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  1. We're heading to the black hills soon, looking for help on deciding what trails to hit. I'd love to try Harney Peak, but will have a 9 year old with. How steep is the climb? any big drop-offs? are there shorter trails that would be just a neat? thanks!
  2. owlsent

    Harney Peak

    We're heading to the Black Hills in a few days. I'd love to hike to Harney Peak, the descriptions I've encountered say it's a moderate hike. Looking for a bit more info, I'm traveling with a 9 year old and a 2 year old. Would the 9 year old be able to make it? Are there spots next to big drop offs? Are there other trails nearby that are really neat and maybe a bit easier?
  3. <Commercial content removed by moderator> From the guidelines to these forums: Even though you may not be associated with the company or getting anything from this type of post, Groundspeak wishes to keep these forums free from commercial posts. Thank you. - FSM
  4. I've only been at this about a month. As a premium member you can create pocket queries, they let you search by size, difficulty, terrain, etc. When I started (and still usually) I would select only small, medium, large, virtual, and earthcache. Also a difficulty and terrain less then 2.5. then, particularly since it was winter with a few feet of snow on the ground, I chose Found within the last 7 days. As a beginner this can be handy, you can be pretty much assured that the cache is still there. Also, it might make it easier to spot broken twigs, matted grass etc that could give you additional hints (snow is great for this).
  5. My notifications are set up for 50 miles and only for about 2 weeks. I've gotten 2 notifications. Both in the 40 mile range.
  6. Just wanted to throw in that I also received a PN-30 and have a Power Mac. One of the reasons for my choice was Delorme seemed to support mac more than other GPSr manufacturers. Delorme also has great customer service. I've had an easy time figuring out what I need to with the GPSr. Only complaint is that cache register isn't uploading my finds when I sync, but it's very easy to upload without it.
  7. I'm pretty new so I can't guarantee my suggestion. when you search for caches, there is a check box toward the right side of the list. You can check the ones you want then download all of those at once.
  8. I would be a little guarded. I ordered my GPS Jan 28th, and thought the same thing you did, I would be caching with in a week. I'm still waiting. However I do have a couple pocket queries set up to find small to large (no micros or nanos) around here. and another one to look for only winter friendly caches.
  9. Not all theaters are commercial ventures, especially in a small town. Our theater, though not a drive-in, is owned and operated by the city, even shares a building with city hall. Would I be able to put a cache in our theater since it's operated by the City with the intent of keeping young people in town and as a gathering place? (admission is $2.00, med popcorn and 2 pops is $6. obviously we're not making money here)
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