a river. B.) the physical work to do this cache, and drive 60 miles each way EVERY time i do one of the ten challenges, some of which have many stages within and require more trips of their own, is not equal to less than half the effort. sorry. C.) thank you, frodo. <heart> <end rant mode>
  18. garmin vista c at gpsnow.com GREAT gps and GREAT store! eta: $244
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