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  1. I would like to add that I have been having problems with 3.80. The issue is that it occasionally hangs on start up at the loading waypoints and tracks screen. I thought it might have been caused by my computer going into sleep mode when the gps was hooked up or I thought that maybe I wasn't "safely" ejecting the device, but after a few times of making sure I did, it wasn't consistent either way. I should also mention that I have no custom symbols in the directory. I am going to revert back to 3.60.

  2. - GPS accurency: I saw people complaining about very bad accurency and others praising it for the opposite - so is the accurency reasonable good for geocaching in different terrains, e.g. forrests?


    I thought I had issues with accuracy on my 650 since it felt like the GPS was always about 30 feet (~9 meters) off of GZ the other day caching. The next day I brought along my Delorme PN-40 to compare on the same set of trails and both were displaying within a few feet of each other. Accuracy felt much better since I found 10 out of 10 attempts using the 650 with my daughter-in-law using the Delorme. These trails were in some woods with medium tree cover.

  3. it is obvious to me now, but seems to me there should be a link to it on the home page since it is how most premium members search for caches. i normally dont click on my profile that often when using a website. the other odd thing is there are many references to pocket queries that dont have a link. doesnt make sense to me.


    Agreed. Took me awhile before I found it.

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