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  1. Hello Clyde,


    In the last month or two, I've noticed that the "last GPX" is not being updated on some of the caches in GSAK. For example, on the cache "Fallen Fronds" (GCMK7E), the "last GPX" is 5/16/05 but the last log on the geo.com website is dated 5/28/05. I get weekly PQ updates, so there has been an opportunity for this to be updated in GSAK about 6 times. The cache is not locked in GSAK.


    I have approximately 30 or 40 caches in GSAK that have logs in geo.com after the "last GPX" date - and they are not all with a last GPX of 5/16 (that is just the oldest one). The most recent one is Crooked Cache (GCP9FP). In GSAK, the "last GPX" is 6/20/05 and the "last found" is 6/17/05. When I look at geo.com, there was a log on 6/20 and two on 6/22. The most recent PQ update was done today, 6/27.


    Any suggestions on why these might not be updating? I can provide more examples if you need them.



  2. We also watch caches that we haven't found - especially the ones in other nearby cities. We don't want to make another 35-mile trip to continue looking for something that we think might be missing. We wait until someone else has found it.

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