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  1. That link may not work so youtube.com search GMC commercial 2012 with coordinates and will come up!
  2. Dont know if anyone else has posted this or seen this commercial but check it out. Pretty cool! http://youtu.be/SDEjpmfO9NM
  3. Ok, so I know that this thread is not about Victoria's Secret but I feel like I need to make a comment about it. I used to work for the company and I will personally tell you ITS NOT THAT BAD. People often compare them to Fredericks of Holloywood or some other trashy lingerie store but its not. Yes there is sexy lingerie in there and bras and panties OH NO! Come on, be a little more mature about it. I do agree that its not a place for young kids to be, but they do sell other things than bras and panties. As one person has previously stated their daughter has been shopping in there for years buying sweat shirts and pants (and yes I will agree that the prices are a bit much). They also sell a lot of beauty items as well. Yes their ads are "adult" but you know what look at all the other things in the world that kids are seeing and hearing. I can think of a few other things that kids can see/hear/play that are much worse than Victoria's Secret, And as someone else has stated if you pull up and realize its some place you would rather not have your kids at then just by pass it and move on to the next. Sorry about the anger but working there for so long I have heard it all from different people and like I said its not that bad!
  4. Spinneyman, I am very sorry to hear about your lost. I too lost my mom to breast cancer in Dec 2006. Ever since she was diagnosed we have been very active with anything to do with Breast Cancer. And when she passed, my interest became more active. I actually made a cache that I dedicated to my mom called "Awareness in Wharton" I even went as far as getting a tattoo on my ankle for her. Its the ribbon with a rose wrapping around it. Her name was Rose so I found it fitting. I have to say I really like the coin. Its beautiful! I would actually be interested in purchasing one maybe with in the next few weeks. I love how your donating some of the proceeds to Susan G Komen. I think that this is a wonderful way to remember your mom! I will definitely be in touch about purchasing a coin!
  5. I have to agree with everyone else. I have gone out for an FTF and some one else beat me to it. So when I got home to log my finds they had not logged their FTF. But that doesn't mean Im gonna wait around for them to post it. It could be days before they log it as long as you are not claiming FTF for yourself when you know your not, then I don't see the problem with logging it before they do. It kinda all goes with the other post about NOT logging FTF finds. Unfortunately I have had the happen to me. I completely understand that you may not get to a computer right away, or your still out finding more caches, but the caches that I thought I was FTF for, the true FTF group found the cache literally 16 hrs before me and had not logged it on the site yet And by the time I got home they still hadnt logged it so I wasnt waiting for them so I logged my find but noted that I was NOT the FTF So yes I was a little upset because what I thought was an FTF was not, but on the other hand some ppl thrive on getting FTF, so when you see a new cache pop up, dont waste no time to gear up and head on out!
  6. Well I guess you can say Im still sorta kinda new I have just about 500 finds and still going! Caching is a lot of fun especially when you can get your friends in on it! But heres a few things that frustrated me when I started and still do and Im sure they will continue to frustrate me as well as many other cachers ~ When placing a cache, some people don't properly list what size container you are looking for. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was looking for a "small" and when I would find it, it should of been marked as a "micro" or vise versa. Its more frustrating when it's actually smaller than you thought because that could be why you have to DNF it because you were looking for something different ~When you are searching for new caches on the website and see one pop up, get all excited gear up and head on out. Get to GZ make the find and oh look someone already had found it. I totally understand that you may no be able to log it ASAP but it happened on a string of caches I went to look for a few months ago and every single one of them was found literally 13 hours before I had gotten there. REALLY?!?! Granted it was still fun to go and find them but the excitement of an FTF was totally gone. So my advice try to log them ASAP. Especially for the newer cachers who havent gotten FTF's yet ~ And then aside from all that I will have to agree with most about the GPS. It does get frustrating when it bounces all over the place. One minute it says 6ft the next it says 26 ft guess it all depends on the unit and area that you are in. All in all I love caching! Its a new hobby that I am glad I found and can't wait to get more experienced!!
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